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What Is Special About The SeabuckWonders?

The answer is Seabuckthorn berry. The berry that grows up high in the Himalayas under severe climate conditions. It packs a lot of properties under a brutally hot sun and the most harsh cold winters. That is why the properties of a Himalayan Seabuckthorn berry are much more emphasized by the climatic conditions this plant grows under.

When I was growing up, we used seabuckthorn from the back of our yard for jellies and jams, and home-made remedies.  There were no holistic products with this ingredient for the mass market.

SeabuckWonders-BreastCancerAwarenessToday, we’ve got many products out there using seabuckthorn berry as a prime ingredient. One of the totally cool companies that specializes on the skin care products is SeabuckWonders.

What places this company in the group of the extraordinary is that they use high concentrations of seabuckthorn in their lotions, cremes, serums. No chemicals are used in their products. The complex of their skin care products has been designed to provide the following benefits for our health:

  • Smoother and more hydrated skin
  • Support for skin ailments (psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, burns, wounds, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Aid digestion
  • Shinier hair
  • Healthier smile (oral health) and nails.
  • Boost your immune response,  and
  • Reduce inflammation

The health and beauty benefits of the seabuckthorn berry are huge. The underlying benefit is its anti-inflammatory effect on the total body and its organs and systems.


Himalayan Seabuckthorn Plant Grows High In The Mountains Under Harsh Climate Conditions. It Allows It To Pack A Treasure Box of Health And Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

With the month for Breast Cancer Awareness, it is important to take inventory of your skin care products and personal care favorites and evaluate all the ingredients you are putting on your skin, thus allowing it to transit all those ingredients inside of your body, organs, and cells.

Using cosmetics and skin care products with No Chemicals inside is the first step for bettering your health and allowing yourself to live a more vibrant life.

Please join Celebrate Woman Today, SeabuckWonders and the cohort of prominent companies and individuals in this peaceful, yet resilient fight for our Health and Well-Being. What is Your one Small Change this month that would give you an improvement of how you live you life?

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by Laura Gontchar


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