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Win Monthly Supply of Scotties Facial Tissue + $25 Amazon Gift Card

SCOTTIES Giveaway May 3-10, 2016 Open to USA Allergies season is at full swing. How are you there, surviving? See what we are implementing into our daily routine when … [Read More]

#RecipeIdeas To Live For!

Fall Recipes: Tomatoes And Asparagus Salad

Every season comes with its own spirit for celebration. Whether it’s a nice warm and sunshiny weather, welcoming coolness of local rivers and lakes, or seasonal yumminess of fresh fruit and vegetables and dishes made out of them. Though we live in the society that almost every grown fruit and vegetable is available all-year-round, we [Read More]

Endives, Goat Cheese And Walnut Salad

Endive Lettuce or simply Endives have been cultivated  in the Mediterranean. It can be eaten like other greens or sauteed, added into soups and stews, or be a very enticing part of a green salad. Why do you want to have endive leaves in your diet? Very simple answer. Endives are rich in Fiber, Folate [Read More]

Spice Up Your Taco Night With This Grilled Tilapia Tacos Recipe

Spice Up Your Taco Night With This Grilled Tilapia Tacos Recipe Taco nights are one of my favorite meals nights during the week. I love anything with a little crunch and a lot of spice. But lately I have been thinking of eating healthier. Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish are some of [Read More]

Fiestas de cumpleaños perfectas: ¡te enseñamos como prepararlas!

Las fiestas de cumpleaños nos dan la oportunidad de recibir en casa a nuestros seres queridos, y disfrutar con ellos de esos momentos felices y cálidos, que quedan para siempre grabados en la memoria. Pero para saborear de las mejores cosas de la vida, muchas veces, es necesario anticiparnos y planificar. Y en eso, ¡te [Read More]

French Macarons Recipe

Beautifully Colorful Dessert on the Menu – French Macarons French Macarons Recipe is the one that EVERYONE would be on Cloud Nine from! Delightfully light and full of intelligent flavor. Hmmm, try me, it says!

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Spring RUSTON BAG from KELLY MOORE BAG Collection

Kelly Moore RUSTON Bag Giveaway May 4-15, 2016 Open to USA Some handbags are very unique, as they perform a role of not only a beautiful accessory, but add some unique features. Kelly Moore bags are renowned for being a super accommodating experience for those who love photography and carry cameras along all the time.  Bringing You Moments To … [Read More]

Hartmann Luxury Duffel Bag Filled With Harlequin 24 Series Titles

The Harlequin Set Giveaway May 4-17, 2016 Open to USA Books are some of the best way to spend time learning, double checking, relaxing. They are truly our friends and sources of valuable information. For times when we need to unwind, Harlequin romance books are a great way to do it. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by HARLEQUIN Organized by … [Read More]

EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes Is A Must for Every Woman

EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes Giveaway May 3-13, 2016 Open to USA I love experimenting with cosmetic tools like brushes. There is a ton of brushes just for applying blush alone! Then there are sets of brushes for eye make-up. Then you can discover even more for applying some color to your eyebrows! WOW, how do we know what to do with each and every brush? The best … [Read More]

Ladybug And Cat Noir DVD Prize Pack

DVD Prise Pack Giveaway May 4-13, 2016 Open to USA Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is one of the beloved shows on Nickelodeon these days. We would love you to check it out and win some collection of themed items including DVD. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Nickelodeon Organized by It's Free At Last Featured by Celebrate … [Read More]

Win Monthly Supply of Scotties Facial Tissue + $25 Amazon Gift Card

SCOTTIES Giveaway May 3-10, 2016 Open to USA Allergies season is at full swing. How are you there, surviving? See what we are implementing into our daily routine when using SCOTTIES! Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by SCOTTIES Organized by  Celebrate Woman Today When skin under your nose is highly irritated by constant rubbing and … [Read More]

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Have a Case of the Motherhood Blues?

