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30 thoughts on “Is Medicinal Cannabis The Last Hope For Sick Kids?

  1. I am so glad that this is being talked about! I think cannabis has a lot of potential in helping many sick people.

  2. It is a touchy subject but it’s always up to the parents. Just because it’s something that people don’t welcome (most of the time) doesn’t mean it’s not an option anymore. If it’s the last resort then why not, it’s for my kids’ health anyway.

  3. I would definitely consider it. It worked great for Charlotte and I think other kids could benefit as well.

  4. Whatever can help your child is a must try in my eyes. If the medical research is there to back it up, even better.

  5. I would definitely try unconventional medicine!! Modern medicine is not necessarily ‘healthy’ for you!

  6. I have heard many miracle stories of how cannabis can help kids, especially with seizures. I don’t think that effective health options with little to no risk should be ignored.

  7. That’s a very tough question.. I think it’s very important to do our own research, if Cannabis can be helpful to many sick people without side effect, why not?

  8. I totally agree that it should be legal. It can be so helpful to so many sick and ill people. I hope more states will catch on.

  9. I didn’t realize cannibis was another word for marijuana. I have a friend suffering from an inoperable brain tumor with relentless headaches, marijuana helps and its natural. My husband also suffers from debilitating spinal pain from degenerative disc disease, we’ve thought about this option too, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not like you are handing a kid a joint and saying smoke this.

  10. We have personally be supporters of cannabis for medicinal purposes for adults and I think that as long as research, dosing, etc. for children is reviewed closely/carefully that it could potentially be much more effective (and healthy compared to synthetic pharmaceuticals) than other drugs currently prescribed. I also think it’s a personal choice the parents of the child have to consider for themselves.

  11. My daughter has a rare genetic disease and is in a Facebook group with others with chronic and terminal illnesses. Some people do take medical cannabis and have gotten good results for pain, while others say it doesn’t help. I think it’s something to discuss with the doctor if your child is terminally ill and decide if the family would like to use it for medical purposes only.

  12. If I were a parent and had a child with a severe disease that might be helped with medical cannabis–I would definitely approve! They mention glaucoma—that is usually in the elderly–I would hope that the powers that be would approve medical cannabis for them as well.

  13. If that were me, I would do whatever makes my child feel better. It tough enough that she’s going through health issues, I don’t want to add more stress to what she’s feeling just because we might be judged for it. I’ll do whatever helps my child and that’s more important than anything else, especially the opinions of people who doesn’t even know us.

  14. I think it needs to be researched seriously, as a possible alternative. I think the war on drugs is possibly the most harmful policy ever enacted. Hemp has a zillion good uses also.

  15. I have been reading more and more about medical cannabis even though I have not personally known anyone affected by such ailments that require it. It is a hot topic.

  16. I think it can be useful for certain things when used properly. The problem always starts when the door is open a crack…those that abuse the drug will gain more access. Sad that those who need it can’t always get it because of the people who abuse.

  17. there are so many great forms of cannabis. if it helps the child, then why not? It’s better than a lot of medications out there. i use a creme that helps my pain a lot.

    • Katrina,
      And the most important thing is that CBD – the active ingredient of the medicinal marijuana – does not make a person “high.”

  18. I am all for it as long as the children/teens/adults don’t have to smoke it. As a chronic pain suffer, I understand what it is like to become frustrated when conventional treatments should be working. I have heard that cannabis helps. However, I live in Texas and don’t see if becoming available anytime soon.

    • Christy,
      What the majority people out there do not understand that the Medicinal Marijuana does not make a person high!
      It uses CBD oil which does not make a person high. In addition, medicinal marijuana that used to produce that type of oil is different from the one that people smoke to get that “high” value out of it.

  19. If someone in family was sick and traditional medicines were not working I would try anything I could. I have read many cases where medical marijuana made a huge difference in someones life. I think we should be doing a lot more research with it.

  20. I do agree that it is helpful for those that are sick. I’m not sure about how I feel about it for kids though. I guess if it works, then It’s great.

  21. I agree that cannabis are helpful when it comes to medical. I have a friend who was had cancer and cannabis was great than Chemo.

  22. I think that when used for medical reasons cannabis is perfectly fine. However, I don’t believe it should be used for recreational purposes.

  23. There is medical evidence out there that cannabis is helpful for everything from anxiety to depression to cancer. And yet, it’s still a fight to get it legalized in all 50 states. In my opinion, it’s big pharma.

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