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Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October – Join In

Breast Cancer And Any Cancer Awareness Month of October

Join Us With Your Stories When We Celebrate
A Joyful Coming Together In How To Stay Well

October is the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year we join in our efforts and thoughts to remember those who passed away from this devastating bodily ailment, and to celebrate our strength to continue on the path of finding a cure and supporting those who are going through their battle with cancer.

We are celebrating this time because it gives us all a powerful thing we have in common – an ability to connect with each other on a human emotional level. 

Would you like to join in this celebration of the awareness with your message, sharing your own stories, happy and sad, in the Month of October?

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This is the time within a year when we talk about breast cancer: its prevention, the understanding of the symptoms, how people cope with emotional and physical sides of this devastating disease, and many ways that each one of us can contribute to our own well-being.

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer affecting women in this country. The fact is that millions of women survive thanks to early detection. And the early detection in many cases is our monthly breast self-exam. Making it a regular thing in our lives can make a huge difference. Wait not for anything. Postpone not your self examination of the body part that we identify with as women. Treat your breasts with love and respect – give them a once-a-month self-exam!

Another small thing we can do for our own well-being is always be on the path of learning and reading up on health issues, on what can be done to make our lives more vibrant as we grow in age. Whether we want it or not, the bodies change with us as we age. The better we know our bodies, the more aware we are of any small change in them.

Here are some resources for you to explore and stay tuned in with your body, mind, soul.

Test Your Breast Cancer IQ
Diet Facts We May Not Know About
Vigorous Physical Exercise: Good Or Not?
Vitamins, Minerals, Fish Oil Supplements Facts
Lowering the Breast Cancer Risks
7 Things To Know About Getting A Mammogram
Find Cancer Early (great resource for any type of cancer detection)
Programs & Services for People with Breast Cancer (you will be able to pin point local resources)

Let’s Celebrate This Breast Cancer Awareness Month Together!
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We will be tracking the campaign in October and will share our reach and interaction with you. Please feel free to email Celebrate Woman Today with your questions.




  1. Stacy Bennett says:

    I’m glad that there is such a large breast cancer awareness movement! My great-grandmother had breast cancer, so I make sure to check myself since it runs in the family!

  2. Nancy Burgess says:

    Breast cancer awareness is important.

  3. Christina Sanders says:

    Always important and I am so glad that we always have awareness month every yer in october

  4. It’s important to be aware of yearly screenings. It can be easy to forget about regular checkups.

  5. Nancy Burgess says:

    It’s great that there is so much breast cancer awareness now.People need to know the facts.

  6. Very important! Spread the word!

  7. John Smith says:

    It’s great that people take care of their health.

  8. I never remember to get a checkup. I don’t recall at what age you don’t need a yearly test.

  9. Paula Adams says:

    In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I just had my annual mammogram two days ago! So I’m good for another year. After a good friend recovered from breast cancer several years ago, I’m very diligent about getting my annual check-up.

  10. Loving the pink wave sweeping the country it’s awesome.

  11. Paula Adams says:

    Everyone should remind all your family and friends to get their annual mammograms. Sometimes people get busy and procrastinate, so prompt your loved ones to make their appointments today!

  12. katie bellamy says:

    Definitely will be celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know more than a few survivors!

  13. I used to be good about my yearly mamogram. It is important. People also forget that men too can develop breast cancer.

  14. Paula Adams says:

    Annual mammography check-ups are so important. Let’s all commit to getting our friends and family to schedule theirs today!

  15. Such a worthy cause and gets women to come out for mammo

  16. Haley Cook says:

    Breast Cancer Awareness is so important. This is such a great cause and will convince women to get checked out.

  17. Paula Adams says:

    If you haven’t had your mammogram this past year, call TODAY to make your appointment! Check-ups save lives!

  18. betty league says:

    Awesome! to have a large breast cancer awareness movement! Breast Cancer has touched so many families…so it is great to inspire people to keep up with their appointments and the latest treatments for it ! thanks

  19. Hey if you all have a chance check out the breast cancer awareness giveaway hop.

  20. DENISE LOW says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is so very important to our family.

  21. I’m so happy to see the support and everyone remembering their loved ones

  22. rebecca s says:

    Cancer is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone so I’m glad whenever someone is able to receive treatment and recover.

  23. There’s so many things awareness and prevention programs can do to help

  24. Awareness month is a great idea! We can help to raise awareness and funds to help

  25. Gabrielly says:

    I’m glad that there is such a large breast cancer awareness movement.

  26. Teresa Organ says:

    Breast Cancer Awareness is very important.

  27. This info is so important to women,especially those who are affected by this disease

  28. Breast Cancer Awareness is so important. The people going through it are so strong and courageous. I am a 2x cancer survivor and it is so scary to go through. My thoughts and prayers are with them always.

  29. Gabrielly says:

    Breast cancer awareness is important.

  30. Such a worthy life saving cause to be involved with,wonderful caring and compassion

  31. i have to have mamogroam done every year have family died in aug and my sunt did not know she had it

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