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Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good And It Does With Healthy Tortilla Chips

Food Should Taste Good Giveaway April 23, 2014 Open to US Will Last Only for 6 Hours – 6pm to 12 Midnight, Eastern Time Food Should Taste Good is one of my favorite snacks. The most … [Read More]

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Food Should Taste Good

Food Should Taste Good And It Does With Healthy Tortilla Chips

Food Should Taste Good Giveaway April 23, 2014 Open to US Will Last Only for 6 Hours – 6pm to 12 Midnight, Eastern Time Food Should Taste Good is one of my favorite snacks. The most favorite part is variety of savory tastes, like Lime or Salt or Barbeque. And yes, they are stella-looking in the Ingredients list. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by … [Read More]

key locator

A Set of Colorful Key Locators Would Be A Safety And Convenience Tool For Your Family

Key Finder Giveaway Apr 22-29, 2014 Open to US What would I do without my phone! It acts as my key or misplaced object finder! My Facebook notifications quickly help me to determine where I left my phone! Wait, there's something cool for us in store in this giveaway – colorful key locators! Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Click 'N Dig Organized … [Read More]

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

Celebrate Earth Day with Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit

Green Toys Gardening Kit Giveaway Apr 22-25, 2014 Open to US I love the developmental toys that are themed to such causes like Earth Day. They teach your little one not only the skills they need to use in life. Rather, such toys plant seeds into thinking process and decision-making. Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit belongs to the category of Educational … [Read More]

mothers day sponsors

Unique Gift Ideas for Mothers Day Prizes

Mother's Day Prizes Package Giveaway Apr 22-30, 2014 Open to US Mother's Day is a unique celebration of Women who've been a Mother-Figure in our lives. Whatever the circumstances are, to say Thank-You and give a huge Hug would be the best gift they ever would be thankful for. But we'd like to add this Mothers Day Prizes to all the emotional thankfulness you may have … [Read More]

humidifier-brylanehome- paypal collage

Celebrating Blogging Achievement with BrylaneHome, Luma And PayPal Prizes

50K Prize Pack Giveaway Apr 21-30, 2014 Open to US/ CAN We like to celebrate achievement of our fellow-bloggers when they reach crossroads like this one – 50,000 fans on Facebook Fan page. Kristin at It's Free At Last has been a real deal of a blogger and one of the most sincere persons I've ever worked with or met! Today, we'd love to celebrate Kristin's … [Read More]

Daily Celebration In Health

Woman with 2 oranges

What’s the Proper Way to Floss – And Do I Really Have to Do It Every Day?

Yes, you really do have to floss your teeth … every day! You may feel like you’re getting your mouth clean by brushing alone, but the truth is you simply can’t access the tight spaces in between your teeth without flossing. And it’s in those spaces where food particles and bacteria … [Read More]

Woman holding apple and tart

Tips To Enjoy Healthy Comfort Foods Throughout the Day

Has the long winter got you feeling down in the dumps? It’s tempting to head for the fridge when you’re feeling blue. “Many people are emotional eaters, and when they’re stressed or in a bad mood, favorite foods can provide mood elevation,” says Colleen Gerg, a registered … [Read More]

Woman washing hair under fauset

Need To Know Easy Dandruff Fixes? Read On!

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet,” wrote Kahlil Gibran, “and the winds long to play with your hair.” No disrespect to the revered poet and writer, but Gibran must never have endured a bad case of dandruff. If he had, he wouldn’t have wanted anyone – … [Read More]

From Skin to Jewelry & Fashion… And Home Ambiance

Woman sleeping

Get Beautiful in Your Sleep

In the movies, the heroine always wakes up looking perfectly refreshed and gorgeous. Sure, she may have Hollywood magic on her side, but the rest of us have a potent beauty weapon too: sleep! It turns out, there really is such a thing as beauty sleep. “Sleep allows the body to go into … [Read More]

hair dye

Your Health and Hair Dye: Should You Go Organic?

Hair coloring is the “mane” event for three out of four women. But the smell of conventional dyes can be off-putting, and the strong chemicals can be worrisome, especially if you’re pregnant or trying to limit your exposure to toxins. For women who want to go green with their hair, … [Read More]

hairstyle tutorials

Hairstyle Tutorials: Best Styles For Spring And Summer

Spring: The time of flings, fun, and a lot of time running around in the sun. You obviously want to look your best at this playful time of year -- but with as little time and effort as possible! We asked some of our favorite celebrity stylists for their top hairstyle tutorials for … [Read More]


Easter RoundUp Crafts Top 5

Top 5 Easy To Do Craft Recipes With Mason Jar

I love colors and Easter busy season when everybody is trying to outdo each … [Read More]

Green Velvet Cupcakes

My Top 10 St. Patricks Recipes And Crafts

What are Your Favorite St. Patrick's Things to eat, to craft, to wear and … [Read More]

All Things Disney

Million Dollar Arm

Disney’s MILLION DOLLAR ARM Pitching Contest Offers a Chance to Win $1 Million!

This is really cool and I had to share it with you guys! Disney is giving … [Read More]

maleficent banner

Angelina Jolie in Disney Maleficent Banner

Disney #Maleficent Movie Debuts May 30, 2014 Download your Maleficent … [Read More]

Campaigns & Online Parties

Wild Oats Organic foods

Walmart and Wild Oats Launch Effort to Drive Down Organic Food Prices

Who loves Organic food at a price that is acceptable by your mind and … [Read More]


Planet Shall Be A Cleaner Place With Entenmanns And TerraCycle Earth Day Campaign

Entenmann’s® Teams Up with TerraCycle® to Launch the Little … [Read More]

Travel Paradise

Child Safety Seats RECARO Performance Sport

RECARO Child Safety Seats Carry The Most Precious Gift For You

... Your Child. With the strict performance standards for child safety … [Read More]

kia soul

KIA Soul To Fit Your Lifestyle Needs

Roomy. Modern. Fits Your Life. That's KIA Soul. This little bug of a … [Read More]

Food & Recipes


Valentine’s Edible Donut Bouquet With Entenmann’s Recipe

Valentine's Day is approaching. We are doing some interesting … [Read More]

quinoa avocado salad recipe

Quinoa And Avocado Quick Salad For Lunch

Delicious and healthy are actually easy to achieve when it comes … [Read More]

Know THAT!

Woman with cosmetics bag

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home! Warmer weather means it’s also time … [Read More]


Kids And Reading – What Can Be Done To Refocus Children On Reading

Kids and Reading is such a painful subject for not only parents, rather for the … [Read More]

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Wrap Gemstone Beads and Black Leather Bracelet

DEAL for Wrap Gemstone Beads and Black Leather Bracelet

Get Your Wrap Gemstone Beads and Black Leather Bracelet $9 + Free Shipping … [Read More]

Platinum Plated Swarovski Crystals Heart Necklace

Platinum Plated Swarovski Crystals Heart Necklace

[Read More]

Life of Pets


To Brighten Your Day With Bear And Little Boy Beginning Of Friendship

We all do some brightness in the day we live in. To smile to share, to … [Read More]


The Petter Planner To Enjoy For Your Busy Pet-Full Daily Life

Pets are a vital lifeline in our daily activities. They soothe, they heal, … [Read More]