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Dive Into Ruggable Experience With Your Whole Family!

Ruggable Flash Giveaway
Oct 15-16, 2012
Breast Cancer Awareness October Relay
Dedicated to Our Lives

Breast-Cancer-Awareness event logo

Amazing style can be achieved with simple things that bring uniqueness to your precious dwellings. Colorful additions in forms of lamps, figurines, paintings, and wall decals could truly accentuate the feel of your house to anybody who enters it.

Two women got inspired by an idea that would take them to the heights of success – Ruggable Success. Jeneva Bell and Sarah Butterbaugh put their heads and tenacity together to create a unique rug system that would be plush for the looks and easy for maintenance. Who could have thought that they were up to something so big that would become a household name in almost overnight!

Jeneva Bell and Sarah Butterbaugh, Founders of Ruggable

Jeneva Bell and Sarah Butterbaugh, Founders of Ruggable

What Ruggable has created for us is an unprecedented 2-piece rug system that can serve your needs in an exclusive way. First, any Ruggable could become a conversation piece, no matter where you “drop” it (that is the rug!). Second, Ruggable offers easy cleaning that won’t collect dust and microorganisms forever! Any time you think it’s dirty – you can give it a bath in a washing machine!

Thank you RUGGABLE for supporting this monthly campaign against Breast Cancer. Against All Cancer.

Ruggable 2 Piece Rug System Fit For Any Room
(Your Choice of Style & Color)
ruggable 2 piece system

If you wish to add style and sophistication to any room of yours, see how this amazing rug system could contribute to your healthy home environment and add a Looky-Look to your decor. With Ruggable you are covered for any spills and accidents that always happen!

Watch for yourself how this Ruggable system works!

Ruggable 2 Piece Rug System from Ruggable on Vimeo.

Thank you for stopping by this giveaway today. As part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign this month, we encourage you to take good care of yourself by making your monthly breast self-exams a priority in your life. The month of October will be over. Your happiness and health will need your attention after that as well. Please continue to take good cared of your health needs on the monthly basis.

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  1. wendi watson says:
  2. I like the Plush shag winter white and i would use it in the bedroom, to step on when I get out of bed

    Celebrate Woman Today

  3. Plush Zebra Black & White Set.. I’d use it in my daughter’s room

  4. i like the zebra butt i like the brown one tow

  5. Plush shag pink. I would love to use it in my baby’s room

  6. Plush Shag Chestnut Brown, would be nice and soft for my daughters room. Thank you!

  7. Plush shag chestnut brown for the kids room.

  8. sarah oswald says:

    i love the Plush Shag Chestnut Brown Set. what a wonderful idea. its ashame i didnt think of it first!!

  9. I like the Chandelier Sand for my home office

  10. felisa abella says:

    Celebrate woman Today – plush zebra in black and white in my living room!!

  11. I would like the Woven Essentials Red set, and I would put it in the kitchen

  12. Teresa Thompson says:

    Chandelier Espresso Set -in my kitchen.

  13. Tara Liebing says:

    I like the Plush Shag in taupe and zebra black & white

  14. i like the shag brown or pink!

  15. claudia anakaren tapia says:

    I like the Plush Shag Light Pink Set and i would put it in my daughters room

  16. I am torn between Plush Shag White or Taupe and the Chandelier Espresso rugs!

  17. I would love the zebra rug for my living room!

  18. Chandelier Espresso – great for my kitchen

  19. Plush Shag Taupe

  20. Kaci Harrison says:

    Plush shag winter white for my bathroom. How nice!!

  21. sarah banes says:

    Plush Shag Chestnut Brown

  22. Yvonne French says:

    Would love to win!!

  23. Mike Davis says:

    Chandelier Espresso– I the kitchen by the sink

  24. would love the plush shag in white

  25. Mike Davis says:

    Mike Davis says “boosting–10/16/2012”

  26. Amanda Walker says:

    I like the Plush Shag Taupe and it would go in my kids playroom because they have hardwood floors

  27. Deana Hager says:

    The diAmind espresso in the doing room…lol, that was kinda like clue…the professor in the study with a rope!

  28. I love the woven essential tan, so clean

  29. gerri dumas domicolo says:

    Plush Zebra Black & White LOVE IT!

  30. gerri dumas domicolo says:

    Plush Zebra Black & White LOVE IT! My daughters bedroom 🙂

  31. I like the woven essential

  32. trista doerfer says:
  33. Kelly Falcone says:

    I would get the Chandelier Espresso for my kitchen

  34. Lorie Weaver says:

    Zebra & diamond!!! Bedroom & dining room.

  35. sopha jones says:


  36. stephanie p says:

    I want the Plush Shag Chestnut Brown Set

  37. Sheena Mariee E says:

    I love the Chandelier Sand! iwould put it in my bedroom underneath my vanity!
    thanks for the gracious opportunity to win!

  38. I like the Plush Zebra Black & White! I think my kitties would too lol

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