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Show #WhatIsLove With Teleflora Flowers This Valentines Day Season

$100 Teleflora Giveaway
Feb 5-15, 2016
Open to USA

Expressing yourself has no limit in imagination. The Valentine’s Day seems to urge us to think more creatively how we are going to surprise our Valentines on that day. Just remember one thing โ€“ nothing heals more than a sincere ‘I Love You.’

LOVE heals and nurtures us. With the feelings that love feeds our heart and soul, all things are possible. Showing the people who love and care about you your own love for them is something that keeps this life so amazing and inspiring.


With the Valentine’s Day approaching, you’ve got a million ways to show your loved ones how much they are loved and needed by your side. Flowers are just one of the ways to express your feelings and emotions. And it won’t cost you a thing โ€“ we will provide a gift code for you to Teleflora Flowers to choose your scrumptious floral bouquet that would resonate with how you want your Valentine to feel.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

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Celebrate Woman Today

This beautiful season of hearts and flowers, Teleflora has created a cool service to make your precious and loved ones to feel even more special โ€“ Teleflora Love Note Concierge (Call 844-IT-IS-LOVE). With it, you will showering your loved ones with notes that will be felt deep down in their hearts. Would you like to do so?

Enter to win this $100 Teleflora Flowers gift code to send a luscious bouquet of your choosing + a note from your heart to your loved one!

Be sure to return tomorrow to complete new daily entries!

Prize โ€“ $100 TELEFLORA Gift Code

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Ends at 11:59pm EDT on February 15, 2016

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  1. Tammy S Catterton says:

    I love roses here or Orchids great flowers too receive

  2. I like carnations and calla lilies.

  3. I love Tulips or lilies.

  4. The last flowers I received were yellow tulips. So gorgeous I’m overdue for some beautiful flowers.

  5. I love roses and daffodils. Thanks for the opp.

  6. christie l says:

    My favorite flower to receive is a yellow rose

  7. I enjoy receiving pink roses

  8. Darlene Sullins says:

    I enjoy a variety of colors, type of flowers don’t really matter.

  9. Katherine D Schmidt says:

    I love daisies!

  10. Melissa S says:

    I love mixed bouquets with lillies and roses.

  11. Kathy Davis says:

    I love to receive roses, tulips, or iris. I really love all flowers, and I usually like a mix, unless it’s roses.

  12. I like Carnations and Roses the best.

  13. Donna Peterson says:

    I love all flowers. My favs are roses, lilies and orchids. But all of them are beautiful and really makes my day to see and smell them!

  14. I love daisies and sunflowers! Id love to send some to my mom!

  15. I really do love all flowers. Roses are wonderful, but orchids & tulips & lilies are gorgeous, and sunflowers are spectacular!

  16. White Roses

  17. Megan Akins says:

    Love this thank you

  18. Melissa linfield says:

    I love all flowers. Except lillies. Unfortunately I am allergic to those. Calla lillies are okay though.

  19. I love roses, orchids, daisies, dahlias, hydrangeas and tulips! I have some allergies to lilies but I do love them!

  20. I love all flowers but two of my favorites are Glads & Roses.

  21. I love Roses and Orchids.

  22. I like tulips and daisies

  23. Jennifer J says:

    i like getting tulips!

  24. I love to receive flowering plants that last a long time!

  25. I love Tulips or lilies.

  26. Tammy Ramey says:

    Lavender Roses are my favorite flower but can be hard to find. I also love to get the roses that are so deep red they al.let look black white roses(peace or jfk or the best smelling). Of course if you can find it a true orange,not the orangish-red or yellow, is stunning and the new fire and I E roses.that are a brilliant red and white smell devine. Mi. In some lily of the valley,babies breath,daisies,dallias,etc.etc.etc and you have a stunningly beautiful bouquet to give a crime or loved one. I adore getting them myself but rarely do. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you for the chance at a great contest. Liked/Shared.

  27. Love red roses, carnations and tulips! very sweet and romantic flowers.

  28. I personally love tulips and roses!

  29. I loved Striped roses and carnations or black roses.

  30. Michelle D. says:

    I love to receive flowers as gifts.

  31. Love gardenias!

  32. I enjoy receiving roses, lillies, tulips, and orchids.

  33. I love orchids the most, but also roses, tulips and a plant.

  34. Melissa Hartley says:

    I love roses the most, also carnations. My fave color of rose is pink ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you

  35. Yellow roses

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