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#DecemberToRemember With Dozens of Holiday Decor & Gift Cards

Holiday Cling Decor Giveaway December 6-20, 2016 Open to USA If you are looking for something truly amazing, never tiring, ever entertaining – consider these amazing Holiday Decorations that … [Read More]

#RecipeIdeas To Live For!

Herbs To Grow In Your Kitchen And Enjoy Fresh Every Day

Growing your herbs indoors – instead of buying bundles at the grocery store – is cost efficient and creates less food waste, as you’ll only pluck exactly what you need. We sat down with Caitlin Boyle and mapped out the best and easy-going herbs that will be perfect for any house with taste buds craving [Read More]

Turkey Cranberry Wreath Recipe #RecipeIdeas

Turkey Cranberry Wreath Pie Recipe I never tried to make pies like this Turkey Cranberry Wreath Pie that boasts of non-sweet ingredients. My best friend and I decided to try out some of the kitchen tools and gadgets from the Pampered Chef. Sure enough, we had to cook something with a seasonal flavor and convenience, [Read More]

10 Christmas Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Morning Off Right

10 Christmas Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Morning Off Right                                            I know how important Christmas dinner is to most people, but what about Christmas breakfast? Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. When [Read More]

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#DecemberToRemember With Dozens of Holiday Decor & Gift Cards

Holiday Cling Decor Giveaway December 6-20, 2016 Open to USA If you are looking for something truly amazing, never tiring, ever entertaining – consider these amazing Holiday Decorations that have a developmental element as well. Children love them. Grown-ups can afford them. We would love to bless you with the most popular animated magnet sets this season: Olaf, … [Read More]

Choose World Vision Gift Idea for Your Holiday Gifting #MyWOWgift

World Vision Gift Set Giveaway December 5-19, 2016 Open to USA World Vision is an amazing place where you can find a gift idea for literally anybody! From jewelry to clothing, paintings and ornamental carpets – wow, you will be mesmerized at the variety of gifts they offer! Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by WORLD VISION Organized by MOM DOES … [Read More]

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Frother Giveaway

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Giveaway December 2-13, 2016 Open to USA If you are not a member of our #AMCoffee conversation, check it out and become a member. We discuss all kinds of topics on women's life and issues, careers and concerns. And we do that with our morning or evening – depending when you read it – cup of coffee. Today, we'd love to gift you this super NINJA … [Read More]

Bonefish Grill Gift Cards To Treat Entire Family To Good Food!

Bonefish Grill Gift Cards Giveaway December 1-12, 2016 Open to USA BONEFISH GRILL is the place to have your next lunch or dinner! Your meals will be totally paid for when you walk away with one of this prizes – 5 gift cards with $25 value each to the restaurant with yummishly prepared recipes – Bonefish Grill!. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by … [Read More]

Make Memories With Hallmark Tree Ornaments #LoveHallmark #KeepsakeIt

Hallmark Tree Ornaments Giveaway December 1-9, 2016 Open to USA Making memories in a creative and very powerful way is to "attach" our gifts to occasions, situations, and events that make a mark in our soul emotionally. Holiday Season with Christmas Tree is one of them. Hallmark has its powerful way to say many things with a card, a tree ornament that can easily … [Read More]

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Daily Celebration In Health

Yoga Practice For Holidays Proves More Things Done!

Have you ever considered yoga practicing? Or may be you already are a master of all things ethereal and wise? On a serious note, there are clinical studies with the proof that those people who spend more time in a peaceful, loving meditation,  practice loving and caring attitude, … [Read More]

Hormone Insulin And Its Effect On Your Weight

Insulin And Insulin Resistance – Why It Is Important To Know About Them From conquering cravings to revving metabolism, hormones are the key to zapping flab. Here's how to use them to your advantage. Every time you down a carb-laden meal or sugary drink that makes your blood sugar … [Read More]

Mindful Eating – Don’t Scarf Down Your Food. It’s More Important Than You May Think

Ok, I know how it gets; you nibble on this and that throughout the day so that you can save up your appetite for that awesome dinner at the new hotspot restaurant. Come six hours later, you are ravishing everything on your plate and barely giving yourself time to gasp for air in between … [Read More]

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Hairstyle Tutorials: Best Styles For Spring And Summer

