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Hire An Influencer For Your PR Promotions

Getting your book, your personal client, the product they want the whole world to know about has never been an easy proposition. With the social media quickly conquering the hearts and minds of the current market and of the potential customers, it has become even harder to call to attention those who may need and want your product or service desperately.

What do you do today as a company, as a PR person to show what you’ve got and be “in the face” of your potential customers and clients consistently and regularly?

If you are looking for a one-time shot promotional gig or would like to develop a consistent routine working in synergy with all of your marketing tricks you are already employing in your craft – you are welcome to be here.

Having blogged live and behind the scenes, creating promotional scenarios for my clients all-year-round, we’ve developed our own strategies on how to go about the things that our clients ask of us. Some of them could be to:

• Create massive distribution of a message
• Promote a new product to different customer niches
• Generate seasonal or event publicity
• Spike interest or curiosity of the upcoming product, book, service
• Bring awareness of an important subject to masses

One potent difference that a blogger has over the radio or TV or a published edition – what we publish on and off the blog stays “engraved” in the online world forever. Or at least as long as the online concept continuous on. And with consistency the chosen messaging is being distributed and promoted to all of our followers and subscribers, we will be making a difference in one of the most important components to any business:

Building real-time and searchable content 

Content is KING, and if you have the valuables – your products, books, services, – we’ve got the audience and the tools to present these valuables to those who are looking for them, yet haven’t discovered yours yet.

If you would like to work with us directly as a brand/company or if you are a PR representing your own client(s), please let us know.

Here’s what we could do for you in a planned, informed and collaborated effort around your needs.

Depending on your company’s needs and goals, we could plan for seasons, occasions, and align with your specific promotions. Here are some things we could do to spread the awareness of your product line and brand name to our audience and to our huge blogging network of networks.

If You Are A PR Company Representing A Professional/Author/Event & A Book/Publication That Calls for Promotion – PLEASE CLICK HERE. We have a special methodology for those who want to have their books and publications and authors to be promoted.

If You Are A Brand or A PR Company Representing A PRODUCT that calls for promotion, PLEASE CONTINUE READING.

1. Product Highlight

We could create a spotlight for a product or the entire product line with the help of our review team. All our posts then are shared and amplified and interacted with via all of our social media channels.

This is one of the best ways to bring brand awareness to us, consumers.

Here are a few different examples for you:

– http://bit.ly/2jB2fYu
– http://bit.ly/2m6ELk1
– http://bit.ly/2gsgE7z
– http://bit.ly/2nmV9sI
– http://ow.ly/fLp3305nift
– http://ow.ly/Epaj301g3rv
– http://ow.ly/WfPS301g3ky
– http://ow.ly/gf8k301g3cE
– http://ow.ly/4d8u30488Ul

2. Giveaway Event

A giveaway is an extension of the product highlight. We take what we wrote about and offer one more round of promotions of the brand and its product(s).

Fans are kept on their tiptoes of excitement and encouraged to participate.

There’s a lot of organic sharing going on during each and every giveaway event.
It’s an awesome option to activate the ranks of readers and educate them about specific products and the need they meet.

Here’s an example:
– announcement of the brand is given one post –> http://bit.ly/2jB2fYu
– follow-up giveaway event is in a separate post –> http://bit.ly/2jFk1tq
Sometimes, we do a giveaway within the introduction post. All depends on our goals and needs with the given promotion.

3. Twitter Party

Twitter Party is one of the best ways to get known among thousands and millions.

We do about 5 days of promotion and RSVP for the event and sharing it via social media. On the day of the party, all people tweet and win prizes. The excitement is high. Participation is awesome. This is one of the ways to become visible to the potential consumers and showcase the products to them.

Here’s an example of a Twitter Party RSVP:
– http://bit.ly/2gKGkS6

We also give participants an extra opportunity to enter one of our grand prizes for the Twitter Party, adding a giveaway with prizes to enter during and after the Twitter Party.

4. AM Coffee

This is a live and very much educational and very community-oriented event. The topics discussed are various. Our fans love it. Sponsors love it. It’s a win-win.

Here are a few examples of the previous AM Coffee’s. We are prepping some powerful events on this platform to allow brands to sponsor it for one full week, Monday through Friday. During that time, a brand would educate our audience on certain subjects that they choose to.

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