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Promotional Book Requirements

FREE Book Promotional Page Requirements

If you are an author, or you have a client that is an author, with a published or an upcoming book, and you wish to generate publicity around it, and create searchable content online about it – we could help you in doing so. Our book publicity service is FREE.

If your client’s book topic relates to health, well-being, active lifestyle, and women’s issues (see the page Book Promotions — Book Subjects for a complete list) – we would like to team up with you and introduce your Author and Book (or upcoming webinar) to our audience.

Requirements for Your Contributed Material

To create immersive publicity for your book, we post 3 ONLINE PAGES of Unique Content about it. These will be re-purposed in pieces, in various Social Media properties (eg., pictures placed on Instagram, linking back to the original article). This method drives more traffic to the main articles.

Here are the requirements for the 3 Pages of Deliverables we will need from you:

A “How-To” article that summarizes the main points of the Book.

1. New Content. Submit a unique, never-before published article that deals with the HOW-TO’s of your Topic. We do not copy/paste media announcements. Rather, we create fresh content for our audience.
2. How-To. The new content needs to be in the form of a “How-To” article. For example, “How-To Fold an Origami Crane in 5 Easy Steps.” Or, “How-To Find New Life in Your Old Relationships.” After a lot of experimenting and measuring, it has become clear my users PREFER the “How-To” context for articles, and are much more likely to read the entire article. (See my Engagement data below.)
3. Article Length. Your article should be 500-700 words long (however, longer articles are OK, as our audience absorbs longer-form content).


Getting to know the Author, as a relatable person.

4. Author’s Bio. Interesting facts of their life that allow the reader to connect us to her/him on a human level.


A good summary of the Book, that gets inside the cover.

5. Description/Summary of the Book. Representative, compelling outtakes from the book are eagerly read.


Photos, large and colorful, are a main reason people read the content we’ve posted about the Book.

6. Hi-resolution images. 1000 x 500 pixels, minimum, of…
• The author’s pub shot
• The book cover
• “Lifestyle” type images (3-5) of the author, in addition to the standard pub shot
• 2-4 illustrations from the book, if any


You will want our audience to know how to reach you, or buy your book. So, choose the best link for your purposes, and place it prominently at the bottom of the “Book” ONLINE PAGE 3 section that we will post for you.

7. Your Link. We encourage you to submit one link to your book website, or publisher for inclusion at the bottom of Online Page 3.

8. In return for FREE publicity for your book or publication, we ask you link back as a “DO-Follow” link to HOW-TO article and Author’s article. We will provide the URLs where your book/publication is being published.

Legal Notice:

Please note that Celebrate Woman will not draft or create this info for you. I do reserve the right to edit your submissions, if needed, but only with your advance permission. If we cannot agree on proposed edits, we reserve the right to withdraw your book publicity. Once we agree on the content, Celebrate will lay out the information in the 3 Online Pages.

My stats show significantly above average audience ENGAGEMENT, See It Here
— with over 25+ minutes Daily Time on site per Visitor, and
over 9+ Pages Views per visit, per Visitor
— this data is at the TOP of engagement for non-news sites


For More Detailed Look – Check Out These Links

For Our Audience Profile & Accepted Topics Click HERE

For Book Promotion EXAMPLES Click HERE

For Brands, Current and Past, Click HERE

If you’re up to developing content about your book that meet our requirements for these 3 online pages of publicity, please submit your Proposal to us for publication by clicking below. Give us the date you would like your Book Publicity to appear. Be aware that we have a full editorial schedule:

— The sooner you reserve your date, the more likely we will be able to reserve your preferred date for you.
— All deliverables need to be submitted one calendar week prior to scheduled publication. If it is not on time, your date may be pulled. Please note, we schedule this content in advance and publish on the date scheduled, so it is not possible to wait until the last minute to post your book publicity.
— Please click to fill out the Form below, to notify us about your interest in publicizing your book. We will get back with you to confirm it, and take the next step.

Be aware, we have a number of authors wishing to get their coverage on our blog to break on certain dates, so reserve your date as soon as possible.

REMEMBER, this publicity is FREE.

if You Plan To Submit Your Deliverables

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