Double Check Behind Your Doctor

Omega-3 and Omega-6 and Your Weight Loss Goals

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are essential in maintaining healthier body and mind. Of great importance is a proper balance between these two omegas in our diet. Both play a crucial role in healthy brain function and normal growth and development. The proportion between these two fatty acids is approximately 1:3 As these fatty acids [Read More]

Get Active To Have Fun With Twister Rave Ringz And Skip It

Twister Rave Hoopz Giveaway Mar 16-26, 2013 Open to US Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Hasbro Organized by Mom Blog Society Featured by Celebrate Woman Today To be active and have fun is easy when there’s desire to do it. Look what we’ve found for Spring and Summer to keep your kids and [Read More]

Reducing Obesity and Lowering Inflammation

Inflammation – Your Friend. And a Deadly Enemy. By guest blogger Boyd Jentzsch Inflammation is an important defense of your bodyʼs immune system to infections,  injured or damaged cells, and irritants. Inflammation is your bodyʼs attempt to remove damaging stimuli and start the healing process. Inflammation is Your Bodyʼs Friend Without inflammation, wounds and infections [Read More]

Abundant Nutrition Shall Curb Your Appetite and Control Your Hunger

Feed your cravings. You’ll weigh less. With all the talk about controlling your hunger – and it is a subject that deserves attention – what ALWAYS gets lost in the discussion is the role of cravings. Cravings defeat your best intentions to control your weight. They are so powerful, you can’t ignore them. Cravings are [Read More]

Losing Weight in A Graceful Way

It’s not about less calories. It’s about controlling your hunger.  Permanent weight loss is not rocket science. But it is science, nonetheless. The difficulty with weight loss programs is they concentrate, one way or another, on you eating less. They want you to control the end result – less calories – rather than concentrating on [Read More]

Weight Loss Motivation Support Group

To all my ScaleDown members: Congratulations to every one of you achieving these marvelous results in weight loss!On average, the group that started in the first days of January has lost12.3 lbs of extra weight. That’s marvelous!Let’s keep up this good work and keep supporting each other.Laura

Floral and Oats Facial Mask – Hydrate & Improve Elasticity

Week Two to A Healthier, More Hydrated Skin (cont.)           Week 1 – Food for Your Skin       Week 2 – Skin Tone Transformation               You Are Here          Week 3 – Skin Care Products for Daily Use           Week 4 – Minimizing Your Wrinkles Floral and Oats Facial Mask Recipe – Weekly Routine  (you could experiment using [Read More]