Innocent Labor by Monica Gloria Makes A Huge Stir in Human Trafficking

I hold a book in my hands and curl into my favorite reading corner wit a soft light and my mom’s woven peach-and-lilac throw to keep me company. I am ready for an evening filled with events, surprises, emotions – all supported by my powerful imagination during this “me” time.

Tonight’s book is Innocent Labor by Monica Gloria.

Innocent Labor by Monica Gloria />

The subject matter is intense and real – Human Trafficking.

The book starts with a young professional, Elena Munoz, school counselor, who is trying to do her best to pull herself up from the earlier years of trauma. She does therapy. She does internal work to deal with trauma.

In the middle of it all, while she is dealing with her own tribulations, psychologically traumatic, Elena finds herself being pulled into the world of human trafficking. Not the world that is far and removed and being watched on or discussed by and in mass media. The trafficking world that real and lurking around every corner where she, Elena Munoz, is practicing her trade being a school counselor.

The circumstances in the book are built around a missing sophomore girl, who seemed to vanish into a thin air. No signs of her being seen.

As the plot thickens with more details and meaningful vignettes from Elena’s life, kidnapping ordeal and her daily ways of coping with her dark past, we also are allowed to peak into the livid world of kidnappers and their victims.

Those moments are dark and filled with colors of dark, and human tremor and fear, and humiliation. But these exact pictures that Author Monica Gloria dishes to our imagination to unravel create the real atmosphere of Human Trafficking.

Though the characters and places in the Innocent Labor are fictitious, the background and research of the subject matter – Human Trafficking – carry a sign of deep research and connection to the real-life situations, people, trafficking cases.

Anybody who would touch this book, delve into reading it would be left breathless and become AWARE of the Human Trafficking. The fear it erupts is real. How many victims of this shameless trafficking world are out there?


Monica Gloria Author of Innocent Labor

Monica Gloria, Author of Innocent Labor

What can you and I do to change this situation?

The first thing is right on – Become Aware and Educated that Human Trafficking is real. Once we do that, we could make a meaningful difference in lives of many: our children and friends included.

Bravo to the Innocent Labor that raises the Human Trafficking issue to the surface and allows us to share it with our world we live in.

Innocent Labor by Monica Gloria, Available on Amazon

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