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Ryobi 2200 Watt Inverter Generator Giveaway For Father’s Day

Ryobi Inverter Generator Giveaway
May 17-28, 2013
Open to US

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

Ryobi-2200-Watt-Inverter-GeneratorSponsored by Ryobi
Organized by Mom Blog Society
Featured by Celebrate Woman Today

Camping anyone this year? If yes, what is your most favorite place or places you love to re-visit again and again.

I know people who go into the mountains for inspiration and spend time alone. That’s their way of camping. Some prefer lots of water and running space around.

What you would love to have with you, besides your favorite people, is Ryobi Inverter Generator! You gotta be clean and nature-minding when on such trips. Ryobi generator can supply you with clean and quiet power for such occasions. All you can hear is a low whisper coming from where it works. One more thing, this Ryobi 2200 Watt power machine is safe around the most sensitive electronics.

One thing more. If you have a huge crowd joining you for any outside events, you can parallel link two and more Ryobi generators for more power.

If you would like to enter to win one of these powerful machines, please do so via the form below.

After that, go and enter Ryobi Hybrid Sting Trimmer to make Father’s Day even more eventful!

Prize – Ryobi 2200 Watt Inverter Generator, $200 Value

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  1. We lose power often due to storms and this would come I handy.

  2. Teresa Salerno says:

    I would love to win for my husband especially since Hurricane Sandy we had no power for 6 days and it was very hard. This would help in the next power outtage.

  3. Elizabeth s says:

    I need my husband one and is expensive the generator

  4. I would LOVE this for my husband- we could totally use this with the Hurricane Season coming!

  5. allyson tice says:

    My dad would love this for when we have power outageages in the winter!!!

  6. hubby has been wanting a generator for YEARS…would LOVE to be able to give him this

  7. Kat Crenshaw says:

    We are always losing power because of storms, since we moved to the East Coast four years ago. Would love one of these, especially with having little ones. We once lost power for a week in the middle of winter with a newborn baby!

  8. Abby Kraynick says:

    Our power goes out all the time where we live & we used to own a generator but it was stolen last summer. It hasn’t been in our budget to buy a new one so to win this would be a true blessing.

  9. My husband would love this for camping and emergencies!!!

  10. This would be nice when you are out of power after a storm… husband would love this.

  11. Stacey J. says:

    It would help out during bad weather where there is often blackouts.

  12. Sarena Marvin says:

    would love it for the crazy storms…wind knocks the power out too.

  13. Denise Donaldson says:

    we have lots of storms here in the summer in Illinois, and the power goes out a lot. This would be great to have.

  14. Daun Slagle says:

    I would love to give it for multi – purposes: from power washing pops house, to airless painting interior exterior, tape and texture, and as a back up to city power for his O2 machine in case power goes out, etc…

  15. mary simonton says:

    would love this storms get crazy here somrtimes tks 4 the chance

  16. Dorian Taylor says:

    I would love this especially since its summer now and the storms knock out power here and there throughout the summer.

  17. I would really love to have one for power outages here in Hurricane Central. Every year I wish I could afford one when Hurricane Season rolls around!

  18. Tina Carlson says:

    This would be wonderful to take camping, my SO could use it in his workshop, and it would be great for emergencies!

  19. Carol I. says:

    Our power goes out way more than I’ve ever experienced in any other home! Sometimes for days! Yikes! This would be amazing to win! 🙂

  20. Would come in real handy when power goes out.

  21. Patricia Wagner says:

    We loose power due to storms. Would love to have one

  22. Keisa Rogers says:

    My hubby would love this thats why i would love to win!

  23. shanetta says:

    We are always loosing power so could used this for me and my kids

  24. could use this always out of power

  25. alyce poalillo says:

    I need this because we have had several major storms the last few years that knocked out power including Sandy where we had no power for 6 days. I need this so I can run my frig and a few essential things the next time it happens.

  26. Would love to have for an emergency and a present for my husband

  27. Sacha Schroeder says:

    We live in the country in the woods and seem to lose power a lot! It would be awesome to run the essentials during a power outage!

  28. Michelle H. says:

    We have had power outages in our area in the past and I would love this. We also our planning a camping trip this summer.

  29. Danyal K says:

    Would love to have this for winter, we live in a state where we can lose elec. for up to a week. Plus my husband would LOVE it.

  30. Cindi O says:

    Back up for the house. We have such terrible wind at our house this would be nice for when we have the knock outs. Plus I would love to take this to the horse events when we camp out. My life cozy!! :~)

  31. Brenda I says:

    It would be a great tool to have in case of a natural disaster.

  32. Ashley S says:

    This would be awesome for when the power goes out!

  33. janet h says:

    this would be great to have around the house just in case for emergencies and i think my boyfriend would like it.

