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Breast Cancer Awareness Monthbreast cancer awareness

In October, we raise awareness to Breast Cancer prevention and research and emphasize the importance of monthly breast self-exams that literally save lives. We do not know when and how this disease strikes. What we know is that simple steps could be our saving moment.

We applaud the brands who support this message of Breast Cancer or Any Cancer Awareness. NATURELLE® is in the forefront of spreading the message of healthy hair and beauty and celebration of life.

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Hair is one of our treasures that make us unique and alive and graceful. That is what Nature has given us to emphasize our beauty and individuality. Hence taking good daily care of our hair is one of the things that comes naturally. 

NATURELLE® has introduced a new line of hair care gems under the label of LUXE MAJESTIC OIL. The collection includes all the hair essentials any woman needs for her hair to look lustrous and healthy and soft. 

• Hydrating Shampoo
• Hydrating Conditioner
• Hydrating Repair Masque
• Oil Treatment
• Ultra Hydrating Styling Cream

This NATURELLE® LUXE MAJESTIC OIL line is based on the Moroccan Argan Oil that keeps moisture inside each hair cuticle and contributes to the lustrous look of our hair overall.

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

HYDRATING REPAIR MASQUE Naturelle® Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

This is a hair care line collection that has been designed with you and me in mind. Even daily washing with these hair hydrating products  won’t dry the hair. In fact, it only contributes to a more healthy look instead.

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Naturelle® Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Naturelle® Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Our hair cuticles, when they are closed are considered to be healthy and produce the silkiness and luster we are all after. When hair cuticles become damaged – they open up and allow the outside agents, – be it UV lights, water, chemicals from different products, – to sneak inside and generate so unwelcome frizzy hair effect. Worse than frizz is the unhealthy condition of the hair itself.

Here’s a Healthy Look of a Smooth Hair Cuticle

healthy smooth hair cuticle

In this Picture, A Hair Cuticle is Tattered and Scaled

damaged hair cuticle

Using NATURELLE® hydrating hair care products we add a protective barrier to our hair. Argan Oil is known to heal and smooth hair cuticles, adding the luster effect to the hair mass overall. Adding to the hair the products with hydrating agents, we add love and protection to the accessory of ours that sometimes is hard to deal with!

Adding just a few drops of NATURELLE® OIL TREATMENT makes my hair look gorgeous and gets rid of unnecessary frizz. 

Naturelle Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

Naturelle® Luxe Majestic Oil Hair Care Collection

keratin hair treatment, keratin shampoo, keratin serum hair products, keratin leave in treatment


You deserve great hair Every Single Day of your life! What we need to realize is that some help from good quality products and a bit of practice will take us to the look of our dreams. I am speaking from my personal experience. I do have my bad hair days. Yet what I do know is that it’s just an exception. I have a just a few hair looks that I love for me, and I practice on improving those looks all the time! Yes, practice makes perfect when we practice and practice again. That’s life.

To keep your hair healthy-looking and sleek, use daily care and products that are silicone FREE! Silicones are dangerous! They attach to our hair cuticles, clog them and disallow any moisture and nutrition to get through. Remember this very basic fact, and you’ll be fine. Read the product Ingredients Label to ensure they contain no silicone.

Do incorporate into your life the hair care products that contain Argan oil, Shea or Mango butter, Olive or Coconut oil, Avocado oil. NATURELLE® is a great every day hair care line that would give your hair moisture it needs for the look you desire.

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  1. This stuff sounds sssooo nice. My hair is always dry and dull, so I will absolutely give this a shot.

  2. This hair collection sounds so luxurious. As a busy working mom of two little boys, I could use some spa treatments at home and my hair needs all the help it can get!

  3. Maybe this will help my hair. Ever since I was in the hospital and on all kinds of meds my hair has gotten thin and full looking!! I will look into this and see if it might help.

  4. The Dollar Tree sells all these products here.I do use them!

  5. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    My hair could really use this. It is so dried out from the sun and being in the pool a lot this summer. I will have to pick some up to try.

  6. Sounds like a product that I need to try out. I’ve been looking for something new to try out. My hair has been greasy/oily and itchy lately. I’m sure it’s the weather, but I hope that products like this could help too!

  7. Ooh, this stuff looks awesome! And your hair looks great! I need to check it out for my long locks!

  8. My hair could use these products too. I haven’t heard of this line. I will have to look for it in stores.

  9. My hair definitely needs some nourishment, it is so dry and having color on doesn’t help either, I will have to give these a go x

  10. Michelle K says:

    I don’t use anything special on my hair but need something for the frizz

  11. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds awesome! Love it!

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      If you want to try this collection for hair care, do try their Masque! I use it instead of conditioner, and the results are FAB! My hair is very curly, this masque allows my to straighten it and keep in place, to dilute some frizz we get from daily outside agents.

  12. Nicole Etolen says:

    Wow, love this collection. I can’t wait to try this on my hair!

  13. Moroccan Hair Oil does an amazing job on my hair. I had no idea they had it in a shampoo and conditioner. Thanks for sharing.

  14. My daughter has incredibly thick hair, so this would be great for her! Always looking for ways to get her hair conditioned and sleek – not to mention the kids do swim team all summer and it destroys their hair!

  15. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I love using Argan Oil and I’m looking for a new brand right now — would love to try this one.

  16. I don’t like it when my hair frizzes. I’ve tried many products but none really worked the way I wanted them to. I’ll have to give this collection a try soon.

  17. My hair is so damaged right now, I could really do with some of that! Will have to try it out soon.

  18. I like to use hair spray.

  19. I use dry shampoo after I shower, sometimes while my hair is still wet, to help give my hair volume and to keep my oily scalp in check

  20. Genevieve Larson says:

    I really like argan oil. It tames my crazy thick hair.

  21. Another is redken leave in condtioner

  22. Renee Walters says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand. I use the morocan oil treatment on my hair.

  23. I like to use dry shampoo on my hair on a regular basis.

  24. They sell this at the dollar store? That’s an awesome buy!

  25. Wendy Starnes says:

    I love using moisturizing conditioners and Moroccan oil the most.

  26. I love and use Argan Oil on daily basis. It helps moisturize my skin!

  27. I am always looking for great skin care product. Thanks for sharing

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