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How to Apply Mascara Easily

Mascara is something many of us use almost daily. Some to bigger, some to lesser extent. But many women do choose to bring some extra defined look to their faces with the help of this "magic" mascara … [Read More]

#RecipeIdeas To Live For!

10 Almond Desserts To Try This Summer

10 Almond Desserts To Try This Summer Almonds are one of my favorite foods! I love to eat them raw, roasted, as a snack, and even in desserts! Almonds pack some protein, taste great, and are pretty good for you, so what’s not to love? So when thinking of a new dessert recipe to try, [Read More]

Grilled Radicchio & Bok Choy Salad with Green Lentils & Rice Noodles

Grilled Radicchio & Bok Choy with Lentils & Rice Noodles Print Yum Grilled Radicchio & Bok Choy Salad with Green Lentils & Rice Noodles Ingredients4 baby bok choy, halved (or use regular size bok choy) 1/2 head radicchio, cut into 3 wedges attached to stem (unless you are grilling it on a Zojirushi Skillet) 1 [Read More]

Radicchio And Goat Cheese Salad Recipe

Do you know that Radicchio [Ra-Dee-Kyoh] comes to us from Italy? It is praised there for its medicinal and culinary qualities. The most popular dish in Italy with radicchio is a Grilled Radicchio in Oil. And frequently, this colorful leafy vegetable is mixed with risotto. Quite delicious! Especially when it comes from an authentic cook!  [Read More]

Sautéed Mushrooms capped with Queso Blanco & Grana Padano. Served on a Butter Lettuce Leaf – #Recipes to Indulge In!

Sautéed Mushrooms Capped with Queso Blanco & Grana Padano (Recipe Follows) Mushrooms are a vital stream of our nutrition needs. When you hear that mushrooms are good for you, it is an underestimated! With mushrooms finding their way to your regular consumption, you will enjoy at least these amazing nutrients and benefits. If you love [Read More]

You Could Swallow Your Tongue While Enjoying this Scary Fingers Recipe

12 Days of Halloween Recipes And Crafts DAY 7 – Scary Fingers Recipe Welcome to day 7 of our 12 Days of Halloween filled with recipes and crafts. We all do something different each year to celebrate Fall colors, holidays, and traditions.  Jessica from Your Healthy Year is sharing these super easy Scary Fingers Recipe! [Read More]

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Win $50 Visa Gift Card To Celebrate Nine Lives Movie

$50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway July 25 - Aug 6, 2016 Open to USA This Nine Lives movie is adorable! It's coming to theaters August 5 – take yours to see it! Animals are always so close to our soul and do "speak" volume when teaching us a lesson or eliciting compassion. We would love to give you a chance to win this awesome prize pack and $50 Visa Gift Card to … [Read More]

Win iTens Pain Relief Device for Your Daily Use

iTens Pain Relief Device Giveaway July 25 - Aug 8, 2016 Open to USA We all live with some sort of chronic pain. To address it in timely manner can eliminate drastic measures down the road and bring a desirable joy of living into every day again. iTens Pain Relief has been designed to ease and relief the pain of sore muscles. The usage can be applied on neck, arm, … [Read More]

Giveaway Linky Party – We’d MYAO For Your Giveaways! July 23-29

Welcome to the Saturday MYAO Linky Party! Please Add your Giveaways in the Following Format for our readers to easily see what's given away, country eligibility and ending date. Example: $150 DelSol Gift Card, US/CAN 6/17 If you run a regular giveaway linky and would like to add it to our linky list, please let me know here and I'd love to expand our … [Read More]

Back To School Books Movies Movies for Children

Books & Movies Giveaway July 22 - Aug 1, 2016 Open to USA Books and movies for our children are something that we will invest gladly. It costs to educate and give our children tools and resources to become knowledgable and educated. Here's a bundle of amazing books, magazines, DVDs for the Back To School time. These will be exceptionally helpful for any … [Read More]

Flower Design Heart Locket Necklace With Love Engraving

Heart Locket Giveaway July 22-27, 2016 Open to USA Beautiful jewelry means even more when it is personalized. A small touch like dear engraving can produce powerful emotional wave within a person and create a lifetime warmth of feelings and memories. ALLUREZ does it so well and with a dainty touch. Bringing You Moments To Celebrate Sponsored by … [Read More]

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Daily Celebration In Health

Our Children Deserve Clean Products. Gift Them Babo Botanicals!

 As you may already know, skin is our largest organ that keeps our organs and skeletal structure inside! Skin is an amazing creation that protects us from being harmed and makes us beautiful when we take good care of it with diet, physical activity, and personal care … [Read More]

The Three Requirements for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Snippets Series (Please be aware that these short posts are my personal reflections I get during the day or find and reflect upon in my notes I go through. Not everything will resonate with you 100%. What is more important is that you'll find these snippets sometimes … [Read More]

With Banana Boat Sunscreen You Could Be On Fire IF…

"... A consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin, there is a potential for the product to ignite" – Energizer, the Manufacturer of Banana Boat Sunscreen Sprays. Energizer Holdings has recalled 23 of their products. What does … [Read More]

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From Skin to Jewelry & Fashion… And Home Ambiance

Scared of Facials? Here’s the 411 on Facials in One Quick Post!