  34. I would love to be prepared for those emergency situations.

  35. After suffering through Hurricane Sandy and not having electric for forever, we need a generator in case there is another storm! We live on Long Island where we get all kinds of crazy storms coming up the coast.

  36. Lisa littleton says:

    i would love to win for my hubby . It actually would benefit the family by saving your food in the fridge/freezer. Living in the south we have crazy storms and lose power.

  37. TawndaM says:

    I’d like to have this because, well… in the past 2 years, we’ve (as in our whole block!) lost power twice… and I’m not talking a few hours… it was DAYS before they decided we were worthy of a power guy climbing the pole for a 4 minute fix… We lost HUNDREDS of $ in frozen & fridge foods both times… Guess you could say I’ve become a little paranoid… 😉

  38. Amanda Selenke says:

    This would be great when we are camping and need to use the power tools!

  39. I hate not having power in a snow storm.

  40. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    In the last few years we have had several power outages including after Hurricane Sandy and we could use a gernerator.

  41. Sylvia White says:

    It would be great in the winter when we lose power

  42. We have thought about getting a generator but have not done so. I would be great to have if electric went out. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  43. robyn paris says:

    so a storm like sandy won’t bite me again

  44. Helen May says:

    We live off the grid and use generators. We do use some solar but if the sun isn’t shining…..we use the generator. We’ve burned out a few of them. And 2200 watts is the perfect size to run power tools….

  45. tami husak says:

    Because when ut rains alot our basement floods and our sump cant keep up, so if the power goes out we have lots of water flowing in. andmy hubby has to have it he says lol

  46. I would like to win this, I could use it to operate the fridge when the power is out and to take camping with us when we go to the wild to camp.

  47. this would help my hubby out alot

  48. Daniel M says:

    tired of blackouts, seem to happen more and more these days

  49. Leslie P. says:

    I need this because I live in the South where we have the craziest weather anywhere (tornadoes, hail storms, ice storms, hurricanes, etc…). The power is always getting kocked out and I’d like to be prepared!

  50. Dianna Ray says:

    We would love having this as we do in fact camp a bit, and we live in the lightning capital so power outages do occur often enough that this is a standard thing to want to have on hand.

  51. i would love to have one due to when the weather is bad i can put my puter up to it and still get on to fill out all my stuff to win and play on facebook .

  52. Barbara S says:

    It would be awesome to win 🙂

  53. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I’m a big fan of Ryobi tools and having a generator would be great for camping, working in the mountains and just for back-up when the power goes out ( which it does very frequently out here.)

  54. robert gwiazdzinski says:

    so i can use it at my bbq contests

  55. Jennifer M. says:

    My husband and I just moved to WA state, and this would be perfect for our camping trips!

  56. Christine Beasley says:

    for all those power needing tasks that require a noisy generator. This being whisper quiet would be so much better!

  57. Charolette Dingley says:

    It seems that our electric goes out every time the wind blows!! LOL So many uses for this item!! Thank you for a great giveaway!

  58. Ashley Owens says:

    my husband is always working on something and could use back-up power in a power outage or take camping with us

  59. Leigh Nichols says:

    I’m a new prepper and I feel that this is a definite need to prepare for a crisis or power outage

  60. angela dupree says:

    Do you know what all you can use a generator for? My hubby has been asking for one for years.

  61. Nicole Sender says:

    I live in an area that has many trees and our power could have an outage due to a storm.

  62. says:

    I would like a generator. Because my boyfriends house got hit with a tornado and a generator came to good use but had to borrow.i would like to have one just in case that happens or zombies attack!

  63. kathy viviano says:

    you have got to be prepared for power outages and this is the thing!

  64. Jim Kottke says:

    Last spring our power was cut for three days because of a thunderstorm. If that happens again, it would be nice to have a generator if anything else, just to make coffee and keep the refrigerator/freezer running.

  65. wood love this are genator is 7 years old.

  66. Keri Ahrens says:

    We have been looking at generators for years but just cannot afford to buy one.

  67. we get a lot of windstorms and this would help keep the food from spoiling if the power went out!

  68. Marisa O'Connor says:

    For camping trips to the lake.

  69. We live in a rural area, and storms take out the power frequently. A generator would be quite helpful!

  70. Ellen B says:

    we live in a rural area and we lose power – I hate when I have to throw away food

  71. It would be great to have in case of an emergency. I live in earthquake country in So Cal, so that’s always a threat.

  72. go camping a lot!! power outages!!!!

  73. i want one for emergencies.

  74. Cathy Chapman says:

    It would come in very handy for when we go camping. Would also use it in the garage and especially for power outtages.

