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Hormone Irisin In Your Life And Weight Fluctuations

Hormone IRISIN Is Good For You

weight loss, hormones, leptin, cortisol, insulin

From conquering cravings to revving metabolism,
hormones are the key to zapping flab.
Here’s how to use them to your advantage.

A study of several years ago in the journal Nature announced the discovery of a way to make white fat – the kind we all know and hate – behave more like brown fat, a kind that actually burns calories. 

The key is exposure to a newly discovered hormone dubbed IRISIN, which is produced during exercise. The hormone also appears to help reduce insulin resistance.

weight loss, hormones, leptin, cortisol, insulin, hormone irisin


Getting your sweat on is the number one way to ramp up irisin levels and produce more fat-burning brown fat.

In the Nature study, irisin lveles doubled after a 10-week stationary-bike training program that involved four or five 20- to-35-minute sessions a week.

Another, less obvious, tactic for increasing irisin is to adjust your thermostat. Literally.

Lower temperatures may make the white fat you have act like brown fat, shifting your metabolic rate enough to cause weight loss. 

One study found that when people spent two hours in a 64F room and periodically dipped their feet into ice water, their brown fat burned 15 times more calories than it did at room temperature – enough to burn up to nine pounds a year. (Yeah, we’re going to skip the ice-water foot bath, too!)

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  1. What a great conversation to have, I love that there is more reasons to get up and exercise. It really can help get rid of the fat faster, those bad fat cells! I need to start making it a habit to be more active on a daily basis!

  2. Hormones are such a pain. Literally AND figuratively! I’m loving these posts on how hormones affect our weight. Thanks!

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  9. I’ve always known that exercising is important and it’s good for your health. But I had no idea that different hormones and chemical imbalances came into play too! This was very informative, thank you!

  10. i have always exercised. but as i get older i see the benefits of doing it for more than just trying to maintain a weight. it helps with stress and tons of other preventative issues.

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  18. I really need to get a proper schedule together especially for the gym. I haven’t visited the gym in over a year now.

  19. maggie branch says:

    Hormones can make things so difficult. Losing weight, making babies. Hormones play a role! This was a really interesting read and I will certainly have to take a deeper look into irisin.

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