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Paid Content Submissions by Bloggers and Non-Bloggers Alike

Recipes, Meals, Exercises, Motivation –
If You Have Content & Want to Get Paid for It,
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Get PAID for Your Content

undiet diet paid content submission

Submission Categories

• If you can create, photograph, and write compelling copy to accompany healthy, healthy meal plans & recipes, we would like to hear from you –> Fill out the form and mark appropriate field.

• If you can speak with knowledge, intelligence, and compassion about the motivational difficulties of individuals trying to lose significant weight, we would like to know who you are –> Fill out the form and mark appropriate field.  

• If you are great at creating short motivational statements, especially pairing them with illustrations or pictures, we’d like to see your work –> Fill out the form and mark appropriate field.  

• If you understand the huge challenges de-conditioned individuals face trying to exercise in their weight loss efforts, we would like to know your thoughts about a variety of appropriate exercise programs for them.  

Our team is collecting this content for an online weight loss educational program. We are willing to pay for submissions in each of the above areas, to be key parts of our expanding library of weight loss-related resources.  

Who are we? We have been involved in weight loss education in clinical and commercial settings for more that 25 years. We follow the peer-reviewed science closely, and stay away from fads. We evangelize workable solutions. We believe in respecting the differences each individual brings to their weight loss challenges. We know that motivation lags, day to day, while incremental progress is a great lifter of spirits.  

In short, if you would like to reach a much larger audience, make a little money, and be part of a larger group of professionals in the US and internationally, please contact us here.

Please fill out the form choosing your area of expertise in submitting your work.

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