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Ronald McDonald House In Ft. Lauderdale Thanks Its Sponsors

It was a day of happiness and very special feeling. The feeling that overwhelms you when you see how people react to something done in-kind to them.

The day spent with the staff and little patients and their families at Ronald McDonald House in Ft. Lauderdale will be forever cherished in my heart and soul. It was a day when I learned a lot about Ronald McDonald House and its operations, patients, and communities and businesses involved into this humongous movement directed to help children who are seriously sick.


Ronald McDonald Is Happy To Accept Donations From Our Sponsors

Did you know that each Ronald McDonald House accepts children from birth to age 21?

Did you know that 100% of all Operations Budget is driven by and through Donations by businesses and people like you and me?

Did you know that each Ronald McDonald is and amazing environment, a Home Away From Home, that houses its patients and their families for as long as they need to attend to the hospital with their type of medical specialists?

All food, in-house services, furniture, building maintenance and even food preparation – All that and more is being donated by the local and national companies and individuals? There are a few vital employees inside Ronald McDonald who ensure that the House is run smoothly and all its inhabitants are taken care of.

I was immensely impressed by our local Florida Chapter of Ronald McDonald in Ft. Lauderdale and its Executive Director Soraya Rivera-Moya.

Soraya Rivera-Moya, Executive Director of Ronald McDonald House, Ft.Lauderdale and Laura Gontchar, Celebrate Woman Today Network of Networks™

Cheerful, competent, welcoming, Soraya carries out the responsibilities of not only to sustain the whole operations of her local South Florida Ronald McDonald Chapter, she reaches out to all of her little patients, knows them by name and follows their progress during their stay at Ronald McDonald House.

This quiet woman carries out the tasks that could be assigned to the army of staff. Raising funds to sustain the well-being of her little patients, Soraya organizes Fund Raising Campaigns that change the whole fabric of human perception in her local communities throughout South Florida. Nothing is taken for granted. Each and every donation is allocated and accounted for. The patients and their families need anything from toothpaste and shoes to clothes and strollers.

In December we ran our Donations Campaign for Ronald McDonald Houses Nationwide. Celebrate Woman Today and other bloggers asked companies to donate to any of the Ronald McDonald Houses. Here are the companies who donated to the Florida Ronald McDonald House:

On behalf of Ronald McDonald of Ft. Lauderdale and Soraya Rivera-Moya, we would love to say a huge and warm THANK-YOU to all of our sponsors. Thanks to you, these little guys and gals keep on going and getting their medical treatment every day.


Gifts for Little Patients of Ronald McDonald House, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Kids are Shy First. Little Monsters Toys Helped Us To Warm Up To Each Other (Ronald McDonald House, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

This is what Soraya Rivera-Moya, the Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald South Florida wrote:

” On behalf of the families and staff of Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida, I want to thank you for the generous donation you brought in for the families from sponsors. This kind of tribute that was so kindly initiated by you …was a labor of love. It was truly a special tribute to receive and to see the faces of the mothers and kids that received the lovely gifts. Happy faces with new shoes, toys, toiletries and goods for the house. Words can’t express the gratitude for the support from you.

It’s people like you and organizations such as yours that help the Ronald McDonald House to continue to be “The House that Love Built.

Thank you again for your participation, blogging, and contribution to support our Ronald McDonald House. We are grateful for your gift and caring and sharing, and remember that you will always have a friend in the families and staff of the Ronald McDonald House.”

My dear Sponsors, Thank You for your heart-felt gifts that you shipped to us to deliver to these families with children who need support today while they are going through rigorous medical tribulations with their little ones.

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Ronald McDonald Little Patients Love Their Gifts!

If you, too, would like to contribute your products, goods, services to Ronald McDonald House, please fill out this form.

If you like what we’ve got going on these pages, you’ve got many options to contribute, participate, share, and simply indulge with joy in what you see.

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by Laura Gontchar

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