While many of us are pretty religious about making hair appointments, we tend to let things slide when it comes to facials. All that coddling with lotions and potions seems so indulgent, it’s easy to pooh-pooh the results of a facial. “A facial will keep your skin healthy and hydrated and … [Read More]

Weatherproof Beauty – Style Your Hair In Any Weather And Look Fabulous

As a meteorologist and host on The Weather Channel, Stephanie Abrams braves harsh elements during extreme weather, which suits the self-proclaimed tomboy just fine. “You can’t be a girlie girl,” she says, “especially when you’re covered head to toe in mud. There have been a couple of … [Read More]

Put an End to Split Ends

Whether you’re wearing your hair loose and tousled, sleek and smooth or in an updo, nothing ruins the look of your hairstyle like split ends. It’s the equivalent of donning a gorgeous designer dress with a hem that’s unraveling. The Science of Split Ends Split ends are the result … [Read More]

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All Things MOVIES

Muppets Most Wanted New Video Inspires And Makes The Wait More Wanted!

Muppets Most Wanted In Theaters March 21, 2014 Watch this Muppets video to 'SQUEE' with excitement! This movie promises to be done with so much skill and intricate drama, that we are truly going … [Read More]

Ant-Man In Theatres Everywhere this Friday + “Little Ant-Man” video! #AntMan

Gather Your Entire Family for The Premier of Ant-Man! Opens July 17 in Theaters Everywhere! Here's a little video you'll enjoy to watch Ant-Man-themed! It is becoming a viral sensation on … [Read More]

Ratchet & Clank Has Its Own Charm. Have You Watched It Yet? #RatchetAndClank

This Ratchet & Clank movie is excellent! It teaches values usable in real life like friendship and perseverance, calls for creativity and ability to take leadership role when nobody desires of … [Read More]

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Life of Pets

We Love Our Cats! And CATTERBOX™ Will Help Our Kitties To Voice Their Thoughts! WOW, #HeartThis

We love PIXAR's "UP" movie, with an amazing ensemble of dogs who can speak in human voice. Who wouldn't like to know what our furry balls of fun and love want to convey to us to be understood better? … [Read More]

Feeding My Cornish Rexes A New Grain FREE CANIDAE® Pet Food #HealthyPetHappyPet

Choosing a new food option for our cats has never been easy. We have three Cornish Rex cats, two of which are rescues, and every single one of them is a very picky eater. Bringing home something new … [Read More]

Easter Basket for Your Dogs #12DaysOf Easter Gift Ideas

Look What You Can Do for Your Easter Puppy! Our pets are part of our life. Celebrating holidays, we do include them into our circle of "people" who will receive gifts. Look what Miss Molly Says … [Read More]

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Product Spotlight

Bears for Humanity Will Steal Your Heart And Give Back to A Child In Need – Celebrate #BearsForHumanity

ORGANIC. SUSTAINABLE. GIVING. Bears for Humanity Creates A Tribe of Givers… with Toys. If you haven’t gotten a word about Bears for Humanity toys, you gotta check them out to see what these people with a company of toys and bears do for those children who need love, care and toys in their lives. The [Read More]

Makeup Application Is A Breeze With sonicBLEND Antimicrobial Brush #MichaelToddBeauty

What are you looking for in your daily makeup application brush? Personally, I do appreciate quality bristles and the ease of application. With modern technology, there has been an array of makeup brushes that have been developed for various usages. Those in professional makeup arena and depending on the project, use automated makeup brushes that [Read More]

New Penclic Computer Mouse Comes With Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design for A Computer Mouse Can Change How You Work & Live I’ve been using a new mouse in my blogging life for the past two weeks – PENCLIC. Designed to reduce tension in arms and shoulders and keep our finger muscles more relaxed during work.  Here’s what appreciate about this nifty pen after [Read More]

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Winter Lugz Shoes – Sale in Progress #SnowWhiteCollection

[Read More]

Taste Greens Plus Superfood Powders & Bars – Get Some Coupons!

Love Wholefoods? Download these Coupons for Healthy Snacking and Powerful Smoothies and Recipes! All Coupons Are Valid Through December 31, 2016 CLICK ON IMAGE to Download Coupon to Take $5 Off … [Read More]

Amazon Daily Deals You Would Appreciate

If you are a Value Shopper – and by that we mean who loves brands and quality – then you gotta watch the Amazon Daily Deals or Lightening Deals that are given to the members daily. Obviously, we … [Read More]

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