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Fate’s Design Promotional Book Tour – Guest Interview With Alex (Alex Who?)

For those of you who are following closely Promotional Book Tours, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out what’s going on. However, for those first-timers who found this post, it would be a bit perplexing without any introduction what’s going on. Here’s your catching-up.

We are enjoying an amazing Promotional Book Tour of Fate’s Design written by a gifted Lola James. There will be several books in the Fate’s Design series. All will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in their E-book version. This way, there’s no excuse to complain that a book is not affordable. In fact, they are very affordable when it comes to reading on iPad or any other smart device that accepts E-books!

We are so serious about promoting this exceptionally breath-taking book, that we are running a super giveaway just for this occasion, with three super prizes. And the Grand Prize is a NOOK Simple Touch or Kindle Touch or $100 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Go check it out and enter for your lucky chance to win!

This post is dedicated to interviewing Alex, the main male lead from Fate’s Design. The Author Lola James herself asks this character provocative questions that allow us, the readers, to truly appreciate who Alex is and what kind of things we could expect from him as the story in Fate’s Design unfolds.

I am serious, go get this book and read it. It’s a very easy read, but you won’t be disappointed.


Fate's Design Promotional Tour

Fate's Design Promotional Tour

Lola: Thanks for interview with me, Alex! The last time that I had you and Megan interview each other things went to… uh… to Spain I believe. *laughs*

Alex: The pleasure is all mine Ms. James. Yes Barcelona was stunning.

Lola: I can imagine… Anyway *Shakes head to clear thoughts* you call Megan “love” in Fate’s Design as a term of endearment. Did you call all your girlfriends that? Or is she special?  

Alex: Hmmm… a term of endearment doesn’t begin to explain my feelings for Megan. She is more than special. She completes me in ways I didn’t know I was deficient.

Lola: *narrows eyes* you didn’t answer the question Alex! Your suave talk doesn’t work on me! Now, answer the question… about the other girlfriends?  

Alex: *smirks* anyone aside from my Megan would be… watered down. No, there are no others that matter!

Lola: So if there were no others then how do you know that it’s love with Megan and not lust?

Alex: Lust is an illusion. Much like makeup, it last for a period before it expires. Love well love is a diamond polished with trust, hardship, and perservence. Love, Ms. James, is what I have for Megan. Never doubt that.

Lola: Ok, geesh just asking… Tell me about your interaction with the other cast members i.e. Alberto, Morgan, Evan… Emilian! *Smiles really hard*

Alex: Everyone that we met during our adventure has been pleasant. Though some more than others.

Lola: Oh, come on Alex give it to me straight! I hear Megan and Alberto live together at some point!

Alex: *Alex’s lips pull into a tight line* Yes. That is correct. My Megan and Alberto shared an apartment for a short time.

Lola: Boy you sure do seem possessive with “My Megan” but they were never romantically involved… right? So no worries there! What about Morgan? She seems ditzy!

Alex: Morgan is far from ditzy. She is whimsical and smarter than most people give her credit for, if it were not for her I wouldn’t have “My Megan.” I owe her everything for bringing my love to me.

Lola: And Emilian? You guys are friends right?

Alex: I have known Emilian for a long time. Yes.

Lola: *Rolls Eyes* This is useless the only good answers I get out of you is about Megan or Morgan….*sighs* So what can we expect from you in Fate’s Design?

Alex: *Deep Sigh* *rubs the back of his neck* Emilian were friends – are friends. Things recently have become…complicated but I still trust him with my life.

Lola: Is he single? Or seeing anyone? *blushes* I am asking for the female fans of course? *looks around awkwardly*

Alex: Yes…*voice clipped and sharp* I believe he is.

Lola: *clears throat* yes to single or seeing someone? *mumbles please be single*

Alex: Single

Lola: *scribbles on note pad* Good to know! *winks* Well, Alex that’s all the questions I have do you have anything to add?

Alex: I believe that will be all for me too Ms. James. I do hope you have…enough interview material but I trust you will inform me if there is anything else I can do to help.

Lola: Thanks Alex! It’s always a pleasure to chat with you! Smooches! *blows air kiss*

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