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Best Stocking Stuffers For Men And Teen Boys #GuyGifts

2016 disclosureWhat would be your Best Holiday Stuffers to please your men – grown up and in their teens – this season? You will be amazed how easy it is when it comes to making thoughtful gifts that are USEFUL! And by “useful” we mean being used on the regular basis. Many men and teen boys would truly appreciate your effort to supply them with the gifts that are practical and make them look and smell good. Old Spice can truly give it to them!

Old Spice With New Look And Smell

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys

All men in our household love to keep their hair in unique ways. All boys use hair gels and sprays to form peaks and spikes and keep their hair where it’s supposed to be. To give our men more variety in product, Old Spice will be a nice stocking stuffer gift for every single one of them!

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys

Old Spice RICHOCHET – Fiber Wax

Please don’t be alarmed by how this product is labeled! It simply reflects its ability to hold a hair do all day long, yet being flexible enough to shape the hair into something completely new, if needed. From one beautiful hair mold into another – Richochet indeed!

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys

Old Spice POMADE

The Pomade works  nice to create a clean, smooth look. Your boys would love it for a school look or a party. Having a medium hold, this product will work nicely with any type of styling. Restyling is an easy one, two, three with this Old Spice hair care product.

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys

Old Spice Forge PUTTY

If your boys would love to create a more stable hair do, they gotta try Old Spice Forge Putty! It creates a matte finish and holds any unruly hair that is hard to style and shape. It will take a few times of trial and error to figure out how much product to use. Yet at the end, your boys will like the final result.

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys


Don’t you love that messy hair look that our teenagers do on purpose?! It is a hard work to make the hair look just right for a messy look. With Old Spice Unruly Texturized  Paste, your boys will get that fashionable messy hair effect to mesmerize the rest of the world with how awesome it looks. This product has a medium hold allowing your fashionable one to recreate his style in no time.

With the Forming Creme, the hair will receive final touch-ups for a casual look. This creme works like serum for us, women. Just a tid bit goes a long way. And you can reapply it during the day to get a sleek nice look.

Old Spice Hair Care for Men and Teen Boys

Spend this season visiting your friends and family, enjoying your favorite movies and theater plays, reading a book or having a cup of tea or coffee with your friends. Holiday gifting is not that difficult. Not at all! Leave stress out of your holiday spirit and focus what is important – time spent with the loved ones. And yes, take your precious 5 minutes for yourself, too, to renew thyself and celebrate to the fullest. 

Amazingly practical and beautiful gifts like Old Spice collection will definitely be used and thanked for by those who shall receive it this year!

Happy Holidays And More Joy To You

In Your Gifting Process!


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