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Just Pretend KIDS Has Something Perfect For YOUR Busy Little Bee

Variety Costumes At Just Pretend KIDS Each child is so unique. That’s what makes the world go round! Just Pretend KIDS has costumes that will match your child’s personality to a T. Well, my little girl loves to be a princess as most little girls do; however, she has a little bit of a different [Read More]

Add Some Real Magic To Your Child’s Everyday Life. Baby Magic Is #MyWOWgift For 65 Years

Baby Magic Celebrates 65 years One of the 1st Brands Ever To Feature Expectant Mothers In Their Ads Celebrating And Applauding the Baby Magic Products Today With time when the value of a human life is celebrated in many more ways and in step with the modern concepts and cultural settings, the companies and brands [Read More]

Train Your Children’s Eyes With Star Wars I FOUND IT Game

Being Observant Is A Hard Trait To Teach. I FOUND IT Game Does the Training For You Do you want your children’s eyes to be trained to be MORE OBSERVANT of the things around them? I find that VERY important. Training your child to notice their surroundings will not only help keep them safe, but [Read More]

Amy Moving Hexabug Creates Exciting Family Time With the Buggaloop Game by Ravensburger

Beat the Bug During the Buggaloop Game Hurry across the yard before the Hexabug attacks! Players roll the dice and move bugs across the yard in the Buggaloop Game. Get your bugs across before the Hexabug comes out from under the “ground.” As the Hexabug roams around the yard, some may escape from getting bumped off [Read More]

Disney’s Finding Dory Imagicademy Bubble Science Kit Makes Science FUN

Explore Science While Having Fun With Disney’s Finding Dory Imagicademy Bubble Science Kit Learning can be fun for children, but especially when they are getting to blow big bubbles in the process! Perfect for elementary school ages, your child will find enjoyment in learning all about surface tension, elasticity, air pressure and diffusion.  My son [Read More]

10 Great Reasons to Purchase MIUCOLOR Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier #MyWOWGift

 MIUCOLOR Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier Promotes Health and Saves Money Essential oils are far more than just a fad. As awareness becomes much higher of the great benefits essential oils provide, more and more homes are using diffusers to cut costs and naturally increase their health. Looking for ways to get essential oils into the bloodstream? MIUCOLOR Aromatherapy [Read More]

“I Can Do That” Game By Marvel Gets Kids Active

“I Can Do That” Game Presenting Marvel Characters Motivates Kids to Move Self Confidence, Exercise, and Entertainment all packed into one action-packed Superhero game! See who can complete the most challenges to win “I Can Do That.” Spinning, jumping, throwing and so much more will have you and your kids laughing uncontrollably together. Choose 3 [Read More]