Yoga Practice For Holidays Proves More Things Done!

Have you ever considered yoga practicing? Or may be you already are a master of all things ethereal and wise?

Young Woman Meditating yoga
On a serious note, there are clinical studies with the proof that those people who spend more time in a peaceful, loving meditation,  practice loving and caring attitude, extend themselves to others –  live longer and have a better quality of life.

What happens during such quiet times of yoga or mediation is that a telomere – the end of a chromosome that protects it from deterioration – has a tendency to repair itself. Unheard of! But it’s a fact.

Even in this hustle and bustle of a holiday business, do your best to incorporate quiet moments into your day. You will function better and accomplish more.

Kelly LeFebvre, the Founder of Barefoot Yoga has created a whole culture around the yoga and its health benefits.

Kelly LeFebvre-BarefootYoga

Kelly LeFebvre, The Founder Of Barefoot Yoga

Learning and discovering yoga for herself during her entire life, Kelly traveled to India, met with the masters there, then developed her own yoga community that supports each individual with knowledge and all things Yoga.

Here’s what Kelly shared with us on the subject of Yoga, Woman, Success.

How does Yoga help a woman in her daily life?
Yoga gives stress relief, balance and ultimately enhances confidence to conquer all the demands women have in their daily life these days.

How do you manage to be a successful entrepreneur and what is the role of yoga for you personally?
It started for me with a daily physical yoga practice many years ago during my pre-entrepreneurial days. Practicing yoga routinely and continuously unblocked endless opportunities for growth and learning. Over time, this turned into confidence to believe and follow through in my dreams without doubt or turning back.

Today, the philosophy behind yoga that became ingrained in me during years of practice is now interwoven in our business practices – in how we treat our customers and how we present ourselves to the world – in hopes of making a positive global impact in some small way.

Ultimately to inspire yoga practice through our products that may bring more consciousness, kindness and compassion into the world.

What would be your personal message to any woman who lives today’s modern-paced life?
Start a yoga practice or meditation practice slowly, without being goal-oriented. Start with 5 minutes a day, and see what evolves out of it. Take time to breathe.


From my personal experience, I would even start with one minute of peace and quiet. First, make it a pleasant routine that you could follow daily. Then, increase your time of quiet time where you do nothing, but breath.

Pretty soon, you will discover that you cannot live without your time during which you have luxury to relax and gain power of clear thinking.

Celebrate such moments. Seek them. Indulge into something you can start doing right away.

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