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Top 5 Signs of Wellness For Your DOG #WellnessPet


How Do You Know Your Dog Is A Healthy Puppy?

It Is A Well-Balanced Approach That Creates A Total Wellness

for A Dog At Any Age

Wellness® Complete Health™ Dog Food and Snacks at PetSmart

Having a dog in our house is a great joy and the time filled with compassion and good friendship. We celebrate our big pup Chauncy – Old English Sheepdog – every day of the year! He is playful. He is loving. He can be very mischievous too! With the sheer size this dog is built with, he can knock you down just by walking by you. To maintain a healthy stamina and playful nature of our furry precious pup, we do a few important things that ensure his good well-being and pleasant disposition. His vitality and playfulness are our responsibility to enjoy him in our family.

Wholesome Grain FREE dog food is one of important contributors to our big puppy’s well-being and happiness. When I heard from Wellness® Complete Health™ and Core® Lines to share about the importance of the food we feed Chauncy, it was a great joy on our part. We’ve been feeding Chauncy grain food diet since his puppyhood.

Wellness® Complete Health™ dog food and snacks that we purchase at our local PetSmart are huge part of our dog’s life. You’ve heard of this expression, “We are what we eat.” It stays true with dogs and cat and any pet we take care of. As a reminder to all of us, here are the top 5 signs of dog’s health that is directly linked to a large extent to his or her diet.

Welless Natural Food for Pets



What to pay attention to when you have a dog in your family.

Skin & Coat

Every dog food comes with some extent of fortification. Pay attention to the balanced ratios of vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These “magical” ingredients support your puppy’s skin and coat health, alongside with heart health. When skin becomes less lustrous or your dog starts to shed too much or too frequently, do go back to the food source and see what you are feeding your puppy. 

Frequently, it is lack of a balanced meal that can trigger changes in your dog’s skin and coat health. Switching foods could make a difference. Do remember, though, you are not alone in this struggle! Your Vet is your best friend and supporter in figuring out what can be done better for your pet.

Wellness® Complete Health™ Dog Food and Snacks at PetSmart

Chauncy Chose What Food Flavor To Buy! Really.


Big dog, small dog – they all need energy to operate and keep their happy disposition. Look for a  balanced blend of proteins, grain-free carbohydrates, and fats in your dog food to be a quality supply and a source of healthy energy. Too much carbohydrates could trigger a blood sugar imbalance that will lead to sluggishness. All three macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates and fats – are very important for dog’s leveled energy.

Digestive Health

Dogs, like humans, do need fiber in their daily diet. Fiber contributes to a healthy working digestive system and helps to populate good flora in your pet’s intestines. Wellness® Complete Health™ has chicory root extract as the fiber source. In addition, this dog food is formulated with pre & probiotics that give an extra boost to the active bowls and overall immune system health.

Wellness® Complete Health™ Dog Food and Snacks at PetSmart

The Food Has Been Claimed!

Eyes, teeth, gums

When was the last time you took your puppy to the dental cleaning session? If you truly wish to maintain a good health in your dog, teeth cleaning is one of the powerful ways to prevent many diseases. Foods like Wellness® Complete Health™ and Core® Lines are fortified with Vitamin A levels to support your dog’s vision; Calcium and Phosphorus to support healthy teeth and gums. This is the least we can do for our pets to ensure their oral health and eyesight are in tip top shape.


To keep our dog active and healthy, I always look for the grain free formula rich in antioxidants and nutrients like Vitamin E. Wellness® Complete Health™ and Core® Lines dog food have it. One less thing to be worrying about when it comes to a balanced food for Chauncy.

When making your puppy’s food choices, do read nutritional labels! It will give you more information on vitamins and minerals, protein and carbohydrate content, as well as special fortification ingredients. When reading more labels from different brands, we become more aware of what is out there in the dog food world and what pet food is made of.

We are proponents of feeding grain free diet to our dog. Wellness® Complete Health™ is one of the welcome brands for dog food in our family for a healthier and happier puppy ever!

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  1. When I was a little girl, I wanted an Old English Sheepdog so badly after watching “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” starring Doris Day. Your dog is beautiful. We try and support a grain free diet for our dog, Max, and I really need to try this brand of dog food.

  2. This can really help avoid diseases for dogs. It also gives them enough energy and nutrient for their day to day activities.

  3. We just got a dog and starting to look at what food to feed her (she came with some so we have a few weeks). This one looks like a great brand so I need to check into this one more.

  4. I don’t have a dog unfortunately. I have a cat. But, this is a great informative post on helping to keep a dog well and happy 🙂

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      Wellness Pet Food has a grain free version for the CATS, too! Amazing quality. My cats go wild after their snacks!

  5. We have multiple dogs and keeping them in great health is super important to us. Our shepherds don’t digest chicken well so they all eat a lamb and rice formula that they love.

  6. We tried to have a dog for a week! I would love a puppy, but my son will have to wait for when he has a house. And keeping them healthy is super important, thanks for this info!

  7. It’s important to feed your ferry friends the right foods. Sending it to my SIL

  8. What a beautiful dog! It’s so important that we remember our pets have health needs too!

  9. Yes! It’s always easy to tell if your dog is eating the right food because his fur and skin will show it! I’m always checking my pet’s coat to make sure we’re on track.

  10. These are important signs to keep an eye on! I’d definitely want to make sure the pups look and feel healthy!

  11. My dog was eating Wellness for a while but I don’t know why I ever switched off of it. I chose it for all of its great ingredients and my pup loved it.

  12. What a cute dog! It is so important to find the right food for dogs. There are so many that just don’t have good ingredients in them. How cute that you take your dog shopping with you 🙂

  13. It’s so important to feed your dog the right food – so many people just buy the cheapest and thats not necessarily in the best interst of your dog!

  14. This is really a beautiful dog and the health of our dog was important too. Will share this to my sister

  15. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    Great post. We don’t own any pets currently but this is great information.

  16. At first, I was going to say I don’t know. The more I read the more they sound like humans. I totally know the signs of dog wellness.

  17. Looking at all of these will definitely help you check if your fur baby is in good shape or if needs a little help. I think it’s nice that you found the perfect food to help keep him healthy!

  18. What a sweet pup! I have a rescue dog, and it is important to keep them well. Thanks for the tips!

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