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Want To Be Memorable? JORD Wood Watch Is The Way To Go!

Keep Your Time. Celebrate JORD. Wood Watches for Men and Women Watches are a very special breed when it comes to women's and men's accessories. When we wear something unique, something that … [Read More]

#RecipeIdeas To Live For!

Chicken Salad with Wonderful HALOS

Chicken Salad with Wonderful HALOS Prepping recipes with the in-season ingredients is something that we, as human beings, should take advantage of. Nature has instilled into our genome the ability to vibrate with the plants that produce their fruits that are food for us. Eating “in season” could become one of our powerful ways on the [Read More]

Bell Peppers Stuffed With Quinoa

5 bell peppers, your choice of color 1 tablespoon Organic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed 3 tablespoons 100% Organic Onion Flakes 1 teaspoon Organic 100% Organic Garlic Powder 1 pound lean ground tofu (or use chicken or turkey) 1 cup Organic Quinoa, cooked 1 can Diced Tomatoes with Basil 1 teaspoon Organic Oregano Flakes [Read More]

Slow Cooker Lazy Cabbage Rolls Recipe aka Golomki #12DaysOf #RecipeIdeas

DAY 6 Of 12 Days of Slow Cooker Recipes The awesome #12DaysOf Slow Cooker Marathon is back this season! We will be sharing 12 recipes you can make in your slow cooker. The weather is changing and we are all a little busier – then why not throw a dinner in your slow cooker to [Read More]

Eat In Season – Fresh Pear Nachos Inspired by Fresh Market

Celebrate Fresh Pear Nachos Eat in season and celebrate your cravings, too! Red and green pears present such a fresh taste and a bounty of vitamins, fiber, and phytonutrients. Drizzle a bit with your favorites like Caramel and Chocolate Sauce – and voila! Use Organic options for pears and your sweet tooth enhancements, i.e., caramels [Read More]

Valentine’s Strawberry Rice Krispies Treats To Take Your Guests by Storm! #12DaysOf #RecipeIdeas

Day 2 with Strawberry Rice Krispies Celebrate With #12DaysOf Valentine’s Day Ideas Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we all are celebrating and proclaiming our feelings and thoughts towards our loved ones. Be it our family member, your significant other, your children, your parents – LOVE knows no boundaries and has different tastes. Grab your [Read More]

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Use Shiatsu Massager To Work Productively And Live With Less Stress

Shiatsu Massager Giveaway June 29 - July 8, 2016 Open to USA Are you looking for more ways to relieve your sore muscles in your neck, back, and even in your quads and triceps? Give a try to a Shiatsu Massager that gets down deep through the muscle tissue and brings relief with each massaging session. All done with this portable mechanism that sits in a tote and … [Read More]

Win A Mystery Box Filled With Goodies!

Mystery Box Giveaway June 29 - July 9, 2016 Open to USA Mystery box can be a huge surprise for someone who wins it. Bursting with some amazing products that you can easily use yourself or gift to someone else. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Mom Does Reviews Featured by CELEBRATE WOMAN TODAY Curious what's inside this mystery box? Here's a … [Read More]

WIN PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Set – A SUPER Fun Set for Summer Play

PLAYMOBIL Water Park Giveaway June 29 - July 10, 2016 Open to USA If you know PLAYMOBIL, you do know how much fun a child can have from arranging and putting together different parts into some interesting structures. This summer-themed set would bring a great joy to your children to play and think creatively. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by … [Read More]

Protect Your Hair With Biotera Products

Biotera Hair Care Giveaway June 7 - July 6, 2016 Open to USA Whether it is Summer or Winter, our hair calls attention to take all that styling and hair care routine we submit it to! No matter what we do daily, our hair needs to be washed off the product and dirt it collects from the outside environment on the regular basis. Biotera hair care line will do it … [Read More]

Win #AGEbeautiful Hair Color of Choice

AGEbeautiful Hair Color Giveaway June 26 - July 5, 2016 Open to USA Awesome hair color comes with quality hair products. As we age, our hair needs special and may be even extra care. AGEbeautiful hair color is one of the highlights when it comes to add some hues into your natural hair. Check out my experience with AGEbeautiful  hair color on Celebrate Woman … [Read More]

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Daily Celebration In Health

5 Ways to Relax That Are Good for Your #Health Too – #GreenLiving

Some of the ways you relax after a hard day’s work—like watching TV shows or having sweets—make temporarily make you feel calmer, but there are healthier ways to reduce tension that have a better impact on your health. Practicing relaxation regularly can have physiological benefits on … [Read More]

Try These Foods That Reduce Stress

A rough day at work, a houseful of chores and bickering kids can leave you feeling frazzled. You’re tempted to reach for the pretzels or chocolate, but you know it’s not good to reach for something to eat when you’re totally stressed out, right? Not always! Nutrition experts say that … [Read More]

