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Feb 25 – Mar 4, 2013
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Every woman has her own birth story to share. Some stories are full of happiness and ease of giving birth to a child. Some are filled with pain and challenge and months, if not years of rehabilitation and follow-ups with doctors of all kinds. But whatever  your story is – it IS a story of love for your child.

Five years ago, my baby was born. The months leading to his birth were filled with some interesting and challenging moments. He had a twin who did not make it to his full birth date. The baby was gone. First, it was numbness, sadness. Then it was determination to make sure my second baby would make it all right.

When on a sunny wintery day my baby boy was born, we thought he made it. He is here with us. Let’s celebrate these happy moments. Only to realize that he was taken away from me almost immediately as he stopped breathing.

After having a gazillion tests it was determined the baby had a huge inflammation in his blood due to some unknown reasons. That’s when a real challenge began: Giving time and again a permission to the medical personnel to perform test after test after test to determine the root of the condition. After signing a ton of papers, basically saying that if something happens to your baby you agreed to it, my soul was so tired, so worn and felt so wasted that my husband and I decided to take our baby home.

After almost a month at the hospital and no definitive answers to what was really happening to the baby, we took the biggest responsibility to take our baby home.

I was so happy to hold my boy in my arms. He was tired, too, after 24/7 of antibiotics pumping into his blood stream for how many weeks?

We never regretted we made that decision to walk away from the hospital with our baby. He started to thrive almost immediately. He was doing so fine. He was like any other baby.

Today he is 5-years-old. He loves his super heroes and dance. He is everything we could ever have in him.

We are celebrating him every day of our lives.

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by Laura Gontchar


  1. I think the Dainty Blossoms Dress & Leggings set is adorable.

  2. I like the Drop Anchor Coverall. Very cute for my son.
    Ross Olson

  3. Nikki Vogler says:

    I love your story!!! Thanks for sharing and for giving us a chance to win something nice for our loved one! Hugs and God Bless to you all!!!!

  4. colleen boudreau says:

    I like the Tunic with Capri Set- Polka Dot outfit.

  5. I would love to get the Swim Rash Guard Shirt – Orange Octopus and matching shorts so my son will be ready for the beach this summer.

  6. alena svetelska says:

    Dainty Blossoms Dress and Leggings Set

  7. My son stopped breathing after his birth too, it was terrifying. Thank goodness he was fine, he just still had some fluid in his lungs so we just had to keep an eye on him.

  8. Wow that is bizarre. I don’t know how I would’ve handled that situation. Sometimes as parents, you just know the right thing to do.

  9. laurie nykaza says:

    I love the Dainty Blossoms Dress! When having my 2nd child my husband fainted while filming and missed the very moment my daughter let out her first cry. All you could see was a pic of the ceiling in the room. You could hear the nurses saying to help him grab him but I still miss seeing her first moments but still feel so sorry for him too.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      It is funny and yet it is so feeling that your hubby had this faint moment. I am so glad he didn’t hurt himself!
      Oh, your memories will stay with you forever.
      Loved your sharing! Thank you.

  10. Aimee Wilson says:

    I love it all! The cutest was the blosso.s dress with legings. The floral print

  11. Emilie Metzinger says:

    I love all their nautical preppy looks. I especially like the outfits with prep shook like jacket and cute shirt and jeans. Just wish they had clothes for my 3 year old boy. But would love some springtime outfits for my 1 year old boy.

  12. william saylor says:

    I love the Nautical Roses 4 Piece Take Me Home Outfit

  13. I like Shirt and Short Set- Khaki Sail

  14. Tropical floral dress.

  15. Michelle Perez says:

    Someone I know just had her second baby pass from a set of quads delivered in December. I could never imagine losing a babe even if I never knew them.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      It is hard, not matter at was stage a woman loses her baby. The grieving process is complex. Some have a very extended time of grieving that blocks all things living and affecting the whole family life.
      Imagining it hard. Living through it even makes it truly real.
      Thank you for being my amazing Audience!

  16. Kara Marks says:

    It sounds like you had a very challenging time–thanks for sharing your story of your special little boy.

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      That was a learning experience for me as well.
      My boy is a sunshine. I remind myself every day that Only Love Remains.
      Thank you for being my trusted Audience.

  17. Tiffane Sloan says:

    Sorry for your loss I know it must have been hard losing one of your children. I am happy your son made it and was a fighter. You really do have something to celebrate everyday 🙂

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      It was numbing to get focused on a healthy baby within at that time. But I had to make this decision consciously and go thru the whole process.
      I am happy to have my boy and enjoying his progress in life every day.
      Never stopping to be mesmerized by how children grow, learn, perceive and express their LOVE.
      Thank you for being my wonderful and trusted Audience!

  18. I am so sorry you lost a twin- I honestly cannot imagine your pain mixed with joy of your new son at the same time!

    • Celebrate Woman says:

      The feeling when he was born was like “Oh, what is it that I am feeling now?”
      When the doctors took him away almost immediately, I felt so much connection to that baby, I cannot even describe it, only feel.
      Today, we are doing things together, learning things together, now he’s learning how to read in 2 languages.
      It is a magical experience to participate in his Life.
      Thank you for being my amazing Fan and Audience.

  19. Caitlan Meador says:

    My children are a blessing to me, even on the hard days! I didn’t know if I would be able to have children because I have PCOS, but I have been blessed with 2 amazing little boys that I love with all my heart 🙂

  20. Lily Kwan says:

    Great photo! Glad everything turned out okay. =)

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