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SHARK Rocket Takes Your Floors And Carpets To The Next Level of Cleanliness

We are used to have a vacuum in the home that cleans the hard floors and carpeted surfaces. Since the beginning era of the vacuum cleaners, we’ve gone through a gazillion of models and differentiations. Some brands have been pushing their vacuum models to the level of more convenience, more eco-clean approach, more powerful motor and suction.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum is yet another improved model from one of my favorite brands. It comes equipped with an ensemble of accessories that constitute the complete system of what they clean.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum

Here are my 5 TOP SHARK Rocket Features I Appreciate.

#1 Filters – Easy Access, Easy Cleaning

#2 Full Accessories Package – Cleaning Everything In the House

#3 Power of Suction

#4 Floor And Hand-Held Options

#5 Storage Convenience


We don’t need to wait to take this vacuum to be serviced or rush to the store to get new filters. All we need to do is used soapy solution to get rid of dust and small particles this built-in filter is designed to trap. Do it regularly to prolong the life of the SHARK Rocket vacuum system.



There are five (5) amazing and uniquely designed accessory tools that come with SHARK Rocket. All stored in an accessory bag or mounted on the side of the vacuum for convenience during cleaning, if you need to use more than a floor unit.

There are two dusting brushes that can be used on multiple surfaces and in hard-to-reach places.

With a 12″ crevice tool, you and I can truly keep our ceilings and baseboards free of dust. I love this accessory as it helps to keep my home as free of air pollutants as possible.

Upholstery tool is a convenient accessory to have especially for those with pets to pick up hair our cats and dogs may leave behind where they dwell in our homes. It is also efficient to pick up large particles and for dusting certain surfaces. You can truly find out what each tool can do for you once you own this amazing SHARK Rocket vacuum.

For the stairs, there’s a smaller vacuum unit that can be used when we transfer floor unit into a portable cleaning device. My kids love this one especially, as it is light and cleans as well as a larger floor unit.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum


The suction for this SHARK unit is powerful, though the construction of the vacuum is made of light materials. Really catches you in surprise when you turn on the vacuum! SHARK Rocket is equipped with a motor-protective thermostat that shuts the system off when it overheats. One more thing to protect the machine and us.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum

#4 Floors, Stairs, Curtains – Versatility of Usage

With the collection of accessories this SHARK Rocket vacuum comes, we can clean to our heart’s content! Floors, curtains, upholstery, carpets, mantels and ceilings – there’s a tool and a handy handheld vacuum for every cleaning task in the house! The handheld unit is a convenient addition to take your vacuum where a bigger unit cannot go or fit. Cars, stairs, smaller storage units – all will benefit from having this nifty addition.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum

#5 Storage Convenience

For storage, SHARK Rocket can be hung on a special hook it comes with or stored with a handheld unit off the top and neatly situated at the bottom of the floor unit. I like how compact this vacuum is and do appreciate a special pouch for all accessories that can be placed next to the vacuum.

SHARK Rocket Vacuum

Clean Dust, Dirt, Floors And Carpets With SHARK Rocket Vacuum

A Do-It-All Unique Cleaning System


  1. I have a Shark vacuum cleaner and I love it! Looks like they’ve come up with another great one. I love all the accessories that come with it.

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I have a Shark vacuum cleaner and it rocks. I can never get another brand!!

  3. I could definitely use a new vacuum for the home. This one looks like a really great one. PErfect to clean up all those pine needles from our christmas ctree.

  4. I have a dyson now. Next time I’m getting the shark. Lighter and can get under stuff better

  5. I’ve needed a new vacuum for a while now. Boy, this Shark looks amazing.

  6. This looks like a great vacuum! We have all hardwood floors and lots of dog fur so we need a heavy duty vacuum for our house.

  7. I love Shark vacuums. They are really high quality and work well for us. I actually own one right now! It’s perfect for my cats and their shedding.

  8. I have always heard great things about Shark vacuums. I love how many different ways you can use this around the house.

  9. I love all the attachments! I also love the easy clean filter, that is my biggest hassle!

  10. The vacuum that I have right now is pretty useless. There are so many types of vacuums but this one looks awesome!

  11. Oh, wow! I need this at home. I have asthma and my house needs to be free of dust or else I can’t breathe and break out in hives.

  12. Shark is my favorite brand when it comes to vacuums. You really get your monies worth as they last forever.

  13. I need a new vacuum and it sure soundalike this one would be an awesome choice! I need this!

  14. We have a Shark vacuum that we absolutely love. I see this one has even more options than ours does. That’s great! Hope you enjoy it!

  15. That is one fancy vacuum! I love all of the accessories. We have a Shark and it is awesome.

  16. Jodi Jordan says:

    I love the two rollers, it looks like it’d do a great job of getting everything off the floor.

  17. I need a Shark. I was fighting with our vacuum this weekend and I didn’t win. It no longer has good suction and the attachments have disappeared.

  18. We are closer to moving to our new home. Our new place has tiles, hardwood floor and carpet. And I will surely need this kind vacuum that I can rely on for the tough cleaning.

  19. donna porter says:

    I only hear great things about the Shark Vacuum. Hope to get one after we get new carpet.

  20. I bought another brand stick vac because it was on sale. I still need a good vac!!

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