When It Comes To Math, Start Playing Building Blocks

To avoid frustrations at the high-school level and give your child the best chances for a more successful education time in the years to come, start playing building blocks with them! It is so much well known and proved that toys like building blocks develop and improve hand-eye … [Read More]

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From Skin to Jewelry & Fashion… And Home Ambiance

Important Celebrations Like Weddings And Proms Call For Dresses, Shoes And Jewelry

What was your Ah-mazing moment in life when you received your proposal to tie a beautiful knot of joy and hardships with that only one person of your choice? What were you thinking, rather, what feelings and emotions overfilled your heart and thoughts? Whatever that moment was, you shall … [Read More]

Cold Weather Is Not An Issue with Features the NewAir AH-405B Space Heater Offers

Celebrate Woman Today loves to get her audience involved in product reviews and testing. Mandi was provided with a great opportunity to test NewAir AH-405B space heater in this  cold weather. Here are the findings she delivers with great detail and care. Thank you, Mandi! ••••• So … [Read More]

Find the #1 Song On the Day Your Were Born – What Is Your Birthday Song?

There are a lot of cool things that happened on the day we were born. When buying a journal for my newly-born baby, I was recording all kinds of interesting facts and the Events, People, Music and Cost of Living on the day he was born. Without doubt, he would be surprised to take a look … [Read More]

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All Things MOVIES

Aladdin Concept Art Gallery – See How It All Started

Disney is celebrating its Diamond Anniversary this year. There are so many happenings that take place at the Disney parks! Shoes, parades, characters interacting with the guests – Celebration like … [Read More]

Alexander And the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, #VeryBadDay

In Theaters October 10, 2014 Look who we are going to interview in September at the Disney Studios in Los Angeles! The end of September would be a memorable for me indeed, as I am heading to the … [Read More]

Let Aladdin Blu-Ray Diamond Edition Take You On A Magic Carpet Ride! One More Time. Again!

One more Press Trip to the Land of Magic and where All things are possible! Follow our stories as we report them live #AladdinBloggers #Disneyland60 #TomorrowlandBloggers This is such an amazing … [Read More]

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Life of Pets

We Love Our Cats! And CATTERBOX™ Will Help Our Kitties To Voice Their Thoughts! WOW, #HeartThis

We love PIXAR's "UP" movie, with an amazing ensemble of dogs who can speak in human voice. Who wouldn't like to know what our furry balls of fun and love want to convey to us to be understood better? … [Read More]

Feeding My Cornish Rexes A New Grain FREE CANIDAE® Pet Food #HealthyPetHappyPet

Choosing a new food option for our cats has never been easy. We have three Cornish Rex cats, two of which are rescues, and every single one of them is a very picky eater. Bringing home something new … [Read More]

Easter Basket for Your Dogs #12DaysOf Easter Gift Ideas

Look What You Can Do for Your Easter Puppy! Our pets are part of our life. Celebrating holidays, we do include them into our circle of "people" who will receive gifts. Look what Miss Molly Says … [Read More]

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Product Spotlight

Want To Be Memorable? JORD Wood Watch Is The Way To Go!

Keep Your Time. Celebrate JORD. Wood Watches for Men and Women Watches are a very special breed when it comes to women’s and men’s accessories. When we wear something unique, something that catches attention of others every time we go out, such accessory finds a special place in our heart, as well as in our wardrobe. [Read More]

Bring Relief To Your Neck, Back Muscles With Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu Massager to Relieve Stressed Muscles This truMedic Shiatsu Massager is yet one more step to our daily health and productivity. Getting a sore muscle relief from a simple home-operated device is something to celebrate. Sharing from my personal experience, I was able to relax my tightened neck muscles in 20 minutes with the use [Read More]

Travel with Travalo Refillable Atomizer This Summer And Beyond

Take Your Favorite Perfume On The Road Ever find that perfect perfume and just know that it’s the perfect scent for you? Then you have to travel and your perfume bottle is too large to travel with you? Can’t take the bottle on the plane? Want to put a small version in your pocket book? [Read More]

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Winter Lugz Shoes – Sale in Progress #SnowWhiteCollection

[Read More]

Taste Greens Plus Superfood Powders & Bars – Get Some Coupons!

Love Wholefoods? Download these Coupons for Healthy Snacking and Powerful Smoothies and Recipes! All Coupons Are Valid Through December 31, 2016 CLICK ON IMAGE to Download Coupon to Take $5 Off … [Read More]

Amazon Daily Deals You Would Appreciate

If you are a Value Shopper – and by that we mean who loves brands and quality – then you gotta watch the Amazon Daily Deals or Lightening Deals that are given to the members daily. Obviously, we … [Read More]

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