Control #Rosacea Symptoms with Over-the-counter Prosacea Gel

Rosacea Prosacea medicated gel

This post brought to you by Prosacea . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Celebrate Woman Today. Take Your Life Into Your Hands with Prosacea® Medicated Gel HEAL, DON’T CONCEAL™ Living with rosacea is not an easy thing. A lot of factors gotta be taken into account if you wish to feel [Read More]

Sex In The City Star Cyntia Nixom Has Embarrassing Skin Condition

cynthia nixon sex in the city actress

When Cynthia Nixon (the red head on Sex in the City) reached out to me, I was excited. She has rosacea, an embarrassing skin condition. And she asked me to spread the word on what it is, and what to do about it. When a person is diagnosed with Rosacea, for many it’s a life [Read More]