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Love Listening To Your Music Old-Fashioned Way? Play It With Modern 1byone Sterio Turntable!


Play Your Music At Your Own Speed
33 / 45 /78 RPM

Turntable record player, 1byone

Got A Record From Your Time-Ago Life? Play It Out on 1byone Turntable!

Music is a huge part of our daily life. We use it everywhere we go. The technological advancements allow us to do a ton of things on-the-go and while we are away from our homes and offices.

Yet sometimes, we earn for things familiar to us that we used to be around when we were younger. Do you remember playing your records, for example, listening to your favorite song or story? I used to live by my collection of fairytales and magic stories. I would listen to them again and again, snuggling to my amazing record player which was truly a fancy thing at that time.

Those times are gone. New machines and tools have come about to bring us more of convenience and accessibility of modern achievements. Yet when I see things from my past, my heart fills with love and good memories, and yearning to experience it again. The 1byone company brings to us some pretty turntables in different colors and accents, so we could play the records from our unforgettable past.

This nicely packaged music magic comes with built-in speakers, so you can enjoy music in the comfort of your home, office, or at your beach house. But if you wish to amplify the sound even further – use provided RCA jack output to choose your preference of music playback. 

Or if you like – grab your earphones and go with your private music session. 

Turntable record player, 1byone

Portable And Smashingly Beautiful!

The needle arm is comfortably situated on a rest knob and has a soft damping control. It has an automatic shutdown when all the tracks are played. You can play records with different speeds at 33, 45 or 78 RPM settings. All the basics are here, in one place to enjoy the ultimate sound of your favorite records.

Turntable record player, 1byone

The Entire Mechanism Is Built Into a Lightweight Briefcase.

Your music record player can be taken with you on the road. It is so versatile, you could even listen to it in the car, not that you are going to. But to give you an idea of its portability – wow, it looks nifty in this turquoise briefcase!

Turntable record player, 1byone

Awesome Way to Store and To Carry!

For those of us who love music and would like to enjoy our collection of records we have accumulated in our previous, pre-iPhone era, this cool 1byone turntable is a convenient solution, with a touch of antique-ness  in it. I love the choice of color, as it goes so well with my entourage of records. 

Look into this beautiful gift idea for an occasion you are planning to celebrate. You can even add a matching carrier case to hold your precious records. Check out 1byone site for all things music.


  1. Sophia,M.,McConnery says:

    Interesting unit.Does it work with the old albums or jus the new ones?

  2. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have not seen a machine like this in years. lol My mother has all my grandfather’s old records. This would make a great gift idea for her. I know her and my dad would get a kick out of it. Thanks for shairng this awesome gift idea.

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