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To Be Well-Heeled Takes More Than A Wish

I am always inspired and fascinated by stories about women who take an idea, a desire to do something in their life and focus their energy on making this wish come true.

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How Do You Get Inspired?

Being reminded that  we live in a society where perseverance can do wonders does its trick. For me, it is a daily mental note that there are thousands of women who are working today, this moment, on making their dream come true. And the dreams that carry us along our own paths of life are so different, so colorful, so meaningful. Putting more creative energy into what we do requires daily attention. And the daily attention craves inspiration. Without inspiration things just don’t happen. And nobody can squeeze any portion of inspiration out of nowhere.

So, how do you get inspired? And keep your inspiration aflame all day long, day-after-day?

From my experience, what works for me is my inner peace. From that place of non-disturbance I make a decision, I take a plunge if needed into the unknown, when unknown presents itself. No matter what the result of such decision is, I know deep in my soul and in my heart that I did the right thing possible based on all that I knew in that particular moment of time.

What I discovered during my life that when I do decide with peace inside, time honors such decisions with an abundance of appreciation that comes in many different ways. For some women, it could be a promotion on a job. For some, it could be a freedom to express themselves after an abusive relationship. But for many of us, it is the experience of joy living with self-actualization.

There’s no higher purpose or joy beyond the moment when we feel a true Hero to ourselves and to the people around us. And this display of joy could be as simple as a smile on a face, as a knowing that you’ve done something right today or yesterday, or as your confirmation within yourself that life is a beautiful thing.

So at the end, you could say with an open heart that life is great.


  1. My kids keep me inspired. When the day has you feeling like giving up, looking at those faces and knowing they depend on you and they mean the world to you, you just solider on.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      I was reflecting on what my little kiddo means to me and how much I love him, when I saw your comment.
      It is so true that our children are our internal support they create with their presence in this huge life.
      Thank you for your sharing.

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