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About My Mission

Celebrate Woman Today
by Laura Gontchar

laura celebrate woman today

Laura Gontchar Blogs At www.CelebrateWomanToday.com

Women are heroes. They have always been heroes.

Being heroes, they hide their identity behind the costumes of everyday life. Hidden from view, doing daily deeds unseen by others, they allow others to shine – the bosses, the kids, the men, the parents, the friends in their lives.

Women do extraordinary things so often, we think it is ordinary. They shape the world in every way they can, to make it kinder, softer, more compassionate. More beautiful.

But it is a world they do not control. Over recent generations they have wrested spaces for themselves, for the ones they love, for the work they do, to give them greater control over their lives.

Yet, it is often an unkind world for women. One that constantly challenges them with lower pay than men, longer family hours than men, less voice in the affairs of their organizations, communities, and nations – many forcefully telling them what they can, and cannot, do with their bodies. The threat that they may lose all they have gained this past half century is ever present. Still they labor on, quiet, unsung heroes doing extraordinary feats to make their portion of the world a better place – if not for themselves, at least for their children.

In these difficult, tumultuous times, when men are thrown out of work, or off to war, or underemployed, sometimes absent as fathers, it is the cadre of women who have moved into the breach to become primary bread winners. Paid less than three quarters that of men doing the same jobs, still they retain the overtime duties of homemakers, mothers, wives, caregivers to parents, patient friend, and still expected to be expressionate lovers.

How do they do it all? How can they? When is their time for themselves? Where is the space for them to be who they are, who they want to be? Whom they intended to be before life intervened and changed their course forever?

Heroes have a way of surviving, and if not thriving, at least they bear it all with dignity. And before they go to sleep exhausted at night, they give a wink to a tomorrow when maybe they can find a little place to experience their personal selves – to express themselves as their own original being, and not just live out a role defined by need, history, convention, and outside expectations.

It is time, is it not, for all to celebrate women? Or, barring well-deserved applause, at least for women to celebrate women? For women to celebrate their individual self? If you don’t do it, who will? If no one else is going to give you richly deserved applause, you must do it for yourself. Nourishing your soul grows your power to nourish others.   

As Celebrate Woman Today grows, and evolves, and sharpens its focus, I want to provide for you what I need myself: Support, motivation, inspiration, surprise, and a true sense of community – valued others with whom to share the precious and fleeting moments of life.

I have been blessed, these many years with my blog, to have met exceptional women who do quite exceptional things. I am blessed to have been inspired by women who say they are ordinary but have reached – however briefly – into my life and expanded my horizons and lifted my spirit.

I want to pass on to you the compassion, the beauty I see in the spirits of women who write to me each day. To share with you the bright and colorful women that motivate me. To place on a pedestal those who have persevered and won, and gave us all the knowledge that we belong on our own special pedestal too.

My mission is to revive and enliven the connective tissue that ties us – all women – together. To broaden the pallets of our lives. To freshen the acute emotions that lie not far from the surface of our hearts. Remembering what it was that set us forth in life within our deepest soul yearning.

Celebrating the woman in you – supporting you in pursuing your dreams – acknowledging who you are TODAY, recognizing your path, and celebrating you living your daily life. By finding the joyful support of each other – great products, fantastic deals, challenging ideas, empowering tools, demystifying neglected subjects, rejuvenating spirituality and sensuality – to provide nourishing amniotic fluid we can all swim within together.

I would like you to come here daily for a portion of inspiration. To celebrate something special in others so that you can see there is something very special to celebrate in you. To be a cheerleader, to celebrate your daily hero quest. To join with you – that by seeing and celebrating the hero-women in others, you sense more fully, more powerfully, the true hero that resides in you.

Women are heroes. We know that. Even though few see it. But we sense that greatness in ourselves. We feel it vibrating in others. We choose to embrace the beautiful calling, the incredible gift of womanhood at this point in time – acknowledging we all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before, and with great difficulty blazed a path so that all women can choose the lives they want to lead.

Let us celebrate the great gift of life that it is to be a woman today.

Thank you for allowing me to share my blog with you.

Laura Gontchar
Celebrate Woman Today

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  71. Great comments about the power of women without needing to be in the spotlight. That definition of heroes is congruent with my belief. Thanks for putting it into words.

  72. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually
    know what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked.
    Please additionally consult with my site =). We may have a link exchange
    contract among us

  73. Worlwide women have the power to change any situation, let´s celebrate our streng, intelligence and joy to live every day!
    Greetings from Italy and happy to be part of this Women Celebration!
    Lilia Vanini

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