Motherhood is supposed to be a joy-filled journey – or so the ads and Facebook memes tell us. So why does it seem as though our days are largely about nagging, supervising homework, changing diapers and shuttling kids to and from their activities? What’s wrong with this picture? The answer … [Read More]

Weight Loss Is A Creative Process That Is Under Your Control

Why do we run? Jog? Exercise? Did you ask this question at least once? And why in the world weight loss is or can be a creative process? In the culture where you are judged by certain parameters, people are used to live by the standards that may be imposed on them by the society and/or … [Read More]

Be Selective And Vigilant Who You Are Supporting During In Breast Cancer Awareness ~ Sharon Gnatt Epel

October is Breast Health Awareness Month, a month universally dedicated to educating women about the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer. So many wonderful companies have jumped on the bandwagon, offering all kinds of products sporting the pink breast cancer … [Read More]

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What Would Be Your Creative Use Of Outdoor Lights? Our Fans Voted For These Top 3 Choices

It seems like outdoor lights are usually underused in the daily life. We polled our audience, and they have pointed out the most desirable choices for the outdoor lights usage. Here they are. Top 3 Choices For Use of Outdoor Lights #1 We could use Solar Lights for... weddings and … [Read More]

Hairstyle Tutorials: Best Styles For Spring And Summer

Spring: The time of flings, fun, and a lot of time running around in the sun. You obviously want to look your best at this playful time of year -- but with as little time and effort as possible! We asked some of our favorite celebrity stylists for their top hairstyle tutorials for … [Read More]

Spring Into Mother’s Day With #Modal Concept Tote – Versatile And Supreme Handbag from Best Buy

Mother's Day is coming, looming in the air and in hearts and souls of ours. The best gift we could ever give to our Moms is Time we spend with her, regular telephone calls of 'hello's' and 'how-are-you's.' The rest is your effort and ability to create something special you don't do every … [Read More]

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How to Draw Judy Hopps from #Zootopia in Theatres this Friday!

Take Your Family to the MOVIES! #ZOOTOPIA The modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia is a city like no other. Comprised of habitat neighborhoods like ritzy Sahara Square and frigid Tundratown, … [Read More]

Some Things Are Unforgettable Like This Conversation With Jon Favreau And Neel Sethi #JungleBookEvent

The Red Carpet World Premiere of The Jungle Book brought together the creative talent, celebrities and fans together into one magical space. The celebration was bursting with festivities and colorful … [Read More]

Ready for Another Installment of Super Heroes? #AntMan Is Coming July 17th

The next evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen for the first time with Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” when master thief Scott Lang must … [Read More]

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Life of Pets

We Love Our Cats! And CATTERBOX™ Will Help Our Kitties To Voice Their Thoughts! WOW, #HeartThis

We love PIXAR's "UP" movie, with an amazing ensemble of dogs who can speak in human voice. Who wouldn't like to know what our furry balls of fun and love want to convey to us to be understood better? … [Read More]

Feeding My Cornish Rexes A New Grain FREE CANIDAE® Pet Food #HealthyPetHappyPet

Choosing a new food option for our cats has never been easy. We have three Cornish Rex cats, two of which are rescues, and every single one of them is a very picky eater. Bringing home something new … [Read More]

Easter Basket for Your Dogs #12DaysOf Easter Gift Ideas

Look What You Can Do for Your Easter Puppy! Our pets are part of our life. Celebrating holidays, we do include them into our circle of "people" who will receive gifts. Look what Miss Molly Says … [Read More]

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Bracelets Will Always Be A Fashion Statement. SASHKA Gives You Their Version of A Statement. #HeartThis

Regaining your own self. Being able to support your family and your personal needs. Making a difference with the labor of love. All these things are true when it comes to SASHKA. You see, this company has a special place when it comes to a woman and her worth. Inspiring creativity and supporting continuous efforts [Read More]

Make It Easy On Your Noses With #ScottiesEverydayComfort

We are dying here from allergies! This Spring has brought an offense powered by pollen of a myriad of blooming plants. Allergy meds do not bring relief we need and seek. Drinking a lot of water to flush out the waste and lower the strangling effect of allergies is our small relief. Also, eating raw salads [Read More]

Shake Up Any Delicious Drink With Silver Grade Cocktail Shaker Kit

Mother’s Day is about here and what would be better than giving her something that she can use and love? Silver Grade Cocktail Shaker is a perfect gift for those mamas who like adult and adult-like beverages. I don’t personally drink alcohol, not because of beliefs but because they don’t agree with me. I do, [Read More]

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Winter Lugz Shoes – Sale in Progress #SnowWhiteCollection

[Read More]

Taste Greens Plus Superfood Powders & Bars – Get Some Coupons!

Love Wholefoods? Download these Coupons for Healthy Snacking and Powerful Smoothies and Recipes! All Coupons Are Valid Through December 31, 2016 CLICK ON IMAGE to Download Coupon to Take $5 Off … [Read More]

Amazon Daily Deals You Would Appreciate

If you are a Value Shopper – and by that we mean who loves brands and quality – then you gotta watch the Amazon Daily Deals or Lightening Deals that are given to the members daily. Obviously, we … [Read More]

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