Smoking Has Many Colors And Many Outcomes

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Stop Smoking For Good. You Are Not Alone In This Process (Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos)

Which outcome is yours? Do you know your possible outcomes at all?

When I was growing up, seeing people smoking was a norm. Very weird sounding truth. Yet, still  a hard fact of reality.

Growing up in the family full of physicians and surgeons, I wasn’t exposed to smoke. I never smoked in my life. I never had any urge to start smoking. My peers didn’t smoke.

My personal situation is very unique. Everything sounds like by the book. I did not, I would not, I never did smoke.

In real life, smoking is so prevalent. The peer pressure is dominating. Young kids do start testing their abilities to hold a cigarette and be “like everyone else” around them. All for the very important reason: To Express Themselves. To show the world and themselves that they are being accepted and valued.

Obviously the wrong way to express yourself. But when there’s not enough support and nurturing around, anything can, and it does, slip into a different reality of influence. Sometimes such influences are negative like smoking or drinking or drugs.

The basic negative effects of smoking are known to almost anyone. You can expect such side effects like greying of your skin, yellowing of your teeth, constant stench of your body and clothes you wear. But these are just physical attributions of smoking.

Check out these side effects from smoking that interfere with your inner health and well-being:

  • Heart Attack, Stroke, Limbs Amputation due to poor circulation and weakening of the membranes of blood vessels
  • Emphysema that is usually accompanied by bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses – all due to inability of the lungs to get rid of toxins and being literally trashed with chemicals, dust, and  tar
  • Lung Cancer or even cancer of other organs
  • Spontaneous abortion in pregnant women, and high risk of low birth weight accompanied by a myriad of diseases that a mom “gifted” to the unborn child while in the womb

Interestingly, smokers do know the side effects of smoking. Yet, they are still unwilling and unable to break their addiction.

It is tough. It is rough. But ask yourself a question without any harsh judgement at all, “Do I want to be Free once again?”

Do know, it is a real thing to live a cool life without a daily cigarette glowing on the edge of your mouth.

Do know that there are people, groups, organizations that do care about you and your happy living without smoking.

It is hard to believe. But if you are not a believer, check out yourself that quitting smoking is a real and possible alternative to cigarettes.

Why do I care?

Because in this world, in this life we are all ONE. We are all connected by invisible reactions and actions. And if you see this post, do know that you are not judged or reprimanded.

Instead, see it as my hand of support for your mission that you can accomplish and Not being alone.

Stop smoking for good. Start doing it now.

Celebrate Your Decision Today!


Stop Smoking For Good! (Image Courtesy: freedigitalphotos)

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  1. I love that you are honest and open. It is a personal opinion but it is great you are willing to put it out there. I totally agree, I don’t want to breathe it in!

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