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Make A Small Change In Breast Cancer Awareness Month And Beyond

Welcome! I am Laura Gontchar, The Celebrate Woman Today Network of Networks™.

October is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast-Cancer-Awareness relay
As a Woman, A Mother, A Daughter, A Sister, A Godmother, I would like each and everyone of you to do 2 Things this month.


Laura Gontchar, Celebrate Woman Today

First Thing is to implement a Small Change into your daily life.

Whether it is a small change in your daily diet to make healthier and more sensible choices – make it! It will give you more energy and nutrients to build a more responsive immune system.

Whether your small change involves those Extra 100 Steps a day – WALK for It! It will make your heart beat stronger and more vibrantly.

Or maybe your small change would be about How You Think and Reflect 0n your daily life and situations – Make that Small Change AND Start living it today!

Making a SMALL CHANGE is the FIRST thing to create a Powerful Ripple Effect throughout every area of your life. And I’d like to ask you to make such Small Changes that produce Big Results, one step at a time.

And the Second Thing I’m asking of you today is to do Breast Self-Exams This month and every month after on. It takes only a few moments of your time. But these self-exams DO SAVE LIVES. And it may be yours.

Please join me and Celebrate Woman Today Network of Networks™ in making a Difference in Our Own Lives that would affect all people around you and me.

This is a message of Courage and Encouragement. We remember all those who left us with the Memories of Love, Friendship, And Determination.

#StandStrong With Me during this October Breast Cancer Awareness Relay.

Join Celebrate Woman Today Network of Networks™ in A Powerful Message of Love, And Health, And Joyful Living.

ILLUMINATE. ENCOURAGE. SHINE! – Alienta, Incentiva, Brilla!

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by Laura Gontchar 


  1. My small change is to drink more water.

  2. Angela Erving Busker says:

    Cut out soda and moderation with sweets

  3. do something physical every day. even if it’s just making an extra trip up and down the stairs!

  4. Elizabeth C says:

    I am going to try very hard to drink more exercize. It will not kill me. Just the opposite! Thnx! E

  5. I want to start juicing!

  6. Jessie C. says:

    Less dessert for me !

  7. Renee Addison-Hutchinson says:

    My change would be to eat healthier.

  8. Sandra Crispo says:

    recently found out from scan I have osteoporosis (thinning of bones) and need to take a new medication and be more active to keep bones healthier, so will spend less time sitting around and exercise more!

  9. To walk more

  10. erica weaver says:

    stay on my strick portion controlled diet

  11. Jennifer Seymour says:

    As a 1 year survivor, I will eat better & exercise more

  12. I would try to eat healthier.

  13. I would walk everyday since I just got gastric bypass surgery in September.

  14. mary fanara coleman says:

    My committment would be to quit smoking and take care of my health.

  15. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I have been making small changes in my diet and my lifestyle for the past few years that, looking back, have made amazingly big differences. Though I have already reduced sugar some,my next step is other small changes—substituting honey or dates–to cut back on even more sugar. Sweets are my real weakness.

  16. I have been looking into these and want one so bad for making plantain chips. This sure looks like it would save some knuckles and ends of fingers… Thanks for participating, and again, I do not have a smart phone or I phone or any of the stuff needed to utilize Instagram. If I am being excluded due to being unable to confirm those things, I will stop filling these things out and being disappointed. Too, do the people you all are having us add know they are being put on due to these give aways? I get many people wanting to verify me thru true twit, and can’t figure out how to utilize that either.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      HI Cypriania,
      The only mandatory entry for all of our giveaways is a Comment under the post for the prize you are entering.
      Make sure you comment under that post and not under anything else!
      Thank you,

  17. Drink more water, and start exercising more.

  18. Shayndy Abrahamson says:

    Eat more balanced meals

  19. My goal this month is to walk to kids school atleast 3 times a week. Thats over 3 miles round trip! yeah! so far loving it!

  20. I will continue my workout that I have recently begun.

  21. Eat more fruits and veggies

  22. abedabun dawn says:

    I will continue to get my yearly check ups at my dr. And the only candy I will eat will be chocolate.

  23. shirley-ann says:

    to eat more and better. to walk more

  24. I have gone from approx. 2 packs of cigs a day to less than 1. I bought Mistic ecigs to help me out, and I “smoke” it less than I did cigs.

  25. Renee Addison-Hutchinson says:

    I got to work on my carbs.

  26. Will be doing more exercise than I have been!

  27. drink more water…… i would say eat less but i am a disabled widow whose food benefits were just cut down to $82.00 a month. So eating to much definitely will not be a problem.

  28. Nikki Wooton says:

    Exercise and drink more water.

  29. Joyce Raymond says:

    My Mom died from Breast Cancer, after recovering about 80% from a cerebral hemorrhage. I remember when the pink ribbon campaign started, and getting annoyed when other causes started using it also. I felt that it would take some of the “punch” (and funds) away from the breast cancer issue.

  30. wendi watson says:

    i gave up diet pop due to the aspartame

  31. Ivory Hudson says:

    Just eat healthier and exercise!

  32. Eat healthier.

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