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Can Inspiration Come From Trash?

Well, it’s a little bit of a drastic question to ask. However, there’s a lot of truth in a saying that some people’s trash is someone’s treasure.

Striving to live an eco balanced and green life, I am always in search of the Different, Distinct, and Inspiring.

bag inspiration handbags

Some say it’s impossible to live green and have what you need and want from life. I would say once you make it a habit – it IS your lifestyle. No matter what you do, you will be seeking and searching for solutions that are truly eco-friendly to you and our planet at large.

And I have a gazillion examples to share here. Today, I would love to present you two women who are mothers and fashionistas themselves. Their creative idea took them on the road of success and succeeding in bringing to us, women, amazingly eco-friendly purses, wallets, handbags and more within this genre!

Michelle Larson, Stefanie Kushner

Michelle Larson And Stefanie Kushner, Founders of Bag Inspiration

Please welcome Michelle Larson and Stefanie Kushner, the owners of BagInspiration. Two moms and ardent supporters of everything organic and fair trade.

I am always mesmerized by women who take their ideas and have the tenacity and patience to implement them into life. Such examples are inspiring and encouraging. This case about these two luminous women-friends who once bought stylish handbags made out of candy wrappers and recycled billboards demonstrates once again that anything is possible.

What Michelle and Stefanie did, was bringing eco handbags – any type of bags – into one market place. They called it BagInspiration.

Waterproof Bag-Mosaic-PinkDragonFly

Waterproof Bag Mosaic Pattern

Inspiration that motivated others to create astounding Fashionable handbags that in turn would motivate and inspire others.

The idea so powerful, that many companies who create those eco-friendly products saw a potential for themselves. They jumped at the chance to offer their brands to be featured over at BagInspiration.

With such cooperation, everyone wins. Manufacturers, sellers, consumers. Our planet wins in a big way. BagInspiration Way!   

Michelle and Stefanie, thank you from all of us for making our lives easier by bringing so many exclusive brands of handbags into one very happy place online – BagInspiration. And mostly, thank you for this bright and encouraging example of your success. This energy is contagious. It rubs off and pushes us out of the comfort zone to go, to do, to achieve.

So, to answer the question raised at the beginning, whether it is possible to make something beautiful out of something that is considered to be trash – my answer to it is “Absolutely!”

What Is Your Big Idea Today?

NB: We are holding a mega campaign with the prizes from Bag Inspiration. You are invited to join this celebration that starts October 3, 2012, at 6 pm Eastern Time. Here’s a link to the giveaway that will go live on time here.


  1. Very neat! Love it!

  2. That’s awesome!! Not something I’d have thought of… like ever! 😉