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Top 10 Cashmeres Any Woman Would Welcome In Her Life This Year

Comfort Zone With Classic Cashmere Necessities 

Be it a Cardigan or Sweater, Dress or Wrap, Cashmeres Are A Long-Lasting Investment Into Your Wardrobe
Top 10 Cashmeres To Live By

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At the end of the day we do want to slip into something comfortable, really soul-warming – something that allows all our muscles in the body to relax. A deep sigh of the feeling of being home, in your familiar surroundings truly does a healing effect at the end of each busy day. Especially when we work out of home.

Cashmere cutoffs, dresses, silky jammies and snug tunics are some of the favorites in every season. If you think it is too early to think of colder days and nights – they’ll be here in no time. Frankly, I do wear a couple of my thin cashmeres year round. The trick is to buy the right things that are of quality and fashion of course. Thin woven cashemeres are the ones that we can invest in and be happy for many years. Hand washing is recommended, for sure! But look what the possibilities are – they are literally endless.

Grab your cup of tea or coffee and look at some of the cashmere examples that can be worn at home, feeling and looking festive and happy.

This lavishly wide and thinly knitted wrap shawl is so versatile. You can use it for shoulders or lap cover or as a throw! Your fur babes would enjoy it, too!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

If travel is your business or you love fashionable wraps for clothing, this awesome cashmere shawl would be the best gift you can give yourself! Choose your color and travel with comfort and style every single time!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, this cashmere scarf slash wrap will be your confidant and an amazing companion. Use it at home or even take it to work. It will add some color and detail to your current wardrobe and will provide those relaxing moments you so much need to slough off all the stress and tension of the day.

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

If you love something lengthy, like this ribbed cashmere pullover sweater, you will find yourself in heaven!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

This cashmere drapey cardigan or tunic can be easily mixed with any tights and turned into a cozy evening in front of TV or with a book in your reading corner. It is thin and light and very temperature adjusting. I have one and wear it even in the summer during my evenings. Love it!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

Oh my, this cashmere tunic or dress can be your go-to wardrobe item! It can be worn with tights or hose and add the luxurious feeling to your skin. Cashmeres are very silky to the touch and produce a heart-warming effect on the entire psyche when we wear such clothes. Bring some peace and gentle healing to the entire wardrobe you wear. Start with small steps to figure out what works for you. Always buy high quality cashmeres to ensure you get what you pay for.

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

I love this zebra cashmere tunic! It ads some movement to the body and keeps us safe and free-moving.

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

This floral dress is not totally 100% cashmere, but it is so soft and has a festive touch to it, that I decided to include it into the comfortable wears around the house, work or travel. It is well paired with pants and tights and ads a fashionable feeling. Yes, we do need to feel festive at home, too. Slipping into something comfy doesn’t mean pulling on holey sweats and baggy tees that are two sizes too big!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

This super soft cashmere robe will be your friend forever! Don’t worry that you will be too warm in it. It holds an optimal temperature to accommodate your body. This is not thick cashmere you are used to seeing in the stores. It is thinly knitted and has a different texture specifically designed to be used in robes.

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

Add some luxury to your PJs! Bright hues and silky feeling are just as apropos for any evening you want to sigh and rest. This cashmere pajama set is breathtaking!

cashmere cardigan, sweater, scarf

Cashmeres can be cuddly and cute or as sexy as you imagine them. You’ll never go to bed feeling unfulfilled or unhappy. Cashmere clothes bring a natural relaxation when worn in the home environment. We relax and feel comfortable, taking down the stress level of our entire day. Invest into you this season. Get yourself one cashmere item you will fall in love with for many years to come.

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  1. OMG, I LOVE that red throw. It’s so poppy! I think it would look so great on my with my jeans and my black and white floral top.

  2. The scarves are so me. I have a grey one and a cream one. Here in Michigan they are an absolute must for my wardrobe and can be added to jeans or dressy stuff. Love these ideas!

  3. I love how soft cashmere is. I enjoyed seeing how casual or elegant cashmere can be depending on what you pair it with. I’m a fan of the longer-cut shirts and sweaters!

  4. I love all of the colors and style options. I am excited about sweater season and this looks so soft! I would love to wear any of these!

  5. My two favorites are the drapey cardigan and the purple shawl. I love the color purple, and to tell you the truth, I need to have some more color in my wardrobe. What classic styles you showcased here.

  6. These are all so pretty, love the red dress and a cashmere scarf is always perfect for winter. Ah, cashmere! I love cashmere, that soft and rich fabric.

  7. I love cashmere! I am always freezing and cashmere is a perfect way to keep warm. I have a few scarves that are a regular part of my wardrobe!

  8. I love that gray cardigan. I always feel cold even in the 60s so cardigan is a must for me especially during the fall and spring times.

  9. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I used to have a Cashmere sweater and I loved it. A Cashmere scarf would be a great gift idea.

  10. I love the grey cashmere sweater! It looks so comfortable, and would look great with some boots I have yet to wear.

  11. Those shawls are gorgeous!! I wear scarves all year round-mostly in the winter because I’m always cold, but also in the summer for breezy nights. They really jazz up an outfit!

  12. I love cashmere. These are all nice and I love the colors. They look very comfortable, too.

  13. I would love a cashmere robe to put on at the end of a long day. I’ll have to put it on my wishlist this year.

  14. I owned one cashmere sweater and had it forever until someone decided to steal it from me. Now looking to get a few items for my closet

  15. I have a few cashmere shawls and I love them. I’ll have to add a robe to my collection soon. – Yolonda

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