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Giveaway Winners as of June 5, 2012


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Kindle Fire 5/24
#157760 Regina M.

What Women Want 5/25
#103517 Micehlle S.

Summer Splash: what’sUrBag 5/27
#3368 April Harvell

Fate’s Design Prizes: Nook, Silver Love Knot Necklace, Ebook fo Fate’s Design 5/31
#20186 Sandy S.
#18025 Debbie J.
#50457 Kristi F.

Softcup Prize Pack 5/31
#605 Gretchen G.

VaseOff! 6/1
Kelly Bejelly


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  1. Mami2jcn says:

    Did you choose the Vase-off challenge winner?

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