  75. elizabeth p says:

    The weather in VT can be unpredictable, being from the south I’ve experienced a few storms where we lost food. I am totally unprepared for bad weather.

  76. Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu says:

    I’m one of those “survivalist” preppers. I have nearly ALL my emergency supplies covered, just lacking emergency power. This would MORE than solve that problem. Better to be prepared, than scared.

  77. i would love to win it for my hubby so we could use it on our campouts that would be so awesome

  78. Casey Kitchel says:

    I would love this because we live in Kansas in tornado alley !!!! And currently under a watch

  79. Al Fitch says:

    I don’t want to pay for one. Fitch al at yahoo dot com

  80. Sandra Phillips says:

    We could really use it when we lose power so we don’t lose our food.

  81. Rp. Meggs says:

    Need mo’powah!

  82. Yolande B says:

    No more staggering around with electical outages.

  83. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We live in a hurricane zone so this would be awesome to have when we get hit by one and lose electricity.

  84. Debra Sauvageau says:

    Hurricane Hugo put the scare in us..we went without power a week

  85. This would be great for my husband to work on sculpture up in the yard.

  86. Kelly Gunsch says:

    This would be great for our week-ends at the lake, thank you for the chance!

  87. sarah oswald says:

    In the winter time we lose power at least once a year and our well works on electric so i would love to have this just for the basic when the electric goes out, thanks for the chance!

  88. Laura P. says:

    We have been losing power a lot more than we used to and it can take days or even over a week for the company to get us back up and running, so, this would be highly useful.

  89. Laura Smith says:

    Being in a very rural area we lose power all the time

  90. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:

    we live in the country, it’s always windy here and we lose power quite a bit, it’s a little scary since my hubby works nights!

  91. I’d love a generator for camping, outside parties and definitely for my house if the power fails

  92. Would love this for the home!!!

  93. Brandy W. says:

    This is one necessity that every family should have! (But we currently do not own one…) What a relief it would be to have this in an emergency!

  94. Heather says:

    I wish to have to one to where if the power goes out we can still have some power, it gets very scary when the lights and ac go out, especially here in hot AZ!

  95. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I’d love to have the chance to offset the power outages that we have due to high winds, and yes, even tornadoes 🙁

  96. Krista Grandstaff says:

    not able to leave a comment here : keeps telling me that there is an error?? I have rest my comp, and still the same message

    I’ll leave my comment here, if I may?
    I think this would be an incredible generator to have, not only because it looks like it would be wonderful, but also because the Ryobi brand is top notch!

  97. michele p says:

    ice storms, power outages here in the winter months… in addition to possible hurricanes and thunderstorms in summer

  98. Tara Liebing says:

    This would be great to have for emergencies incase the power goes out and keep our freezer going and also when the we need heat or a/c.

  99. Tammy Crowder says:

    Living in the midst of Tornado Alley, this would come in very helpful!

  100. Tammie Pyrzewski says:

    Our power goes out several times a year and every time it does we promise ourselves that a generator is next big purchase we will do, in the long run it would save alot of money from lost food etc.

  101. Kristin says:

    This would make a great gift for my dad and brother to take to the cabin. There is no electric there so they have to use generators.

  102. Other than storm outages, I would love to have this for camping to generate power for our shower pump, among other things. Our favorite state forest site has no electricity or bathrooms, just a vault toilet and outdoor faucet to cover the basics.

  103. I live on the Gulf Coast area and many times we lose power for weeks because of hurricanes.. this would really help us a lot.

  104. Prickly Pinecone says:

    I would love to win this so if we ever lose power we don’t worry as much!

  105. maryanne calvillo says:

    I would love to win this so that if power goes out it would be no problem also if we wanted to have a party at lake we would have electricity.

  106. In light of yesterdays devastating tornado in Oklahoma, I think everyone at this point would agree this is a ‘smart’ item to own ! Would love to win this.. Would give me such ‘peace of mind’.

  107. MaryAnn S says:

    Would love a Ryobi generator because we live in Florida and it would sure help during a storm and/or hurricane.

  108. We need one because hurricanes are a big threat where we live, (SE TX).

  109. dallie davis says:

    I would love to win this for my husband. he uses them at work & this would help out.

  110. Betty King says:

    This would be a sweet little number for camping or even to take with you along a creek bank cat fishing…Hubby would LOVE this.

  111. Julie Barns says:

    I want to win so that we’d have a source of backup power if we lose power when it storms.

  112. james a says:

    Will be very useful.

  113. For my husband for father’s day 🙂

  114. AS I lost my husband to a very rare APPENDIX cancer – My son is trying soooo hard to step up and do all that DAD would do- – PLEASE PICK US – It would put a smile on my sons face – ya know boys n their toys !!!

