Celebrate Your Holiday Wish Giveaway Sign-Up ~ Bloggers Only ~ Event Is Full & Closed

Celebrate You Holiday Wish
Giveaway Sign-Up
Prize $300 Target Gift Card

November 11-30 , 2013
Open to US


Details For You To Know About

• Post the announcement for this event on your blog (Find the copy here) of pay the $5 fee (pay via PayPal to vivaseo@mac.com, and put your blog name if you’re paying)
• Only 1 blog per each participant
• Agree to post the html of the giveaway on time and report a link of your post to the form provided in the email
• Agree to promote at least 3 times a week posting live at your prime time of traffic on your Facebook Fan Page

Referral Prize: $50 PayPal –> A person who refers the most to this event gets this prize

Thank you to all who will be promoting this event. This Event Is Full & Closed.

If you like this Celebrate Your Holiday Wish even and would like to participate more, you’ve got many options to contribute, participate, share, and simply indulge with joy in what you see.

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  1. You can’t charge for a giveaway. This will be turned into the BBB.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      Hi Scott,
      First, we do not ever charge our fans for any types of activities, giveaways included.
      Second, this event is for bloggers’ sign-up. Each event needs to be promoted and advertised with Facebook, Google, and many other sources. That money goes towards that.
      Third, if it were your friendly and genuine inquiry into the subject out of ignorance, – it’s OK not to know how things are done, – then now you know.
      Fourth, if you came here with threats, then you will be quickly disillusioned and disarmed by your own tactics and, regretfully, by your own not-knowing.

  2. Is it too late to participate? I didn’t see the form.

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