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5 Reasons You Need A Digital Kitchen Scale

You may think you can do without a kitchen digital scale these days. And you may be right. I can cook and prep our family meals without using the scale. The point I’ll be making in this post is much more reaching and takes a different angle of view – using something that is underused in a new capacity.

That new capacity is our educational process that happens at home. With children who spend their most time at school – unless you homeschool them, – it can be challenging to find more of child-to-parent and family time. Yet using tools – like this kitchen scale – we can build something that is lasting and so gratifying – our relationships with out children. Here’s what we’ve been using in our home by utilizing the underused tools like these Ozeri digital kitchen scale.

ozeri digital kitchen scale

Get Your Children Involved in Meal Preparation

Growing up, it was a natural way for us, kids, to watch our mom and grandmothers made meals for us. Be it lunch or dinner or breakfast, we were there, in the kitchen, watching what was going on. How to cook was caught, not really was taught to us. 

In this digital age, when kids are gravitating to computers and more of screen time, it would be a great way to incorporate digital technologies – like a kitchen scale, – into a fun way to be involved in meal prep.

ozeri digital kitchen scale

Allow your kids to measure ingredients, weigh and separate them – very important activities that will be taught in a natural stream of doing things with a fun element. When they combine their personal experience that is charged with emotion and feeling – and cooking IS an emotional and joyful process, – they will remember better what they’ve done, probably for the rest of their lives.

ozeri digital kitchen scale

When we cook in our kitchen, our children are using different tools and kitchen gadgets in the recipes. Cool digital kitchen scale can become their favorite of all – no exaggeration! Don’t be afraid that the kids will break it. They won’t! 

• Weighs up to 18 lbs (8kg 200 g)
• High contrast LED screen
• Adjusts container weight, thus allowing for proper ingredient measuring

And the cleaning is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ozeri digital kitchen scale

Here are the precious 5 Reasons why digital kitchen scale can make a huge difference in our children’s lives. And when their lives are happy and successful – wow, we really wish nothing, but that.

#1 Reason – Creates & Builds Relationships

#2 Reason – Shows Practical Usage of Numbers 

#3 Reason – Simplifies A 3-D Concept in Their Brain and Minds

#4 Reason – Develops Mental Coordination & Flexibility

#5 Reason – Builds Confidence 

Investing into your kitchen gadgets and utensils can be directly linked to your children’s success at school and in life at large. This is just one way of looking at how simple kitchen tools can make our family life more fulfilling and joyful. GO KITCHEN DIGITAL SCALE!

ozeri digital kitchen scale

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  1. I do have digital scales and I’ve never realized what a great tool this was to help kids learn and to get them involved with meal prep. The next time the grandkids are over, I’m going to use some of your tips.

  2. Yes! I so need one of those, I could see how a digital kitchen scale would help make my life easier. I am going to see about buying one soon!

  3. I have a digital scale and probably need to get it out. I have found that it was more of a bother initially. Then when I did use it I noticed a difference in my recipes. So, time to wipe off the digital scale. for the kitchen.

  4. This actually seems so useful now that I read through it! Perhaps I should go buy one. Thanks for sharing – never thought about it before!

  5. We have a digital kitchen scale. It can really make a difference in recipes when you are baking.

  6. I need a good scale. My last kitchen scale broke and I have yet to replace it.

  7. I never had a kitchen scale, but I’ve been thinking about getting one. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think getting one would make sticking to a diet a lot easier.

  8. I think you have some good points. I wish we had one when my kids were little. I think it helps you visualize portions much easier.

  9. This is a great tool! Would definitely help me with my main issue. Portion control!

  10. This is one kitchen gadget that I have yet to purchase. Mainly because I don’t think I would use it. Now I realize that it would be great in the kitchen, especially when cooking with kids.

  11. I don’t have a digital kitchen scale as of yet. I can see now that I need to make a purchase for one. I didn’t realize how valuable they could be.

  12. I’ve always wanted to own a digital kitchen scale. It would be great for portion serving. My sister has one but I know she really needs it because she bakes all those goodies in her kitchen. Thanks for the review and yes, I am now convinced I NEED a digital kitchen scale.

  13. I love my kitchen scale! I know I use mine mainly for portions it’s great to know how much exactly you are eating.

  14. Yes, I need one! That’s how you really make the numbers right, and this goes hand in hand with storage as well. Pretty much everything you listed!

  15. CourtneyLynne says:

    I do a lot of cooking so a cooking scale is something I have handy. A must have for anyone who cooks.

  16. We have a scale in your kitchen but it isn’t digital or nearly as nice as that one!

  17. We have a digital scale in the kitchen but it’s a single unit and quite small.
    It works, but not that well that’s for sure!
    I never saw the value in a food scale until a couple of years ago. I have ruined many recipes simply because I used too much of one ingredient so they are totally worth ti!

  18. I have that and I love it! It is a must in the kitchen especially when you love to bake or making a dish that needs specific ingredients that need to be weighed.

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