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Ronald McDonald of South Florida Accepts Generous Donations By Sponsors ~ Photo Wall

Ronald McDonald of South Florida Accepted Generous Donations By Sponsors Like Zipz Shoes, Babo Botanicals, The JuppyPolar Pillow, Monster Factory.

The families and little kids were absolutely out of this world excited! Thank you for your amazing donations that keep this place going and feel like home.

For a fool story, please visit Ronald McDonald House In Ft. Lauderdale Thanks Its Sponsors.


Ronald McDonald of South Florida Welcomes More Donations, Delivered By Celebrate Woman Today Network of Networks™


Wow, With Factory Monster In Hand, I Feel Much Better Already!


Thank You Zipz Shoes For Amazing Running Shoes!

RonaldMcDonald-BaboBotanicals- PlushMonsterToys-Ft-Lauderdale

Babo Botaniclas Organic Body Care for Kids And Monster Factory Are Truly Appreciated!


Soraya Rivera-Moya and Celebrate Woman Today With Donated Items by Juppy and Factory Monster


Babo Botanicals Bunnies Are Feeling Cozy Next To Ronald McDonald Himself!


Polar Pillow Would Be An Amazing Gift Of Cool Sleep During Hot Nights In The Summer

Thank You Zipz Shoes, Polar Pillow, Babo Botanicals For Donated Products

Would you like to make a difference with your products and services and leave a mark on someone’s life? Make your Donation to Ronald McDonald House of South Florida Today.

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by Laura Gontchar

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