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Home Generated Book PR for Authors And Their Publications

Generated Book PR for Authors And Their Publications

 Hello and Welcome to Celebrate Woman Today Book PR Promotional page

If you have a client with the published or an upcoming book, and you wish to generate publicity around both, and create a permanent searchable content – we could help you in doing so.

If your client’s discussion topic relates to health, well-being, active lifestyle, and women’s issues – we would like to team up with you and introduce the Author or Expert on a certain subject, a Book (if any), and the Subject of Interest itself to our audience and the network.

Requirements for the Contributed Material

If you wish to submit a unique, never before published article that deals on the HOW-TO’s of your Topic, we’ll be able to publish it. We do not copy/paste any media announcements. Rather, we create content for our audience

Your expert on the subject, XXXXX, could create a HOW-TO article that gives the effective steps to deal with the

If you would like us to create publicity around the above-mentioned subject, here are the requirements for the deliverables:

– An article could be 500-700 words long (longer articles are OK, as our audience does not abandon longer posts)
– Content should be created around HOW-TOs, that’s what our audience is looking for
– Hi-resolution images of the author & the book cover
– Author’s Bio, interesting facts of life and those that connect us to her/him on a human level
– Description/Summary of the book

If you’re up to that task, please submit your unique article to us for publication. All deliverables need to be in one week prior to publication. Please fill out this form to notify us about your interest in guest publication. We will get back with you to confirm it first.


Examples & Presentation

Examples of other authors and their publications and how they usually are presented to our audience.

EXAMPLE 1 – HOW-TO Live With Psoriasis And Be Empowered

EXAMPLE 2 – HOW-TO Go From Grief to Gratitude

EXAMPLE 3 – Author Marjy Berkman

EXAMPLE 4 – Author Joanne Fink

EXAMPLE 5 – Book Title & Summary: Psoriasis: Using Food Positive Energy To Heal Your Skin

EXAMPLE 6 –Book Title & Summary: When You Lose Someone You Love

Here are the Promotional Packages you are welcome to choose from

Package 1

• Showcase your guest post to our audience with one round of promotions via social media channels

Package 2

• Showcase your guest post to our audience with one round of promotions via social media channels
• Publish a separate post about the Author/Expert on the subject
• Publish a separate post about the book
• Promote all 3 posts via all of our social media channels

Package 3

• All the items in Package 2
• 5-Day promotion to our followers and networks
• A giveaway associated with the book publication

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