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QUEEN OF KATWE Will Inspire And Motivate You #QueenOfKatwe

You won't be disappointed with Queen of Katwe, a new Disney release that is so inspiring and powerful in its message that you may want to take your entire family to the movies this weekend. The power … [Read More]

#RecipeIdeas To Live For!

10 Recipes Sure To Impress And To Add 2 Your Labor Day Cookout Ideas

10 Recipes Sure To Impress At Your Labor Day Cookout School is almost back in session, which means it’s close to Labor Day! I’ve had such a wonderful summer hanging out with my kids and hitting the beach. But I must admit I am excited for a new school year to start. Every year on Labor Day we [Read More]

Slow Cooker Spicy Cauliflower Recipe #12DaysOf #RecipeIdeas

DAY 7 Of 12 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes The awesome #12DaysOf Slow Cooker Marathon is back this season! We will be sharing 12 recipes you can make in your slow cooker. The weather is changing and we are all a little busier – then why not throw a dinner in your slow cooker to [Read More]

Make Breakfast Quesadillas – Delicious #Recipes for Every Day

Breakfast Quessadillas Could Be Refreshingly Yummy Fluffy scrambled egg with tomatoes, cheese and cilantro wrapped in warm tortillas-an easy, good-for-you quesadilla. Love Recipes – Please ReTWEET!   Make #Breakfast #Quesadillas – Delicious #Recipes for Every Day http://t.co/NhfJ1Jhod6 http://t.co/4hfRRgJ693 #MexicanCuisine — Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf) May 4, 2015 It Is Easy To Fall In Love With Yummy [Read More]

Southwestern Breakfast Burritos #Recipe – Add Fiber Protein With Beans

Add this delicious recipe to your list to celebrate the taste and the benefits that come with black beans. High in fiber and protein, you definitely need them for your well-being. Be it healthy weigh loss maintenance or your affinity to these yummy ingredients – it all comes in one place, Your Plate! It Is [Read More]

Berry Tea Cakes Recipe to Celebrate Year-Round

Berry Tea Cakes Recipe  A Very Light Dessert! Please RETWEET! #Berry #Tea #Cakes #Recipe to Celebrate Year-Round http://t.co/2GkUJrdzDh #RecipeIdeas #Holiday #Desserts pic.twitter.com/mAKRdhNFRU — Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf) August 22, 2015

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Take Care Of Your With Manuka Based Personal Care & Food #ManukaHealth #ShopPRI

Manuka Ageless Beauty Giveaway Sep 29 - Oct 10, 2016 Open to USA Using quality ingredients in our personal care products can be rewarding. Our skin, organs, hair, nails – our well-being benefits from the products that offer non-toxic and nourishing ingredients. One of the potent products that mother nature produces is manuka honey. Did you know that it can be … [Read More]

Honoring #NationalBabySafetyMonth With This Great ergoCocoon Giveaway

ergoCocoon Giveaway Sep 28 - Oct 16, 2016 Open to USA & Canada Have you been celebrating enough this month? September is Baby Safety Month. Each year, it is sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Associations (JPMA) to bring to all parents the awareness of baby safety. It is not just how we hold and feed our babes and bubs. It is also what product … [Read More]

Community Coffee – Win Your Choice of 4 Blends of Ground, Whole Bean, or K-Cups

Community Coffee Giveaway Sep 27 - Oct 5, 2016 Open to USA If you a huge fan of coffee, then this coffee collection from Community Coffee will please your taste buds. Four different blends can offer a different mood for a morning or afternoon lift. Enter to win it all! Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Community Coffee Organized by Mom Does Reviews … [Read More]

Enjoy A Cleaner Evnironment With AutoRight SteamMachine

AutoRight SteamMachine Giveaway Sep 27 - Oct 13, 2016 Begins at 9:00 PM EST Open to USA By using AutoRight SteamMachine, you can make your car look like new every time you clean it with this amazing tool. No need to take to the car washer and pay again and again.  This steamer uses pressurized, high temperature steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease … [Read More]

Celebrate National Coffee Day with Your Own Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card

Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Giveaway September 26-28, 2016 Open to USA September 20 is a National Coffee Day. Can you imagine how much more of coffee cups will be consumed and donuts eaten on that single day alone? My guessing imagination tells me – A TON! We'd like to celebrate this day with you by sending you some cash to buy your own coffee on … [Read More]

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Daily Celebration In Health

Skin Health And Hyaluronic Acid. Why You Need It.

Great glowing skin is a result of many factors: • Overall health of body and mind • Good nutrition ample of fiber, minerals and phytonutrients, good fats and proteins • Sufficient exercise to get that heart rate going to pump oxygen-rich blood into the skin layers • Regular skin care … [Read More]

Is Your Bedroom Decor Keeping You up? Sleeping Tips You Can Implement Easily

Is Your Bedroom Decor Keeping You up?Mortgage payments, gloomy headlines, critical bosses: It’s no wonder you’re sometimes too wound up to sleep! But having bedroom decor that invites relaxation can make all the difference. “After a day in your busy life, you need a place where you can … [Read More]

Fad Diets: Health Or Hype?

