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Author Jaunique Sealey Shares Her Net Worth Building Strategies

Sky’s the Ceiling for Your Creativity and Dream To Succeed

Jaunique Sealey Is A Woman Who Perseveres And Builds On Her Entrepreneurial Spirit

AUTHOR Jaunique Sealey

Jaunique Sealey, Author,
Harvard-trained Attorney and Duke-trained Engineer

A Harvard-trained attorney and Duke-trained engineer, Jaunique Sealey’s uncommon adventure that led to her working with artists like Lady Gaga and Prince began when she turned down the opportunity to build her net worth in favor of the opportunity to build her self-worth.

Along her journey, she wound up with both. As a business/brand/lifestyle architect and serial entrepreneur, she’s become a well-respected thought leader whose unique experience-based insights on entrepreneurship, resilience, brand development and social media have been popular features on national platforms such as: Forbes, The Huffington Post, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fox News, Business News Daily, and The National Journal.

A popular speaker for her accessibility and humor, she has been a featured presenter at SXSW, Kre8tif! Asia, Loyalty World, NAMM and SFMusicTech.

Take a look what Jaunique thinks about QUITTING HERE

Make your own adventure into Jaunique’s book – Regroup: The How-To of Never Giving Up 

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