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Amy Moving Hexabug Creates Exciting Family Time With the Buggaloop Game by Ravensburger

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Beat the Bug During the Buggaloop Game

Hurry across the yard before the Hexabug attacks! Players roll the dice and move bugs across the yard in the Buggaloop Game. Get your bugs across before the Hexabug comes out from under the “ground.” As the Hexabug roams around the yard, some may escape from getting bumped off their path. Others may get sent back to start. 

Ages 6 and up will become competitive while scurrying their bugs to safety! Taking roughly 10-15 minutes per game, 2-4 players can join in for a game full of excitement and anticipation.

Great way to improve your child’s 

  • Fine motor skills
  • Focus and concentration
  • Strategy skills
  • Cognitive function
  • Sportsmanship skills

Add Buggaloop to your child’s stocking this year. Give a gift that encourages family time!

Watch With Anticipation When the Hexabug Emerges





Hurry and Play While Hexabug Roams Under the “Yard” 




  1. This looks like a fun game.

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