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Daily Affirmation When There’s No Blue Lining

When We Are Feeling Blue And Lonely And Deeply Saddened

Without Any Blue Lining On the Horizons …

Daily Affirmation, When There's No Blue Lining

When I’m lost, when there’s no strength, no desire, no sight of a blue lining ahead – I take a moment to stay still and just Be.

Inspiration. Motivation. The Knowing of my next step in my life – where are you?

I’ll be waiting for you here, inside my heart. I pray for my heart to open wide and big to allow all the goodness of the Universe to flow in and flush out anything that has been holding me in the “stuck” mode.

All the things my heart needs to know I have it NOW, in this moment of Truth. And I can know what my next step is when I take a moment to stay still and listen to the Universe inside of me.

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