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VTech CareLine system incorporates super useful features for seniors and ailing persons:  Large displays, reminder capabilities, volume boost and a wearable pendant with one-button dialing.

How VTech CareLine™ Answering System with Pendant Could Add To Senior’s Independent Living #VTechCareLine

As our parents getting older and more dependent on us, their children, or the personnel from an Independent Living facilities, it is of great importance to be aware of many options that could add more … [Read More]

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Happy Meal Toys

Win 4 Happy Meal Toys Prizes in One Giveaway

Happy Meals Toys Giveaway Aug 31 - Sep 3, 2014 Open to US Four Happy Meals Toys that could be some collectible items for some! Two Mario Card toys and two Plush Babies toys would like to find a home. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by Mom Does Reviews Featured by Celebrate Woman Today What are your favorite Beanie toys? Have you ever attempted to … [Read More]

Knex plants vs zombies

Celebrate K’Nex Plants vs Zombies Game

K'Nex Plants vs Zombies Giveaway Aug 30 – Sep 7, 2014 Open to US K'Nex is known for its building sets designed with themes that are at the peak of popularity with kids. They have everything between Spiderman to Iron Mann and now Plants vs Zombies building sets. Children exercise their thinking and kinesthetic abilities to develop good coordination between movement … [Read More]


Holland House Summer Grilling Kit Giveaway

Holland House Summer Grilling Kit Giveaway Aug 29-Sep 7, 2014 Open to US Summer isn't over yet! There is still plenty of grilling weather to be had and Holland House wanted to help you get the most use out of your grill with this awesome Grilling Kit! Have you ever tried cooking with wine? It's a great way to add flavor and keep your grilled meats nice and … [Read More]


Get Zuka Sport And Lifestyle Carry-All Backpack For The Sake Of Your Back!

Zuka Sport & Lifestyle Carry All Backpack Giveaway Aug 28-Sep 7, 2014 Open to US School is back in session! Time to hit the books, pack those lunches, get that homework done, and most importantly, find products that will be helpful in your child's everyday life. Having a great backpack is one of those crucial items your child will need!  Do your … [Read More]


Green Amethyst Earrings Giveaway

Green Amethyst Gold-plated Sterling Silver Earrings Giveaway Aug 28-Sept 3, 2014 Open to US A great way to spruce up an outfit is a great pair of earrings! Whether you are heading to a day at the beach, or hitting the town, a great pair of earrings can compliment any outfit, and that is what we are bringing you today! Not only are these Green Amethyst Earrings … [Read More]

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Daily Celebration In Health

mind body transformation

Mind, Body, Beauty: Head-to-Toe Transformation

Stuck in a cold-weather rut? We feel you. So we tracked down the best new beauty, body and brain tricks that will help you throw off the winter doldrums in a second. Get ready to dance, dream and put some much-needed spring back into your step. Mind Makeovers Practice … [Read More]

benefits of vegetables

Health, Beauty and Earth Benefits of Vegetables. Plus Chickpea And Dandelion Salad Recipe

Want to add more variety and spice to your life? Consider becoming a flexitarian, which involves regularly fitting meatless meals into your diet. Also called “sometime vegetarians” or “temporary vegetarians,” flexitarians enjoy the health benefits of vegetables, legumes, grains, … [Read More]

vegetarian proteins for healthy hair

Vegetarian Proteins for Gorgeous Hair and Skin

Experts have long known that protein is an essential beauty nutrient, helping to replenish skin cells and keep hair and nails growing and healthy. Now there are more ways than ever to get the essential proteins your body needs. Grocery stores and online specialty shops offer a stunning … [Read More]

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Braided Hair Stacy Keibler

Celeb-Approved: 9 Gorgeous Hair Braid Styles

Braids might just be the most versatile hairstyle there is. Even more than the pony or the bun, braided hairstyles can be demure or edgy … and everything in between. Here’s a look at eight great hair braid styles the stars do. The “Ladies Who Brunch” Braid If you’re having … [Read More]

TRESemme Salon gorgeous hair

Hair Styling Done Easy With TRESemme Styling Products #VMA

Hair, hair, that gorgeous hair! We all need that feel-good feeling about ourselves. And our HAIR is the top element that brings a lot of personal satisfaction of how we view ourselves and being perceived by others.   From my personal of many-years experience, I learned a lot … [Read More]

Emmy Rossum wavy hair

5 Fabulous Fall Hairstyles

After summer’s beachy waves and ponytails, it’s time to try some gorgeous new long and short hairstyles for fall. Below are five of our favorites. Since the foundation of every great hairstyle is healthy hair that shines, be sure to take care of yours by using a moisturizing shampoo … [Read More]


Easter RoundUp Crafts Top 5

Top 5 Easy To Do Craft Recipes With Mason Jar

I love colors and Easter busy season when everybody is trying to outdo each … [Read More]

Green Velvet Cupcakes

My Top 10 St. Patricks Recipes And Crafts

What are Your Favorite St. Patrick's Things to eat, to craft, to wear and … [Read More]

All Things Disney

Jennifer Garner as kelly Cooper

Alexander And the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, #VeryBadDay

In Theaters October 10, 2014 Look who we are going to interview in … [Read More]

Alexander very bad day

Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – On Big Screen October 10 #VeryBadDay

Family Comedy Coming to us October 10, 2014 Disney’s “Alexander … [Read More]

Campaigns & Online Parties

cariloha bamboo twitter party

RSVP for Cariloha Back To School Twitter Party Celebration!

Celebrate With Us Back-To-School Twitter Party Sponsored by CARILOHA … [Read More]

Back To School Twitter Party

RSVP for DelSoll Back To School Twitter Party Extravaganza!

Celebrate With Us Back-To-School Twitter Party Sponsored by … [Read More]

Travel Paradise

Child Safety Seats RECARO Performance Sport

RECARO Child Safety Seats Carry The Most Precious Gift For You

... Your Child. With the strict performance standards for child safety … [Read More]

kia soul

KIA Soul To Fit Your Lifestyle Needs

Roomy. Modern. Fits Your Life. That's KIA Soul. This little bug of a … [Read More]

Food & Recipes

Black Bean and Corn Dip

Corn & Black Bean Dip Recipe

Quick And Full of Fiber Corn & Black Bean Dip … [Read More]

Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Recipe

Holiday Delights – Piping Hot And Yummy Spinach and Artichoke … [Read More]

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Know THAT!

Google Feedburner Slashes Subscribers from Bloggers – What Shall We Do?

If you are a blogger and you've already noticed a lesser traffic to your site, … [Read More]

Woman with cosmetics bag

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home! Warmer weather means it’s also time … [Read More]

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Shop Your Way offer coupon

Do Your $10 Shopping To Get Your 10,000 Shop Your Way Points!

Get Your 10,000 Shop Your Way Points ($10)! What A DEAL! Look what you … [Read More]

FabKIDS clothes

FabKids 50% Off Your First FabKids Outfit

NEW FOR 2014: New lower price of $29.95 ($15 after 50% Off) + Boys outfits … [Read More]

Life of Pets

Hills Diet Preventative Care Campaign

Importance of Preventative Care for Your Cats And Dogs #GetHealthyHappy

Every day is an opportunity for you and your pet to integrate preventative … [Read More]

Scotties tissue Adopt Me Campaign

Scotties Facial Tissues Partners with Animal Rescue League to Sponsor Cat Adoptions #ScottiesKittens

Here's something to Celebrate! Scotties Facial Tissues company announced … [Read More]