Spring: The time of flings, fun, and a lot of time running around in the sun. You obviously want to look your best at this playful time of year -- but with as little time and effort as possible! We asked some of our favorite celebrity stylists for their top hairstyle tutorials for … [Read More]

Top Hairstyles to Do With a Curling Iron

It’s the secret to top hairstyles like Beyonce’s barrel waves, Kim Kardashian’s sexy bedhead look and the glamorous cascade of curls that stars regularly show off on the red carpet. We’re talking about curling irons. “You can change the whole texture and personality of your hair in just a … [Read More]

Sexy and Sensual Sleepwear from SNOA #MyValentine Ideas for A Unique Gift

Disclaimer:  This product was received from SNOA for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product. Eco-Friendly, luxurious sexy sleepwear made for every night of the year, … [Read More]

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All Things MOVIES

Finally The Guardians Of The Galaxy Coming Out on Blu Ray December 9th – Follow #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy Blu Ray 3D Combo Pack Unveiled December 9, 2014 Again, if you haven't had a chance to see this Epic film – make yourself a gift this Holiday Season by getting a copy … [Read More]

Activity Sheets for Kids – Cinderella Host A Royal Ball #Cinderella #BeKind

Check out how Lily James who plays Cinderella reflects on her First Dance in the movie! The magic of her speaking about the experience is mesmerizing by itself! Cinderella First Dance with Lily James … [Read More]

Raspberry and Blueberry Tarte Recipe from The Hundred Foot Journey Movie #100FootJourney

THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY arrives in theaters everywhere on August 8th, 2014! But the recipes this movie has inspired could live in our kitchens for a long time! Raspberry and Blueberry Tarte … [Read More]

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Life of Pets

CLUMP & SEAL™ Litter Helps To Keep Our Home Odor Free For Holidays #CLUMPandSEAL

Fill Your Holiday Season With Aromas That Will Last Forever Candles, Baking, Favorite Pine Tree Wreaths ARM & HAMMER™ CLUMP & SEAL™ cat litter Will Come To The Rescue With a … [Read More]

The Wellness Dog Food Equals Quality Of Pet’s Life #WellnessPet

 Wellness® Complete Health™ Dog Food The Difference Is Clear: Pet's Vitality & Well-Being Have you ever asked yourself a question why people buy the pet food that claims to contain … [Read More]

Top 5 Signs of Wellness For Your DOG #WellnessPet

How Do You Know Your Dog Is A Healthy Puppy? It Is A Well-Balanced Approach That Creates A Total Wellness for A Dog At Any Age Having a dog in our house is a great joy and the time filled … [Read More]

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Listen And Play Smarter With RAZER KRAKEN PRO eSport Gaming Headset

RAZER KRAKEN PRO Giveaway DECEMBER 1-12, 2016 Open to USA There is such a variety of headsets that were specifically designed to suit the needs of avid eGamers. RAZER has worked hard to offer some of the comfortable, sound rich earphones ever. The latest is their KRAKEN PRO v2 with a microphone that makes it even more [Read More]

Brew Your Tea In A Superior Way With ZOJIRUSHI #MyWOWgift

ZOJIRUSHI Water Warmer Giveaway Nov 30 – Dec 12, 2016 Open to USA Who wants to have a PERFECT TEA All the time? I do, I do! When I have my tea moments, I love the water to be just right to allow the infusion powers to make an aromatic tea to bring me peace, energy, [Read More]

Can Your Night Vision Be Helped? #LiveInFocus

There’s EyePromise Vizual Edge With the highest Level of Dietary Zeaxanthin Night vision in my own life became a huge issue when one day I discovered I did not see as clearly around my driving lanes and ahead as I used to. Several times on the road during the night trips, I remember being scared to [Read More]

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Winter Lugz Shoes – Sale in Progress #SnowWhiteCollection

[Read More]

Taste Greens Plus Superfood Powders & Bars – Get Some Coupons!

Love Wholefoods? Download these Coupons for Healthy Snacking and Powerful Smoothies and Recipes! All Coupons Are Valid Through December 31, 2016 CLICK ON IMAGE to Download Coupon to Take $5 Off … [Read More]

Amazon Daily Deals You Would Appreciate

If you are a Value Shopper – and by that we mean who loves brands and quality – then you gotta watch the Amazon Daily Deals or Lightening Deals that are given to the members daily. Obviously, we … [Read More]

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