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NATAS Pastries Boasts The Best Fresh Pastry in Beverly Hills

Sweet Tooth, Are You?
Portuguese Bakery NATAS Has Something To Be Discovered


Beautiful outside to sit and enjoy your pastries


NATAS has been in this corner of LA’s local malls for years!

A Taste Of Portuguese Desserts

I’ve heard enough from my friends that Portuguese have a major love for sweets. That is a reason for an abundance of bakeries, pastry shops and galaterias everywhere you go in Portugal. I’ve discovered one rich in tradition and offering a wide variety of pasty right here, in Beverly Hills areas – NATAS Pastries.

The bakery inside is not too big. But the showcase with pastries and all kinds of sweets is abundant! Going into such places like NATAS on an empty stomach is no fun! Go grab something to eat first, then head over to NATAS’ for desserts. That’s what we’ve done on a night heading from Beverly Hills.


These Pastries de Coco are at the top of my list! Soft and filled with custard-like filling, these pastry cups melt in my mouth. I can eat more than one!


The eclairs bursting with flavorful fillings and different tops: chocolate or confectioner’s sugar caps. Any choice would be a treat!


And the fruit-filled tartalettes are heavenly! Fresh berries with unique NATAS glaze – yum!


The NATAS pastries are so good that they go at a speed of a lightening. Once they are gone – the cafe closes down.


When you are looking for cakes and more familiar baking desserts like cheesecake, carrot cake, Napoleon, Tiramisu, or biscotti.


Here’s what we’ve boxed with us before leaving NATAS.

Cavacas – Portuguse cupcake style pastry made with eggs, flour, confectioners sugar and milk.

Eclair – These are oblong pastries made with choux dough filled with cream and topped with chocolate.

Pastel de Tentugal – Wrapped sweet pastry with a rich yellow egg cream filling.

Bolo de Bolacha – Portuguese buscuit cake with condensed milk

Leite Creme – Awesomely yummy and simple dessert made with cream, eggs, and roasted sugar.

Bola de Berlim – doughnut-like dessert fried in oil and filled with marmalade filling, then powdered with confectioners sugar or icing.

Toucinho do Ceu – Portuguese cake made of egg yolks and almonds.

And my most favorite is Pastel de Nata, egg custard tart in filo dough. NATAS has several pastels de nata with different fillings. It is quite an adventure to taste them all! Just one bite – and move to the next pastry to taste!


If you are in the area, stop by to take a sweet bite of one or more of the NATAS pastry creations.

Look for this sign at the entry to the shopping strip mall where NATAS Pastries is located!


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  1. Jacqui Odell says:

    Those lemon bites look so yummy!! I wish I had one near me.

  2. That looks like a great place to eat!! I love all the freshly made sweets!! Its fun to taste things from around the world without leaving your country!!

  3. Holy moly! Those aren’t pastries. Those are little sugar filled bites of love!

  4. All of these look delicios!! What a fun pastry shop to stop at while in Beverly Hills!!

  5. These looks absolutely amazing. I love any and all kinds of pastries. If I find myself in Beverly Hills, I will definitely stop here.

  6. I’m getting so hungry scrolling through these desserts! I would want to try the fruit tarts because at least it has some fresh fruit and I can feel good about that being a bit of healthy eating, right?

  7. Oh holy moly these pastries look amazing! I have been crazing a sweet snack and these pics aren’t helping!! HA!

  8. All of that food looks amazing! I really could go for some of those right now. I’ve never been to Beverly Hills, but it’s on my list of places I’d love to visit someday.

  9. The lemon bites and the Pasteis De Coco look delicious. They are similar to our Coconut Macaroons.

  10. You totally had me at bakery and these desserts look fantastic. I have yet to sample Portuguese cuisine.

  11. This bakery sounds amazing. I am currently trying to lose weight so I would have to skip this bakery. I do enjoy sweets and I’m sure these treats are heavenly.

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These all look so delicous. I will have to check out this bakery if i am in the area.

  13. I love any kind of bakery. Their selection looks great!

  14. So many treats! I used to live near a Portuguese pastry shop that served the most delicious eclairs!

  15. This looks amazing! I adore little shops like this where you can get a good homemade pastry! So good!

  16. katrina g says:

    oh man that all looks so good! i will have to try this out next time i’m in the area!

  17. I have never been to a Portuguese bakery but some of those baked goods looked so delicious!

  18. Those pastries look so good! I’ve never tried any Portuguese sweet treats. Can’t wait to visit this place

  19. I have a sweet tooth and I’m drooling just looking at your photos. 🙂 Wish we have pastry shops here that offer Portuguese desserts.

  20. This looks so tasty! I’d love to try a Portuguese bakery-or a Portuguese restaurant at all!

  21. Maggie Branch says:

    These Portuguese pastries look AMAZING! I love trying different ethnicities desserts.

  22. I’ve never had or heard of Portuguese desserts, but boy, I am willing to sink my teeth into a few of those tasty goodies! NATAS is on my bucket list now! Thanks!!

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