Holiday Gift Guide 2012 With Barefoot Yoga

Holiday gift guideWith the Holiday Season and a gazillion of gifts and stocking stuffers, we could be really easily overwhelmed. Stressed. When we feel that the last string of our patience has been tightened to the max, it’s the time to relax and take a moment of breathing.

No matter how you like to de-streess – yoga, a moment of meditation, a quiet walk alone – what really matters is that you are actually doing it. Congratulations!

With that thought in mind, we would love to share some amazing products for your Yoga time that could become your companions for years!

Barefoot Yoga is the company that has created a culture around all things Yoga. The founder, Kelly LeFebvre, has been practicing yoga for years! Traveling to India, Kelly not only partook the spirit of yoga practicing. She has organized local artisans to create authentic products for those who make yoga their life style.

The variety of products at Barefoot Yoga is amazing!


Yoga Mats And Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga mats and yoga mat bags. Yoga Props and Accessories. Yoga hemp clothing for grown-ups and children. Yoga books and media. This is just a small sampling of the variety of yoga-focused products that could be discovered there.


Yoga Accessories

What differentiates Barefoot Yoga products is that all products are made to last. The integrity of the product is displayed through the quality of a stitching they use, embroidery, and a wild variety for every taste.

Look at these gorgeous yoga mat bags!


Practice With Comfort And Quality

 In a word, you could make your yoga practicing in 2013 a much more comfortable experience!


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