Look Into My Heart With Sphere Of Life Necklace

Sphere Of Life Necklace Giveaway
May 9-12, 2013
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Don’t you love those gifts that hold your curiosity until the last moment before they reveal themselves?

Sphere of Life does it with each and every jewelry piece they created. Before you get to the sphere of your desires, you’ll go through many layers of unwrapping. The packaging is just one more step that keeps your curiosity barely inside yourself.

Look what they’ve got for an intricate packaging!


After you’ve reached the final destination and uncovered what was hiding behind all that glam, you’ll be left breathless. Spheres of all kinds and meaning make a powerful gift to any woman indeed.

With Sphere of Life you can truly rely on uniqueness of each gift and choose from their great collection of necklaces and ear-rings. Each piece can easily tell or reflect the story of your life.

We would love to grace one of our fans with the necklace called Look Into My Heart. It is truly unforgettable.

Prize – Sphere Of Life Necklace Look Into My Heart, $99 Value


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by Laura Gontchar


  1. I love the Prince Charming – Pink Pearl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I thought this one was awesome: Light My Fire

  3. Laura, I can’t get the 2nd mandatory done. It just keeps going round and round. I went directly to their twitter and followed there but it still won’t let me thru to the other entries. Any ideas of what is wrong?

  4. Michelle H. says:

    I like the “Love Is All Around” necklace because it is pretty.

  5. Cheryl Abdelnour says:


  6. brandi hawn says:

    the look into my heart is my favorite but i like the together forever one second b/c it would be nice to get that to represent me and my husband 🙂

  7. the daisies is so great!

  8. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. cheryl gaston says:

    i love anything with hearts to me this is pretty

  10. David Voss says:

    The Light My Fire and The Lovebirds are my favorites….They show the essence of pure love.

  11. April Shaw says:

    I absolutely LOVE The Missing Piece one! Amazing!

  12. R Prete says:

    I love light my fire because I’ve always been a fan of filigre and baby steps becuase I love being a mommy!

  13. Lynne Z says:

    I love the Shamrock necklace, it reminds me of my daughter who loves all things Irish and I just might need to buy this one for her!

  14. I like the Light My fire necklace. I love the way this looks.

  15. Cathy Taylor says:

    I like all of them

  16. Gwen Stanley says:

    I love the Infinity and the Light My Fire.. Both would represent the deep and undying love my husband and I share.

  17. Kathy P. says:

    I like the Bohemia one for the design. Not too flashy, but very pretty!

  18. Marianne Kenney says:
  19. I like the Daisies design because it is pretty to look at.

  20. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. All the necklaces are beautiful. And could be meaningful, too.

  21. Wendy Sanders says:

    The Missing Piece is beautiful. Symbolizes how I’ve been missing my brother and sister since their passing and the beauty of it shows how beautiful my life was just to have them in it for as long as I did. I thank God everyday he chose me to be their Lil sister..

  22. Tracey Pullum says:

    The Happy Hearts red is beautiful too!

  23. Lisa L. says:

    I really like the daisies…

  24. Michelle Proper says:

    I also like the Bohemia necklace. Very unique and beautiful!

  25. misty farmer says:

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