Seems like there’s always a new lose-weight-quick scheme every time you turn around – but are these plans safe and effective, or are you better off with traditional diet strategies? Read on as our experts explore four popular diet trends. (And before you try any weight-loss plan, get your … [Read More]

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From Skin to Jewelry & Fashion… And Home Ambiance

The Best Gifts For Moms Of Any Age

Mother’s Day is an important day for all women. Whether she is a mother now or hopes to become one in the future, she has likely been influenced by a mother throughout her life. Interactions with her mother, or even a stand-in mom, may have positively or negatively shaped how she feels … [Read More]

Jewelry Customized To Your Feelings, Occasions And Tastes

Do you buy jewelry right away, once you like it? Or you'd rather visit this piece you're after for several times at the store before committing to purchase? Here are some amazing pieces from SuperJeweler that we love and thinking of committing ourselves to. Which one calls your … [Read More]

Love For Bags And Totes Led Me To Discover Vonny, And Then Lose It

When it comes to bags, purses, totes, clutches and any type and sort of carrying device helpful to take it all in – I am very impartial. However, I do look into quality of my bags and purses. The craftsmanship is important to me along side with looks and design of any given bag. This … [Read More]

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All Things MOVIES

DreamWorks Does Wonders With TIP & OH Home Adventures

What a great opportunity to visit the DreamWorks Animation Studios, meet the directors, producers and creative talent for the amazing children's animation movie series TIP & OH HOME ADVENTURES. … [Read More]

McFarland Premiere at El Capitan Theatre with Stars and Talent #McFarlandUSA

Last night, February 9, 2015, McFarland movie was granted its Red Carpet World premiere at the renowned El Capitan Theatre. The stars were there to meet and shake hands, give their precious short … [Read More]

Entertain Your Kids With Activities for Brain Development Like Puzzles, Word Finds, And Riddles

Reading, doing puzzles, scramble riddles on the daily basis is a must for a young child and her/his brain development. The neuron connections are formed and become stronger in the brain when we are … [Read More]

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Life of Pets

MuttNation Pet Products Would Make An Awesome Gift To Your Dog!

MuttNation Pet Collection Giveaway September 6-20, 2016 Open to USA Dogs love to play and nap and entertain their family. MuttNation pet products collection includes all the essentials for a … [Read More]

Pets Deserve Your Best Attention, Care And Paw Choice! #FunFall4FurryFriends

Celebrate Our Pets This FALL Season! Giveaway HOP With A Ton of Fun Prizes 9/7-9/21, 2016 Cool Giveaway Hostesses: Miss Molly Says and Mom Does Reviews What are you going to win this … [Read More]

Win Pet Products In Our Amazing Giveaways #PetAndPeopleFoodHop

Pet Products & Gift Cards Giveaway HOP #PetAndPeopleFoodHop Hosted by Miss Molly Says + Mom Does Reviews Pets are awesome. They are our friends and family members who call for attention and … [Read More]

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Product Spotlight

Moisturize And Keep Your Skin Young-Looking And Glowing. AmLactin Moisturizers Will Support You.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AmLactin Skin Care. The opinions and text are all mine. Dry Skin Solutions for Women Over 40 May Be With AmLactin Let me start with this simple yet very invigorating thought. How about enjoying the looks and feel of younger skin when our biological [Read More]

Spare Your Feet – Wear Therafit Shoes!

With years, our spinal cord may compress. Seems like a natural thing, yet when we ignore this little fact, it may become a chronic pain nobody welcomes into the life. Any solutions? Spare Your Feet!  There are many things we can do to extend the vibrance of our physical body as our biological age pushes [Read More]

It’s The Get-Organized Season With MIU COLOR Foldable Cargo Trunk Organizer

MIU COLOR Cargo Trunk Organizer Giveaway Aug 26 – Sep 6, 2016 Open to USA Organizing things seems to be either our favorite thing or not. The truth is if we are given the right tools and products, we can accomplish organizational things so much faster and in a more effective way. When it comes to the [Read More]

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Winter Lugz Shoes – Sale in Progress #SnowWhiteCollection

[Read More]

Taste Greens Plus Superfood Powders & Bars – Get Some Coupons!

Love Wholefoods? Download these Coupons for Healthy Snacking and Powerful Smoothies and Recipes! All Coupons Are Valid Through December 31, 2016 CLICK ON IMAGE to Download Coupon to Take $5 Off … [Read More]

Amazon Daily Deals You Would Appreciate

If you are a Value Shopper – and by that we mean who loves brands and quality – then you gotta watch the Amazon Daily Deals or Lightening Deals that are given to the members daily. Obviously, we … [Read More]

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