Double Check Behind Your Doctor

It Is Time To Dream Your Dream. Happy Holidays!

It is a Christmas Season… IT IS TIME TO DREAM YOUR DREAMS. This Is The Moment. Really, how many times you started on something and just left there, in your dream box? Well, your dreams are never lost, they’re just tucked in deep inside of you and are waiting to come out and show you [Read More]

Daily Affirmation When There’s No Blue Lining

When We Are Feeling Blue And Lonely And Deeply Saddened Without Any Blue Lining On the Horizons … When I’m lost, when there’s no strength, no desire, no sight of a blue lining ahead – I take a moment to stay still and just Be. Inspiration. Motivation. The Knowing of my next step in my [Read More]

Affirmation for You And The World #UnDiet Your Spirit

Daily Affirmation To Brighten Your Life Hearing how precious and fragile life is – one thing. Truly feel the reverberation if this notion inside is quite moving and … Life changing. You see, when we allow ourselves to stop and just be, listening to the knowing that brews inside of us – the magic takes [Read More]

Building Memories With Holiday Traditions #MyWOWgift

Your Holiday Traditions are born our of your thankful heart and emotional richness of your soul. This is a good time of the year to take 5 to stop and smell some roses. We become so busy, so frustrated sometimes with the amount of errands, presents, cards to write and deliver, foods to prepare for [Read More]

TRANSCENDENCE – Daily Affirmation

At the boundary between life and living there is an extraordinary quest to experience transcendence. This side of that flight of soul, there is a deep growing need to feel more, to push past the daily boundaries we are enmeshed within. It is not that our brains seek novelty, it is that something beating, vibrating [Read More]

How Much You Weigh Doesn’t Change How Much You Love

But how much you weigh can affect how much loving you get. It’s not only how others view your body. It’s how you feel inside your body. Ok, those last two sentences can feel uncomfortable. They are, nonetheless, true. So, you have to begin there…start with what is true and work back to how you [Read More]

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Whole Self

If you think of health as simply swapping apples for cookies or getting a flu shot, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Complete wellness means maintaining balance in body, mind and spirit – which is not always easy to do if you’re the kind of person who puts themselves last in line for TLC. [Read More]