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Book Promotions For Authors And Author PR’S

CelebrateWomanToday for
FREE BOOK Promotions

Do you have a published or an upcoming book, and you wish to generate publicity about it? I can help you do that, in unique and highly effective ways.

PLUS: I do it for FREE. And have a special tab just forBooks and Authors


If your book is about the following subjects, my audience of mainly College Educated Women, 25-65 (see data below), will be eager to hear about it…

— Health
— Well-being
— Spirituality, Affirmations — Personal Growth
— Women’s Issues
— Sexuality
— Food, Recipes
— Lifestyle, Physical Activity — Beauty, Fashion
— Home Decor
— Weight Loss
— Raising Children
— Caring for Parents
— Similar subjects

If your book is about these subjects, let’s team up and introduce both the Author and the Book to my large blog audience, and also to my Celebrate Woman Blogger Team Network.


I know that getting the world to hear about you new book is not easy. With social media cornering the attention of every corner of your potential market, it’s difficult to break through to potential customers. So, I use that divided attention to help your audience find your book.

You’ve got to be “in the face” of your potential book customers constantly across a range of Social Media. One-shot-flash-in-the-pan is of limited PR value. You need…

Realtime impressions, around the clock, from media like Twitter, and
Searchable content, especially on highly ranked Google search results pages
Strong Social Media presence in Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc.

And you need to do these all at the same time if you expect to breakthrough and get attention.


I have developed a POWERFUL, streamlined and highly effective approach to help you solve your exposure problem from my well-trafficked site.

Thus, whether you are looking for a one-time promotional shot, or prefer to develop a consistent presence rolled-out over time, each working in synergy with your other marketing efforts, I can help.

I have worked for some of the top brands in the world, live-blogged from major events, and worked behind-the-scenes crafting promotional scenarios.

I have done it for highly seasonal campaigns, and for year-round exposures. And launched with one-shot, brand new introductions. Whatever your needs, I’ve developed unique strategies to accomplish your objectives. I have been doing this effectively for years. The fruits of my approach is my list of “A” clients, including…

MY CLIENTS, Past and Present

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CLICK HERE, to SEE a stellar list of clients that has selected my blog to showcase their Projects, Products and Promotions. Then look at stats below, and see why they keep coming back.

For your book, I am able to…
• Create massive awareness of your message (see charts below)
• Promote to different customer niches simultaneously
• Generate seasonal or single event publicity
• Spike interest or curiosity of your upcoming book tour

The key promotional acts for your book are:

(1) creating awareness of the important subject behind the book’s subject, and

(2) helping prospective readers get to know the author and why they wrote the book.
This gives the audience a “behind-the-scenes” look at the book, creating more connection with it and the author.

This is where the magic comes in, when promoting your book…

The point is not to “announce” your book is available, (you may as well throw your money at online ads and hope for the best). To persuade your prospective buyers, we get “inside” the cover of the book, while also getting “inside” the mind of the author. This intimate “connection” is what sets my blog apart from others. And it is that “connection” that is required to sell your book.

In today’s “attention” economy, the key is HOLDING attention, not just catching it. My blog readers average over 12 minutes a visit. They are engaged here. They like to read, and they could be reading about your book.

My posts stay “engraved” in the online world forever. This is the huge value of working with my blog, choosing it over short-lived bursts from Radio or TV. Plus, as a proven Influencer, I have more reach — and tons more engagement — than most local TV and Radio outlets. The info about your book is not only searchable content, because of my ranking, it comes up high in the Search Engine Results Page, unlike most blogs.


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It skews heavily Female, 25-65, mostly College Educated.



My stats show significantly above average audience ENGAGEMENT…

— with over 25+ minutes Daily Time on Site per Visitor, and
over 9+ Pages Views per Visit, per Visitor
— this data is at the TOP of engagement for non-news sites

Alexa Audience Engagement on Celebrate Woman Today



Your wouldn’t think about speaking to a room full of 500 people without using an amplifier would you?

Celebrate is a proven Top Level Influencer, because I AMPLIFY your message with my dedicated Team of Celebrate Woman Bloggers. Working closely together, each from their own blog and social media accounts, we create massive amplification of your campaign, reaching tens of million impressions. We can do that quickly, or sequentially scheduled over your rollout calendar. (See our independently verified charts to see what is possible).

With consistency, your message is promoted to my loyal following, and, if desired, amplified by my Celebrate Team. It is an unbeatable combination…and remember, these exposures from my Team also persist online, showing up high as multiple articles in search engines — they reach your audience around the clock. (It doesn’t expire as soon as the camera or microphone gets turned off.)

TV and Radio is sooooo yesterday. It may make you feel good to be seen on TV, but if you want to sell your book you need multiple impressions from numerous sources, with persistent, searchable and realtime impact. Plus a connection with the author.

Building Real-Time and Searchable Content

Content is KING, they say. But that is only true if it is seen by a large initial audience, plus is easily discovered afterwards. I’ve got the audience and the tools to present your content to tens of thousands of those who haven’t yet discovered you.

As an author, if you would like to work with me directly, or if you are represented by a PR agency, I know how to make this work for you.

If you would like your Book promoted on CelebrateWomanToday, I have a special methodology I NEED YOU TO BE AWARE OF.

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