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Affirmation for You And The World #UnDiet Your Spirit

Daily Affirmation To Brighten Your Life

Hearing how precious and fragile life is – one thing. Truly feel the reverberation if this notion inside is quite moving and … Life changing.

You see, when we allow ourselves to stop and just be, listening to the knowing that brews inside of us – the magic takes over and guides us through.

The quiet place we can go to any time of the day, in any season of our lives holds the key to more peace. When visiting this magical place often enough, we begin to feel the alignment with All that is us, the Universe, the Truth.

And with peace that is the beginning of the magic you can live your life, you can truly start to vibrate on the same frequencies which are of love and compassion. That’s when any notion of fragility disappears as it is known in the world that knows time.

You become One with All that is eternal and holds the magic for you to partake in each and every moment of life. Open your mind to allow this all to flow inside of you.

Affirmation You Become One With World


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