  115. Heather P says:

    It would come in handy in case of hurricane outages

  116. kathy whitney says:

    I have a older RV and we travel to some remote places sometimes. We could stay longer with a generator

  117. would be a sweet little number for camping or for when the power goes out

  118. Caitlin Myers says:

    I would love to have it for power outages which has been happening quite a bit.

  119. Terri S. says:

    I would love to win this Ryobi generator because we lose electricity from spring/summer thunderstorms and winter snow/ice storms.

  120. Jodi Kershuk says:

    We have a lot of power outages during this time a year. With 2 littles, they freak out when its dark

  121. Alexandra Clatterbuck says:

    We have a lot of power outages where I live during winter snow storms. It would be great to have!

  122. This would be great when we lose our power, as we sometimes do.

  123. Lorraine C says:

    A generator would be great during a power outage

  124. Kele Wassum says:

    We lose power a lot and it would really help us out

  125. It is always good to have a back up when the electricity goes out. We have been talking about buying a generator

  126. This would be great to have in case of power outage.

  127. Leann L says:

    I would love to win this so we could be prepared in the event of a power outage..

  128. Barbara Calder says:

    Love to have this for the times our power goes out.

  129. I’d like to win one so when the power is out for more than a couple hours I can keep my frozen food safe from melting.

  130. My husband would love to have a generator. We have a deep freeze with alot of food stored up and couldn’t find dry ice last time we lost power, so it would be amazing to not have to worry about losing all of our food in an outage.

  131. Kate O'Brien says:

    I would like to win this for my husband, he has been talking about getting one.

  132. Hailie J says:

    My step dad just bought a new travel trailer, it would make a great father’s day gift for him (:

  133. Amy Osborn says:

    I would love to win this for a father’s day present for my husband.

  134. judy clark says:

    this would be very handy to have, I camp all the time and when weather is bad this would be great.

  135. Cynthia Hand Jackson says:

    We just recently moved back to Louisiana. We went through Hurricane Rita in 2005. After 8 days with no power we are working on getting things together in case it should happen again and this would be a wonderful addition!! Thank you 🙂

  136. I want to give it to my hubby!

  137. I want to give my brother’s back to him! 😀

  138. Erika Fultz says:

    My hubby has wanted to get a generator in case we lose power during a storm (we live in eastern Nebraska) and this one would at least ensure my baby boy and I will have a bit of power if there was an outage. My hubby is a truck driver and gone all week so he worries about us a lot… 🙂

  139. Paula V says:

    My husband has wanted a generator for a couple years but we can’t afford such a “luxury” item.
    Thanks for the chance.

  140. nikki c says:

    I’ve been wanting a generator because we tend to lose our power often during storms and it would definitely help with having a little one during those times!

  141. Alissa Small says:

    Are power go’s out in the summer and it can get over a 109 in Tucson,AZ it would be a big help for my family.

  142. heather says:

    would love to win this for my husband! he’s wanted one for a long time and deserves an awesome gift for taking care of 3 little girls!

  143. Grace Elliston says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO WIN THIS ONE!! My soon to be husband and i are getting married on june 8th and it is an outside wedding and we need one to power our music for the wedding!!!!

  144. Grace Elliston says:

    when i tried to leave a post to Ryobi it said the page was off line..i guess i will try again tomorrow 🙁

  145. Dana Valle says:

    I would like one for when the weather gets bad. We live in what is called tornado alley and my parents live on the coast where there are hurricanes…someone will get great use out of this generator.

  146. We get alot of major storms and tornados here and it sure would be nice to have back up for when we loose power..

  147. this would be great for my mom who lives out really far in the middle of nowhere

  148. brandi hawn says:

    i’d like to win b/c everytime it even sprinkles, the lights go out at my house! 🙁

  149. shanta spradlin says:

    For when the power goes out. I live along the coast and we do get bad weather.

  150. Because we live in the mid-west and lose power during the winter an during tornado season quite often. Always having to toss things out from our freezer.

  151. Wendi Scharrer says:

    I would like to win this because it would be great for camping or power outages.

  152. I would love to give this to my husband for Father’s Day! He is a wonderful father and he deserves something like this. He has wanted one for a long time! Thank you for the chance to win this generator!

  153. AndreaT says:

    summer thunderstorms often knock out our power, so I’d love to keep our fridge humming next time!

  154. Our power goes out a lot in the Summer from thunder storms. This would be a huge help for saving food and keeping the fans going in the Summer heat!
    Thank You!

  155. heather crawford says:

    we live in florida and would be great to have during storms!!!

  156. Sue Hull says:

    My daughter and her fiance like to go camping so this would be perfect for them. Thank you for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  157. Jim Lipscomb says:

    So I can always have power

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